Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom
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[20:07] <Mido> == begin logging ==
[20:07] <kibble> ===	#wikimania2008: CraigSpurrier Mido Arktic_ schiste kibble Markie996_ TheLetterE effeietsanders Warpath Wikilinker Angela al_tally Az1568 @ChanServ Danny_B Austin tcliou_ 
[20:08] <kibble> =-=	Topic for #wikimania2008 is “Wikimania 2008 planning | Call for Participation out now! See [[CfP]] | Recent changes: #wikimania-rc | Next meeting: Sun, Feb 24, 20:00 UTC (general planning) | Agenda for todays meeting:”'
[20:08] <Wikilinker>
[20:08] <al_tally> hi Wikilinker
[20:08] <Mido> Thanks kibble 
[20:08] <kibble> np
[20:09] <Mido> we were supposed to start with international sponsorship
[20:09] <Mido> but seems no one form the foundation office is present here and can give us updates
[20:09] <Mido> I'll this to my task list
[20:10] <Mido> now, scholarships
[20:10] * White_Cat (i=EVA@wikimedia/White-Cat) has joined #wikimania2008
[20:10] <Mido> I think we should open application on 10 March, but first
[20:10] <kibble> cary isn't here for that :-(
[20:10] <Mido> who would help with the committee?
[20:10] <White_Cat> hmm
[20:11] <White_Cat> what is this treat by the anti mohamed image people?
[20:11] * Olando (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Olando) has joined #wikimania2008
[20:11] <al_tally> what does cary do
[20:11] <White_Cat> *threat
[20:11] <effeietsanders> White_Cat: please follow agenda
[20:11] <kibble> al_tally: he wanted to be on that committee, I think
[20:11] <Mido> yes
[20:11] <al_tally> ok
[20:11] <Mido> and Tarawneh as well
[20:11] <kibble> okay guys, Mido requested no fights and stick to the agenda :-)
[20:11] <Mido>
[20:11] <White_Cat> effeietsanders it isnt a part of the agenda
[20:12] <Mido> this page would help them alot I think
[20:12] <Mido> White_Cat: it is
[20:12] <kibble> White_Cat: it would be helpful for one to read the agenda before they assumed they knew what was on it :-)
[20:12] <White_Cat> I just saw it on the mailing list
[20:12] <kibble> but right now we're talking about scholarships
[20:12] <Mido> so, anyone here wants to join the team?
[20:13] <White_Cat> I suppose I am unwanted
[20:13] <White_Cat> neways
[20:13] * White_Cat (i=EVA@wikimedia/White-Cat) has left #wikimania2008
[20:13] <Mido> al_tally: 
[20:13] <effeietsanders> Mido: it would be great if phoebe and sj would be willing to join the team
[20:13] * dracotheimpaler (i=chatzill@ has joined #wikimania2008
[20:13] <Mido> yeah, I will send them invites, or Cary will do
[20:14] <Mido> okay, no one :)
[20:15] <kibble> hehe
[20:15] <kibble> well, if we have sj, cary, mido, and phoebe
[20:15] <kibble> that's quite a bit
[20:15] * galwaygirl ( has joined #wikimania2008
[20:15] <effeietsanders> hey, galwaygirl :)
[20:15] * Olando (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Olando) has left #wikimania2008
[20:15] <galwaygirl> ha effe!
[20:15] <effeietsanders> kibble: would be good to have another name i guess
[20:15] <kibble> yeah
[20:15] <effeietsanders> a not-so-usual-victim one?
[20:15] <Mido> I'm not sure I'll be helping with that all the time, I'll check with the local volunteers here
[20:16] <kibble> austin maybe? ;-)
[20:16] <Mido> Tarawneh as I said will be interested to help with this
[20:16] <kibble>
[20:16] <kibble> the egyptian too, it seems
[20:16] <Mido> let's call on the mailing list beside the minutes for this meeting
[20:16] <effeietsanders> yeah
[20:17] <effeietsanders> is there a time schedule already?
[20:17] <al_tally> Mido: yes?
[20:17] * Markie996_ is now known as Markie996
[20:17] <effeietsanders> as i thought to recall that the announcements should be earlier this year?
[20:17] <Mido> scholarships should have started already
[20:17] <Mido> yes, I see
[20:17] <effeietsanders> last year people complained that it was all too late for cheap tickets
[20:17] <Mido> got a bit late
[20:18] <al_tally> well how late was it?
