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Add translations

To add a new translation, copy a line for your new translation in the template. This should be in the form |langcode |status, where "langcode" is the ISO 639-3 language code (search), and "status" is the status of the translation (either "missing", "progress", "proofreading", "updating", or "published").

For example, if you wanted to add the English translation, you'd add "|en |missing".

Create a new template

Create a new page called "Template:Translation/Page name" (where Page name is the name of the page with translations). Place the following example code:

 |ar  |missing
 |de  |missing
 |en  |published
 |es  |missing
 |fr  |missing
 |hu  |missing
 |ja  |missing
 |ko  |missing
 |nl  |missing
 |pl  |missing
 |ru  |missing
 |za  |missing

 |page  ={{subst:#titleparts:{{subst:FULLPAGENAME}}|1|2}}

 |destination   = [[{{subst:#titleparts:{{subst:FULLPAGENAME}}|1|2}}]]
 |source update = 
 |source revid  = {{{1|}}}

Every first parameter is a language code (search); every second parameter is that translation's status (missing, progress, proofreading, updating, or published). You can add new translations simply by adding new lines (up to 55 translations).

Special parameters:

  • "page" is the base name of the page being translated (the above code will fill it automatically if the template is named correctly).
  • "source" is the original page being translated; the edit links will place the code of that page when adding a new translation.
  • Optional parameters (first two are primarily given by the translation requester, usually translation subcommittee and the last one may be given by the initiator of each translation):
    • "destination" is a link to the final page in the original (when translating for protected wikis or namespaces).
    • "source update" is the date the source page was significantly updated (requiring updates to translations). Any standard date format will be recognized.
    • "source revid" is the revision ID used to make the translation. This should be left as shown above, and filled in on individual pages as shown below.

Place the template


Once the above template is created, simply place the example above on translation pages. Replace Page name with the correct name, as created above.