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The Glass Bead Game

The Glass Bead Game is the name of a book by Hermann Hesse. In it a community of people was described who devoted themselves to the Glass Bead Game. About this game we know only that it operates with imagery of culture interconnecting the images to each other. Hesse did not describe the concrete process of playing the game, and there is really no need in inventing it. My proposal is based on and inspired by the image of this game.


My proposal is caused by the desire to find a way to describe films in Wikipedia which will be adequate to the cinematography as Art.

Cinema is not literature. Cinema is a synthetic art, but mainly a visual one. For real understanding of a film there it is not enough to know the information about film maker, actors, prises and plot. Even if we extend the article and recount about tendency, innovation, shooting and so on we will not understand the film. But we can discover film essence by discovering main images. Every cinematografical image is related to mythology, history of arts, national and cultural traditions, archetypes of collective consciousness.

What is image?

That is always a picture, imprint of reality. But not every picture is a cinematografical image but only such one which refers us to some superior meaning. An image may be an object or a person or a situation or a gesture or a process or an phenomenon. For example a walking stick in the hand of Charlie Chaplin is the image of respectable life which he does not have, but which he imitates and about which he dreams. If we research how the same image appears in the culture and arts, we will see that a stick or a staff is an image of stability.

How does it work?

My proposal is to create a special section named Imagery in every article dedicated to a film or cinematografical person. Here one can find a description of all main images of the film. Image name is a hyperlink which leads in general case to a section Image in Arts in an article about the corresponding object (or a process, or a person etc.) where one can find a description of image and its meanings in the context of culture with links to Wikipedia articles about a related masterpice, a myth, an artist or philosopher etc.

Why is it important for the cinema?

Cinematografy is a very young art, and it's fate is not determined yet. Despite it's incredible popularity and great achievements, perhaps in the future it will not get a place among other arts. It is loosing itś own nature and becomes an illustation of text. This point of view is shared by many filmmakers and critics of art. If you read any common article about a film you will find names of the cast, year of production, jenre, plot and that is all. Now it is very important for the cinema to be understood correctly both by users and creators of encyclopedia alike.

Why it can be interesting for Wikipedia

This method permits to determine a place for every film in the world culture with the help of a system of links.

Neutral point of view and verifiable sources

NPOV can be suppoted by biographies of filmmakers, researches on thier creative work, books on cinema theory.


(please follow the links in section Imagery)