[20:18] <Mido> we'll try to get the process itself done asap
[20:18] * Ma7dy (n=chatzill@ has joined #wikimania2008
[20:18] <effeietsanders> at least we should get the word out
[20:18] <Mido> and I need more people for this
[20:18] * VasilievVV (n=kvirc@wikimedia/VasilievVV) has joined #wikimania2008
[20:18] <Mido> along with the registeration
[20:18] <effeietsanders> make announcements that the scholarship will be available
[20:19] <effeietsanders> and how to submit requests
[20:19] <Mido> but we need to set up the page to apply
[20:19] <kibble> and then after we get submissions, we need to get sponsorships
[20:19] <Mido> yes, last time there was an automated page, right?
[20:19] <kibble> so we can actually get the money ;-)
[20:19] <al_tally> yeah
[20:20] <effeietsanders> money might be useful
[20:20] <Mido> lol
[20:20] <kibble> :-P
[20:20] <Mido> keep that notice for the website page, will come later in the meeting
[20:21] <Mido> moving to the next point
[20:21] * Markie996 appologies to all
[20:21] <Markie996> for being late
[20:21] <effeietsanders> sssh, nobody noticed
[20:22] <Markie996> heheh sorry all
[20:22] <Ma7dy> :)
[20:22] <Mido> advertisements, I like the distribution page made for CFP, we need to layout a campaign for the conference registration as well
[20:22] <effeietsanders> Mido: you mean with distribution?
[20:23] <Mido> including press releases, famous wikipedian bloggers, mailing lists of course, etc..
[20:23] <effeietsanders> sitenotices?
[20:23] <Mido> yes, things like this
[20:23] <kibble> effeietsanders: I was just going to suggest that ;-)
[20:23] <kibble> global sitenotice if we could
[20:23] <kibble> perhaps like we did for the fundraiser, that worked well
[20:23] <kibble> and then they could be translated
[20:23] <al_tally> was a global notice done last year?
[20:23] <kibble> I think so
[20:23] <effeietsanders> kibble: translation should happen then in time
[20:23] <Mido> yes, for early birds afaik
[20:23] <effeietsanders> no, global notice did not exist yet
[20:24] <Mido> but we need more attractive one
[20:24] <kibble> effeietsanders: the global notice feature has always existed
[20:24] <Markie996> we can bug brion and the techs again to get a global sitenotice up
[20:24] <kibble> well not always, but it has for a while :-)
[20:24] <Mido> and text to talk about this year's concept and goal
[20:24] <Markie996> but as i said in the email we need to get a nice spangly page up :-)
[20:24] <kibble> Mido: we could also use some of the graphics teams buttons
[20:25] <Markie996> kibble: yeah, miranda made some we could use
[20:25] <Markie996> but i think we need to look at the comments about the fundraiser notice
[20:25] <Mido> yes, a proposal by a volunteer will be made tomorrow or after, for a whole theme, spirit in the buttons, logos, banners, etc
[20:25] * Markie996 cant remeber where that is
[20:25] <Mido> what we need more is the page linking from this
[20:26] <kibble> Markie996: what do you mean?
[20:26] <Mido> for messaging of the conference this year
[20:26] <Markie996> there were comments about the fundrasier notice being this and that, and too much of this
[20:26] * _sj_ (n=sj_@wikipedia/sj) has joined #wikimania2008
[20:26] <kibble> Markie996: see [[m:Talk:Fundraising 2007]]
[20:26] <Wikilinker>
[20:26] * kibble huggles _sj_
[20:26] <Markie996> so to make ours nice we should look at these comments, and remove the bits that wernet liked
[20:27] <Markie996> kibble: yeah that :-)
[20:27] <kibble> :-)
[20:27] <kibble> and the links on top
[20:27] <Mido> so, anyone to research on that one?
[20:27] * _sj_ has been kibbled
[20:27] <kibble> :-D
[20:28] <Mido> the title of the conference this year would be:
[20:28] <Mido> Wikimania 2008: "Change the shape of wisdom"
[20:29] <Mido> with a tagline that says: 
[20:29] <Mido> "Contribute, Communicate, Collaborate"
[20:29] <effeietsanders> Mido: cool!
