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To travel to Egypt, you need the following documents below as mandated by your country of origin. If your country is not listed, please consult your Foreign Minister for more information. If you have trouble finding this information you can ask on the discussion page or Dereckson on French Wikipedia, who currently maintains this page.



A valid Canadian passport is required for Canadians intending to visit Egypt. The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your expected departure from Egypt.

Although visas can be obtained at major ports of entry for US$15, it is recommended that travellers obtain their visa from an Egyptian embassy or consulate before arrival to avoid the possibility of being refused entry or experiencing lengthy delays upon arrival.

United States of America[2]

A passport and visa are required. Travelers can obtain a renewable 30-day tourist visa on arrival at an Egyptian Airport for a $15 fee, payable in U.S. dollars.


Generally, you don't need a passport, your national identity card is sufficient. A visa will be delivered at arrival. Please check your ID validity date!


You have the choice between:

  • A passport valid 6 months after the return date + a visa asked at Egypt consulate (+- 25 €) (pick this only if you plan to stay more than one month)
  • Your identity card, valid 3 months after the return date (recommended, solution used by most tourist). You'll need to buy a visa at the airport (15 € or 15$) and fill an immigration form. This form requires an identity picture. It is advised to travel with a copy of identification documents.


  • You need your identity card or a passport, valid 6 months after return date
  • You'll get a 30 days visa at the airport (15$ or 15 € + fill an immigration form needing two identity photos). You can lengthen this visa at Le Caire immigration service office.

United Kingdom[5]

  • You need a passport, valid for at least six months after return date
  • You can get a visa at Egyptian Consulate (more expansive than on arrival, pick only if you plan to take more than one month)
  • Or you can get a visa on arrival (recommended if you stay 30 days max)


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