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For organizing the Program this year the Program team uses the open source conference planning software Pentabarf. Thus submission, review and scheduling is done with Pentabarf. Schedule, list of speakers and so on will exported for public view instead of beeing managed in this wiki. There is also a feedback mechanism to give comments. You can have a look at other conferences planned with Pentabarf to get an impression. This page can be used to ask questions and collect feature requests to improve the tool and its application for Wikimania 2008.


See the Pentabarf changelog and recent changes for changes.

  • 12:12, 13 January 2008 (UTC) : You can now search for person by permission role (Committee, Reviewer, Submitter) and by event role (Speaker, Moderator, Coordinator) to get a list of all speakers, the Program team etc.
  • ...

Requests and comments

Please give requests and comments here, Jakob will report them.

Small feature requests

  • You see who is actually working with you in the right upper corner but you don't see as who you are logged on. It would be nice to see your login name and time in the same way but in another color, for instance green.
  • A smart print layout of the schedule (PDF) is needed. We had to create it by hand with spreadsheet application. Things to improve in the HTML-output
    • Add "breaks" as as such and events that block all other public events at the same time slot - this should also be displayed different

User interface

  • Image upload forms should tell in advance which size they expect images to be or to be resized to. (it's 128x128)