Template:User language

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fr-N Cette personne a pour langue maternelle le français.




{{user language|fr|N}}

Copy and paste the example code above, and replace "fr" with the desired language's code and "4" with one of the following numbers representing your fluency level:
1 = basic;
2 = intermediate;
3 = fluent;
N = native speaker.


It is possible to customize the behaviour and appearance of the template with the following override parameters (for example, {{user language|fr|N|align=left}}).

align Set the alignment on the page. Possible values are left, center, and right (default). This also sets appropriate clearing, so that the boxes will stack automatically in that position (you can override this with the "css-box" override below).
css-box Apply arbitrary CSS to the box.
css-left Apply arbitrary CSS to the left cell.
css-right Apply arbitrary CSS to the right (main) cell.

Translating the template

The template provides English text by default. To provide a new translation, you need to create a localization of the template.

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