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en-N This user can read and write natively in English.


YES, I do speak fluent English :) But I'm only a teen, so yeah, I'm gonna speak "chatly". I'm pretty proper when I type, however... unlike some teens I know.


I make images; duh.

About Emily


Emilyn Jane Dason was born on May 7th, 1992. It was a happy occasion for Emily's parents and older sister. Emily's name was shortened to "Emily" when her parents were afraid that Emilyn would be made fun of. Emily's sisters are Isabella Marie Dason, born February 18th, 1989, and Hayley Lynn Dason, born June 14th, 1996.(Emily's mother was 19 when Isabella was born, almost 23 when Emily was born, and 27 when Hayley was born. She is currently 41(b.May 9th, 1966)- Emily's father was 21 when Isabella was born, 24 when Emily was born, and 28 when Hayley was born. He is currently 44.(b. January 20th, 1964) Emily grew up with Isabella (Bella) and Hayley. Wanna know a little secret? Jane, Emily's mother, is PREGNANT again! They are having a little girl, but they wanted a boy, of course. (Emily's brother was supposed to be born early 1988, but he died before birth) Emily's childhood was... they were wealthy. With a huge sum of money. Emily's inheritance is currently US$5 million, for all 4 girls! (Wow) Emily is currently 15, she'll be 16 in 2 days. She already owns a nice shiny convertible.

ABOUT ISABELLA & HAYLEY Isabella is 19 & a hot babe who's ENGAGED. Everyone loves her. She's getting married in less than a month, the last day of school!! Isabella loves Paramore.

HAYLEY is 11, ALMOST 12. Hayley's mother knew Hayley Williams, as she knew her parents and decided to name her daughter after her. Hayley has SUPER LONG hair that's past her bottom! SO blonde, it's ALMOST white! Wow. Hayley loves volleyball & football.