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Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom

R. Stuart Geiger is an editor on the English and Simple English Wikipedias, as well as a graduate student at Georgetown University in Washington D.C studying Communication, Culture, and Technology. His specific research interests are virtual communities, digital knowledge production, and free culture. He often writes on Wikipedia, and has presented on the subject at an academic conference. His undergraduate thesis, Democracy in Wikipedia, was simply awful and is being revised and expanded into a much larger work for his graduate thesis.

He is presenting at Wikimania 2008, speaking about how academics view Wikipedia. His presentation is titled "Conceptions and Misconceptions Academics Hold About Wikipedia: An Ethnography of Academics for the Wikipedian Community." As someone who was a Wikipedian before he even knew he wanted to be an academic, Stuart does not see Wikipedia and academia as two incompatible systems. Rather, he feels that they can work together to further each of their goals.

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