[20:29] <Mido> that would be heavily used in text around the website, banners, and if possible global sitenotices
[20:30] <Mido> to end this point, who will do the researching on sitenotice, kibble?
[20:30] <kibble> sure
[20:32] <effeietsanders> kibble: get britty involved too
[20:32] <effeietsanders> for the translations
[20:32] <kibble> yep
[20:32] <effeietsanders> or someone else from transcom
[20:32] <effeietsanders> translations should be prepared weeks before i assume
[20:32] <effeietsanders> (preferably)
[20:32] * kibble nods
[20:32] <effeietsanders> especially russian ;-)
[20:33] * dungodung (n=felix@wikipedia/dungodung) has joined #wikimania2008
[20:33] <Mido> now, we need a team too for advertising as I said, will be responsible for setting out dates for announcements, ideas of promotions, etc..
[20:33] * Angela (n=Angela@wikia/Angela) Quit ("restarting"�)
[20:34] <Mido> we need to be 'marketing' the conference, and that needs study as I see it
[20:34] <Mido> and set points to focus on, in the main page of the site, in the cfp, in the registration package, etc..
[20:35] <Mido> anyone got what I mean here?
[20:35] * kibble brb
[20:35] <Markie996> mido: stick me and kibble down for it :-p it seems to be what were doing atm
[20:35] <kibble> :-D
[20:36] <Markie996> heheh,like the way i did that :-p
[20:36] <Mido> cool, you can work on the private teamwiki (I prefer that actually)
[20:36] * Markie996 and kibble already do :-)
[20:37] <Mido> and I will assign a team for local and Arab media
[20:37] * Ma7dy (n=chatzill@ Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)�)
[20:37] <Markie996> okay
[20:38] * Ma7dy (n=chatzill@ has joined #wikimania2008
[20:38] <Mido> until next meeting (next week) we should hear about some progress :)
[20:39] <Markie996> you mean you actually want me to do something!!>?!?! :-p
[20:39] <Mido> I suppose so :P
[20:39] <effeietsanders> YES!
[20:39] * Markie996 is to busy sending emails :-p
[20:39] <Markie996> seriously though, yeah will do
[20:39] * Angela (n=Angela@wikia/Angela) has joined #wikimania2008
[20:40] <Mido> this will include our website as well
[20:40] <Mido> the front page needs to be updated, a lot
[20:40] <Markie996> err okay, will update then, with the new tagline etc
[20:40] <Mido> we need a layout for what dif kind of visitors would see
[20:40] <Mido> not only that
[20:41] <Markie996> im sure we can manage to rustle up something :-p
[20:41] <Mido> something attractive
[20:41] <effeietsanders> maybe move the volunteers links to a portal or so
[20:41] <kibble> I tried to add teh tagline
[20:41] <kibble> doesn't seem tohave worked
[20:41] <effeietsanders> and keep the main page for visitors
[20:41] <Markie996> kibble: did you break it :-p
[20:41] <Mido> yeah, I would suggest that too
[20:41] <kibble> Markie996:
[20:41] <Mido> but mayebe keep the meeting section only
[20:42] * ashraf (n=chatzill@ has joined #wikimania2008
[20:42] * Ma7dy (n=chatzill@ Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)�)
[20:42] <Mido> hello Ashraf
[20:42] <ashraf> helloo mido
[20:43] <ashraf> how r  u?
[20:43] * Ma7dy (n=chatzill@ has joined #wikimania2008
[20:43] <Markie996> kibble: caching??
[20:43] <Mido> so, think about the main page needed info
[20:43] <kibble> Markie996: does it show right for you?
[20:43] <Markie996> no
[20:43] <Markie996> its in the right place etc, so leave it and see if it surfaces
[20:43] <Mido> registration line, scholarship application date
[20:43] <Markie996> it may be a .css thing
[20:44] <Mido> sponsors
[20:44] <Markie996> but im not too sure
[20:44] <Markie996> Mido: okay we can do that :-)
[20:44] <Markie996> me and kibble will get together at somepoint, and you can always leave us messages :-)
[20:44] <Markie996> and/or abuse us :-p
[20:44] <kibble> O_O
[20:44] <Mido> that would be fine, and I'd like a section like "how it was like in the past year"
[20:45] <Markie996> do you mean quotes??
