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Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom

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Catering & Accommodation

Programme, Session and Schedule

General Comments

hi i'm a researsher i was registered online for Wikimanai2008 then U tell me 2 wait for reply and no reply i was very interested to share in ur event in Alexandria and i can't cause u didn't confirm my registration is that event was for young youth only i was using ur site but now i'm very angry for what happened and i will not use it again and i'll tell my friends too The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) .

  • Hello sir, if i'm allowed to reply on your comment, we cannot confirm anyone's attendance before paying the fees and i believe that if you've registered online, you should have received an automatic e-mail telling you the next procedures you should do in order to pay and get your confirmation E-mail, sorry for that miscommunication, and hope i answered your concern.The preceding unsigned comment was added by Nada Rady (talk • contribs) .
  • I attend quite a lot of conferences as part of my work as a researcher, many of them big international events in industrial countries. Wikimania 2008 certainly managed to meet these standards, and in many cases I was positively surprised how well everything was set up. I have often been at international gatherings where WLAN would fail completely when confronted with hundreds of clients, and confused or lost hotel reservations are also not uncommon for such large events. But I never exited an airport in the middle of nowhere at 3am to find that organisers are picking me up even without me being properly registered. Possible improvements I can think of are: finalising the program one week earlier, scheduling talks in sufficiently large rooms, and having more informal meeting spaces around the conference venue (e.g. for having lunch together). But overall the Wikimania 2008 organisation team did an impressive job to have everything go so smoothly. I enjoyed the conference very much. Thanks! --Markus Krötzsch 17:32, 22 July 2008 (UTC)[reply]




  • should've been planned faster than that :), so we don't have to make any changes during the conference
  • Of all the sessions I went to (25) I think only one [1] started and ended on scheduled time. /Ainali 08:10, 24 July 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Equipment and help


Streaming video

Video archives

  • not all of the videos were on the Bib Alex website, we found only 9,, where are the others?
  • and It would be great if Bib Alex goves us a copy from these video archives, so we can post them on commons too

I agree. Could someone contact the Bibliotheca Alexandrina about this matter? Drork 18:23, 28 July 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Videos are available as public domain, here: [2] Moushira 13:32, 6 August 2008 (UTC) I tried to look at them but could not [[3]][reply]

I'm having the same problem with viewing the files. mpeg2 is just too big to be useful. Have made a note to the bibliotech. Perhaps you'd like to do the same. Note the little envelope top left of moushira's link to page.--Simonfj 22:00, 25 August 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Same for me. Thanks for the existence of the videos, but, much too big for download & i could not livestream the files in vlcplayer. Maybe someone Person with Lust und capacity will do a great thing makin' them smaller -- Christian Maxen, 2008-10-02


Where are the images ?

  • Where are all of those images that have been taken while we were in the conference ?
Here: Commons:Category:Wikimania 2008 Alexandria.
Here: Wikimania2008 on Flickr

Where are the papers/presentations?