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Poster session planning

Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom
This is a draft, and may not be fully accurate/appropriate. Please check back soon for the official version.
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Outlook to the poster session?
Posters intrigue!

Wikimania 2008 will contain a special poster session where you can present projects, ideas and research in a different form than a speech or paper. Posters can be used to inform and advertise and engage participants to start conversation. In academia "posters are used [...] to promote and explain research work. They are typically shown during conferences, either as a complement to a talk or scientific paper, or as a publication. The number of posters is less limited then the number of presentations. If there is a Wikimedia related project that may be interesting to the world of Wikimedia and free knowledge, how about a poster instead of giving a full talk? If you consider to submit a poster then please make sure to read the details below. Poster session at Wikimania 2008 will contain of four things:

  • First a poster place where posters will hang so everyone can have a look at it in the time he wants
  • Second a joint introductory poster presentation in the main hall. Each author is given 2 minutes (only!) to summarize the main point of his poster and invite conference attendees to meet him at poster session at his poster.
  • Third the poster session itself, where all the poster authors attend their posters and conference attendees can discuss the work with them
  • And of course the posters!


We need

  • A description of what poster session is.
  • A main slot in the largest presentation hall for presentation (2 minutes each)
  • Enough space at the conference place to hang posters
  • A time slot for presenting posters where they hang
  • Guidelines for poster authors
    • Style/format guideline
    • What to present
    • How to submit
    • FAQ
    • Checklist
  • Planning of joint overview presentation
  • Deadlines

Open questions

  • Is there a reliable possibilities/procedures to print posters locally? Such a service would be very helpful but needs to be prepared well

What to present

  • Projects in your Wiki
  • Projects and initiatives on free knowledge and access to information
  • Research activity
  • ...

Don't be shy! You can use poster session to advertise a project, campaign or even organization that may be interesting to the Wikimedia communities but is only known in parts of it. Some established practices in one Wiki may be completely unknown in others, poster session is a good way to present it to others!

"A good poster is like a good page in a wiki's project-namespace or in Meta-Wiki but with less text and more graphical description."

What not to present

  • Commercial organizations with little relations to free knowledge and Wikimedia projects
  • Advertising without explanation
  • Vaporware and immature ideas that are not likely to be implemented (unless they are just too cool not to be mentioned ;-)


  • At least the title and a short description (textual abstract) must be provided in English.
  • At poster session don't be shy about engaging the viewers in conversation.
  • Posters must be self explanatory because conference attendees may view the poster on their own.
  • Please follow the following very simple style guidelines. You can use our stylesheets. (not available yet)
    • Format
  • You can also add contact information (Wiki username, IRC nick, etc. so people can contact you)
  • ...

A poster session is an interactive session where all the poster authors attend their posters and conference attendees can discuss the work with them. The author must remain at his poster during the session. Before poster session there is a joint presentation of all posters in the Main hall.

See this page on creating an effective poster presentation. The UIST Poster Example Gallery is a good reference, too.


Why should I submit a poster at all?

If you have been working hard on a Wiki project that you would like to have recognition for, submitting a poster to the conference will provide a venue for you to show the community your project. You'll have the chance to make a two-minute presentation and invite others to discuss your project with you...build respect...reputation...or just to have fun...!

Will my poster be accepted?

We will try to accept as many posters as possible, but there are restrictions on space, quality, and relevance. If you follow the guidelines, then it's very likely that you will present your poster at the International Wikimania Conference 2008.

May I use other languages than English?

Although you can use any language on your poster that you prefer, however, keep in mind that most participants and readers around the world have a better understanding of English than other languages. You may also use text in multiple languages on your poster. At least the title and a short description must be provided in English.

I will not be able to attend to Wikimania 2008. Can my poster be presented anyway?

You may also submit a poster without being physically present at Wikimania, but the program committee will be more strict on posters without presenters. Please don't forget to let us know prior to the conference if you will not able to attend.

May I submit multiple posters?

Perhaps you have so many different projects to present that just one poster will not be enough. Under this condition, you may submit multiple posters, just be aware that too many submissions will be regarded as spam. If you are involved in multiple projects, then it should not be hard to have another one of your community members submit the poster under their own name, right?

I won't be able finish and deliver my poster before the deadline. May I just bring my poster with me and hang it up somewhere?

You will not be allowed to hang your poster just anywhere. However, if you bring a brilliant poster, perhaps we may be able to find somewhere to display it, like in a corner -- but, we cannot guarantee it! If you are late, your poster probably won't be listed in the proceedings and it won't get the attention that it could have received -- so, it's in your own best interest to submit your work prior to the deadline.

How are posters delivered? i.e. Should I come with a physical, paper sheet poster or do I submit it over the internet in a given file format and it is printed by forum staff...or both ?

You need to bring it with you or send it in the post in advance.

when is the deadline for delivering my poster?!