[20:45] <Markie996> cause /me knows a nice nifty trick to rotate quotes :-)
[20:45] <Mido> including images, links, comments from attendees
[20:45] <Mido> that would be cool
[20:45] <Markie996> that we can do :-)
[20:45] <Mido> and we need a nifty trick too, to add a countdown timer
[20:45] <kibble> ooh
[20:45] <kibble> that would be easy, probably
[20:46] <Mido> magic words and templates ;)
[20:46] * kibble goes to read up on ParserFunctions
[20:46] <Mido> yeah, ashraf you suggested that yesterday, right/
[20:46] * Markie996 has looked at doing a countdown timer before, just gave up at some point :-(
[20:46] <ashraf> sorry mido ?
[20:46] <Mido> well, I can do one updates on each purge, by minute maybe
[20:47] <Mido> the countdown, when we were talking yesterday
[20:47] <ashraf> ahaaa
[20:47] <ashraf> yes it was a nice idea
[20:47] <ashraf> and i hope we can see that 
[20:48] <Mido> Tarawaneh is a templates expert in fact, did excellent work on
[20:48] <Mido> I will ask him for this
[20:48] * Nasir-AL-Mutairi (n=5005@ has joined #wikimania2008
[20:48] <ashraf> good
[20:48] <ashraf> what about the registration page?
[20:49] <Mido> I was just about to say so :)
[20:49] <Mido> you will work on this one, with me
[20:49] <Az1568> kibble: You;ll need to add this to Common.css to enable the tagline :)
[20:49] * kibble huggles Az1568
[20:49] <Mido> You have access to the private wiki, so I'll set up the page for us and being working on it, tonight after the meeting
[20:50] <effeietsanders> Mido: will you have an arab version of the registration page as well?
[20:50] <Az1568> kibble: er make that MediaWiki:Monobook.css ;)
[20:50] <ashraf> ok
[20:50] <kibble> Az1568: it won't work with common?
[20:50] <Mido> yes
[20:50] * Nasir-AL-Mutairi (n=5005@ Quit ("Leaving"�)
[20:50] <kibble> it works :-)
[20:51] <Az1568> i haven't tried but i's just what i saw on enwiki :)
[20:51] <kibble> Mido: :-D
[20:51] <Az1568> yay!
[20:51] * effeietsanders proposes to keep the technical details for after the meeting ;-)
[20:51] <kibble> but we're on a roll, effeietsanders ;-)
[20:52] <kibble> Mido: wha'ts on agenda next? or right now?
[20:52] <effeietsanders> we've been through all website pages?
[20:53] <Mido> eia, will you join them for this task?
[20:53] <Mido> we need to make the browsing system for local Info
[20:53] <effeietsanders> Mido: i'd love to, but I doubt I have the time for it
[20:53] <effeietsanders> nor the technical knowledge
[20:54] <Mido> okay
[20:54] <Mido> but I actually feel 2 will be too little to handle this, or you 2 feel good about that/
[20:55] <Mido> you can call for more volunteers, through wikimania-l
[20:55] <effeietsanders> Mido: I am confident they can ask for help on specific topics :)
[20:55] <effeietsanders> if they need testing, enough people lurking around at least
[20:55] * Mitchell (n=Greeves@wikimedia/Greeves) has joined #wikimania2008
[20:56] <Mido> meno25 is a hard-worker, and he has a bot running on the website, you can ask him for help if you want
[20:57] <Mido> the local info itself will be ready, but as I said, we need the browsing system, sth like last year tabs system
[20:57] <effeietsanders> Mido: if you want the website to work as well in arab, an arab speaking volunteer might be useful yes :)
[20:57] <Mido> meno25 is from Alexandria
[20:58] <effeietsanders> nod
[20:58] * TheLetterE returns
[20:58] <Arktic_> and he can do translation
[20:58] <Mido> the system here lagged a bit, I might have missed sth
[20:58] <kibble> Mido:
[20:58] <Mido> yes, plus many others from
[20:59] <Markie996> kibble: niiiiice
[20:59] <kibble> lol
[20:59] * Markie996 high fives kibble
[20:59] * kibble wants to see if Roan can get it to include time
[20:59] <kibble> Markie996: I didn't make it :-P
[20:59] <Markie996> ehhheh i dont make half the stuff i use
[20:59] <Markie996> people still think its me
[20:59] <Mido> kibble: yes, with current date included and the target
[20:59] <kibble> hehe
[21:00] <kibble> Mido: hmm?
