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Local Information

  1. Weather
  2. Health and safety - Information regarding your health and safety:where to find medical help.
  3. Financial - Financial information like banks and ATMs.
  4. Regulations and Customs - Regulations and customs information to help your trip.
  5. Units of measurement - Units of measurement used by local people.
  6. Electricity - Infromation regarding voltage.
  7. Embassies - Information of embassies in Alexandria.
  8. Time - Time zone, business hours, etc.
  9. Communications - Information regarding making phone calls and get internet services.
 10. General Conversation - General conversation tips.


  1. Geography - Location of Alexandria, Egypt and main features (sea, nile, etc..)
  2. History - Brief history of Alexandria.
  3. Attractions - Antiquties and beautiful natural places to go
  4. Religions - Religious information about Alexandria.
  5. Food - where to get local food and others.
  6. Malls
  7. Media - Foreign languages newspapers and where to get them
  8. Museums and cultural buildings (Opera, concert halls, etc..)
  9. Hotels
 10. Other services


  1. Airport←→City - How to get from airport to Alex (Nozha and Cairo airports)
  2. To Venue - How to get to the venue.
  3. In the City - Transportation information inside Alexandria
  4. Driving - Local driving information.
  5. Street addresses - How to read street address.
  6. Across Egypt, how to get to other cities
  7. Maps