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Social Events

Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom
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July 16

  • Wikitravel Eat-Together 2008, tentatively at 8 PM at Athineos, 21 Saad Zaghloul Sq, right in the heart of the city. Famous Greek restaurant with old-school Alexandria ambiance; just don't expect Greek food...

July 17

  • Free outings to see the social life of Alexandria and shop in its malls like San Stefano, Carrefour and Green Plaza.
  • There will be a live concert by “Wust El Balad” band in the BA for those who are interested in eastern music. Wust El Balad Party Attendees
  • Volunteers will be there to guide you to any place you want to visit.

July 18

There will be several tracks on the 18th :

  • Social Night at Saint Marc, where attendances will introduce some of their traditional food, traditional costumes and perform traditional shows. Attendees will have the chance to get to know each other, share their culture and know the others’ cultures in a friendly atmosphere.
Please share your ideas on the talk page for this.
  • Cafe, sit together, have a cup of coffee, or tea in a local bar
  • Shopping
  • A walk on the waterfront

You can find more and register for these at the registration desk in the main hall

July 19

  • Casual party will take place in HANDS.
    • Open buffet fingerfood and more.
    • Watch the Egyptian’s folklore shows.
    • Enjoy & dance on the DJ music.
    • Smoke “Shisha” in the “Rakia” around the fire.

Please add your name at the registration desk