[21:00] <Mido> I'll bug Tarawneh for this
[21:00] <Mido> any more comments about the website?
[21:01] <effeietsanders> i like the layout in general
[21:02] <Mido> main page?
[21:03] * VasilievVV (n=kvirc@wikimedia/VasilievVV) Quit ("Gotta go"�)
[21:03] <Mido> moving on the next point (per demand)
[21:03] <kibble> I don't think anyone's herew ho wanted that anyway
[21:04] * CraigSpurrier is now known as CraigSpurrier_aw
[21:04] <Mido> we can skip that one
[21:04] <kibble> :-)
[21:04] <effeietsanders> well, we can bring it up :)
[21:04] <Markie996> nah dragonfire aint here
[21:04] <Markie996> but he is online, so quickly move on :-p
[21:05] <effeietsanders> is there anything special going to happen with it?
[21:05] <Mido> well, I have to say to say we're shocked by the way people are dealing with this point
[21:05] <effeietsanders> of course
[21:06] <effeietsanders> and i totally agree with the shock :S
[21:06] * kibble wonders if he can have a quick translation of "Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom"
[21:06] * kibble agrees
[21:06] <kibble> rudeness :'(
[21:06] <effeietsanders> but at the same time there is a valid point deeply hidden there
[21:06] <effeietsanders> which might also count for other places btw
[21:06] <effeietsanders> which s mainly what-if-things-go-wrong
[21:07] <Mido> Prime minister and Minister of Communications are already aware of the conference and supporting it
[21:07] <effeietsanders> would it for instance be useful to have someone write a short explanation for the visitors about the do's and don'ts?
[21:08] <effeietsanders> (always advisable in every culture maybe)
[21:08] <Mido> I don't expect any kind of harassments from the gov side
[21:08] <Mido> yes, in every culture, and every has something dif. than the other
[21:08] <effeietsanders> ie don't go with shoes into a mosq
[21:08] <effeietsanders> maybe kinda obvious for you, but might not be for visitors :)
[21:09] <Mido> I see :)
[21:09] <Mido> that was to be done anyway
[21:09] * marymurrell ( has joined #wikimania2008
[21:09] <effeietsanders> things that could non-intentionally offend local people
[21:09] <effeietsanders> ok
[21:09] <effeietsanders> great
[21:09] <effeietsanders> :)
[21:09] <Mido> regarding security, many tourists go around Alexandria freely
[21:10] <Mido> ride buses, sit on normal cafes (local ones, not starbucks for example)
[21:10] <effeietsanders> and i heard there is a lot of police in the public area's?
[21:11] <Mido> no, not really
[21:11] <Mido> you'll find around important places
[21:11] <Ma7dy> police accompany toursits' buses where ever they go
[21:11] <Mido> like BA plaza, 4-5 police men visible
[21:11] <Mido> yes
[21:11] <effeietsanders> heh, that is a lot to me ;-)
[21:12] <Ma7dy> different cultures
[21:12] <Mido> it will be during the trips and so, you won't notice much
[21:12] <effeietsanders> is there security in the library btw?
[21:13] <Ma7dy> ofcourse
[21:13] <Mido> in a different accompanying car of course
[21:13] <Mido> sure, 
[21:13] <effeietsanders> ok, expected that already :)
[21:13] * ashraf (n=chatzill@ Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.80 [Firefox]"�)
[21:13] * effeietsanders doesn't really see much more that can be done...
[21:13] <effeietsanders> well, realistically of course
[21:15] <Mido> we will try to make people as assured as possible about this
[21:16] <Mido> what we're left with now is the open discussion, anyone have any comments?
