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Here is a rough-outline of flight prices for informational purposes only--they are most likely no longer accurate!

Distances to keep in mind:

Please note it may be A LOT cheaper to fly to Cairo airport then use the complementary coach transfer to the conference than to fly direct to Alexandria.


Flight costs listed are to Cairo International Airport

All flight costs are from for August 2008

For Egypt Air flights, check

  • Note 1:A connecting flight (Cairo-Alexandria-Cairo) costs $44/person.
  • Note 2:According to, "a 1st class one-way ticket for an air-conditioned express [train] from Cairo to Alexandria costs about LE 25, less than £3 or $5..!"
North America
From Cost in USD Airline
Icons-flag-us.png Los Angeles $ 1654 Air France
Icons-flag-us.png New York $ 1082 Air France
Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico City $ 1358 Mexicana
Icons-flag-us.png San Francisco $ 1465 British Airways
Icons-flag-ca.png Toronto $ 1576 bmi
South America
From Cost in USD Airline
Icons-flag-ar.png Buenos Aires $1654 Air France
Icons-flag-br.png Brasilia $1376 Egyptair
From Cost in USD Airline
Icons-flag-jp.png Osaka $ 922 Egypt Air
Icons-flag-jp.png Tokyo $ 920 Egypt Air
Icons-flag-cn.png Beijing $ 960 Egypt Air
Icons-flag-in.png Mumbai $ 659 Gulf Air
Icons-flag-ae.png Abu Dhabi $ 519 Egyptair
Icons-flag-sa.png Riyadh $ 535 Egyptair
From Cost in USD Airline
Icons-flag-de.png Berlin $ 580 Alitalia
Icons-flag-uk.png London $ 585 bmi
Icons-flag-fr.png Paris $ 553 Iberia
Icons-flag-it.png Rome $ 599 Alitalia
Icons-flag-gr.png Athens $ 437 Egyptair
Icons-flag-ru.png Moscow $ 464 Alitalia
From Cost in USD Airline
Icons-flag-au.png Sydney $ 2667 Emirates
Icons-flag-au.png Melbourne $ 2652 Emirates
Icons-flag-nz.png Auckland $ 5405 Kuwait Airways
From Cost in USD Airline
Icons-flag-za.png Cape Town $ 849 Egypt Air
Icons-flag-tz.png Dar es Salaam $ 1187 Emirates
Icons-flag-tn.png Tunis $ 440 Alitalia
Icons-flag-ma.png Casablanca $ 429 Alitalia