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Welcome to my user page !

Ihab Abu-Hilal with Jimmy Wales in Wikimania 2008
Ihab Abu-Hilal with Jimmy Wales in Wikimania 2008

My name is Ihab Abu-Hilal, 28 years old from Amman, Jordan.

I am a web development manager in a big Information Technology firm in Jordan (TAGorg) .
I started programming when I was 10 years old, I created my first page on wikipedia in March, 2007 and I am really impressed by its idea.

I am working on a project called TAGIPEDIA. It just like the Arabic Wikipedia but it will be the most accurate encyclopedia in the Arab world. It is well monitored and well moderated by specialized people.

I attended Wikimania 2007 conference in Taiwan-Taipei and I met the internet society there.
I will attend next Wikimania conference in 2008 in Alexandria in Egypt.