[21:16] <effeietsanders> well, the call for participation is out again
[21:16] <effeietsanders> i'd like the local people to spread the word also locally
[21:16] <effeietsanders> maybe open source communities in the ME world
[21:16] <effeietsanders> things like that
[21:16] <effeietsanders> if not done yet
[21:17] <effeietsanders> please add whatever you send it to to the distribution list
[21:17] <Markie996> ahh yeah /me needs to do that
[21:17] <Mido> okay, will do
[21:17] <Markie996> sent a few more
[21:17] <kibble> Mido: "Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom" in Arabic? /me wants to test the translations fo the tagline
[21:18] <Mido> Ma7dy: آفاق جديدة للتنوير or سبيل جديد للمعرفة ؟
[21:18] <Arktic_> can you suggest the arabic equivalent of a new face of culture
[21:18] <Arktic_> وجه جديد للحضارة
[21:19] <Mido> Actually it was Moushira who suggested those
[21:19] <Ma7dy> mmmm
[21:19] <Ma7dy> we can test those for now
[21:19] <Arktic_> just a suggestion
[21:19] <Arktic_> knowing both languages/cultures
[21:19] <Mido> Arktic_: where are you from :) ?
[21:19] <Arktic_> planet earth
[21:19] <Ma7dy> me mars
[21:19] <Arktic_> the levant
[21:20] <Arktic_> sorry to interrupt
[21:20] <Mido> no it's okay
[21:20] <Mido> so, which one?
[21:20] <Ma7dy> آفاق جديدة للتنوير
[21:20] <Mido> I'd go with سبيل جديد للمعرفة
[21:21] <kibble> heh
[21:21] <Arktic_> yes, mido
[21:21] <Arktic_> more relevant
[21:21] * Mitchell (n=Greeves@wikimedia/Greeves) Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]"�)
[21:21] * Mido thinks this too
[21:21] <effeietsanders> ok, next date? :)
[21:21] <effeietsanders> or are there other points?
[21:22] <Ma7dy> tab سبل جديدة للمعرفة 
[21:22] <Ma7dy> or better سيل
[21:22] <Mido> حد حيعرف يقرأ سبل ؟
[21:22] <Arktic_> singular
[21:22] <Ma7dy> سيل
[21:22] <Arktic_> سبيل
[21:23] <kibble> effeietsanders: are you doing minutes?
[21:23] <Mido> yes, I like this more
[21:23] <effeietsanders> when do we need to meet anyway? next week or in two weeks?
[21:23] <effeietsanders> kibble: no?
[21:23] <Mido> next week
[21:23] <Mido> I do
[21:23] * kibble is just wondering who is
[21:23] <effeietsanders> as i thought :P
[21:23] <Mido> sunday, at 15:00 ?
[21:23] <kibble> is that same as progcom?
[21:23] <kibble> or is procom sat?
[21:23] <Ma7dy> UTC
[21:23] <effeietsanders> Mido: hmmm, that was also a proposed time for the program meeting :)
[21:23] <Mido> they have it on sta
[21:24] <kibble> k
[21:24] <Mido> sat* 
[21:24] <Mido> ?
[21:24] <kibble> sure
[21:24] <effeietsanders> Mido: actually, we dont have a day set :P
[21:24] <effeietsanders> for progcom :P
[21:24] <effeietsanders> we forgot that tiny part :D
[21:24] <kibble> yah we do, effeietsanders ;-)
[21:24] <kibble> you just fogot that you were busy on that day :-P
[21:24] <Mido> it's 1/2 for the prog
[21:24] <Ma7dy> brb
[21:25] <Mido> which is saturday
[21:25] <Mido> so, it's sunday at 15:00UTC
[21:25] <effeietsanders> hmmm, not really, the month is 3 now :P 1/2 meant 1 or 2 :P
[21:25] <kibble> hehe
[21:25] <effeietsanders> anyway, i'm fine with it :P
[21:25] <effeietsanders> i'll read it afterwards :)
[21:25] <Arktic_> mido, heard brilliant ideas from you. but security is a concern for many. if you can write something that's be great
[21:26] <Arktic_> thanks all
[21:26] <Arktic_> to reassure i mean
[21:26] <kibble> I probably won't be able to make that actually
[21:26] <kibble> at 15, I'll be at church :-(
[21:27] <Arktic_> as you're doing most of the work, maybe they will wait for you
[21:27] <Mido> so make ours on Saturday
[21:27] <Arktic_> with markie of course
[21:27] <Mido> and Sunday for the progComm ?
[21:28] <kibble> Mido: maybe
[21:28] <kibble> effeietsanders?
[21:28] <effeietsanders> sure
[21:28] <Mido> okay, and both at 15:00
[21:28] <Mido> done
[21:28] <Mido> ======= end logging =======