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Please only translate the items after the =>.


$lang_register_form = array(
'registration_title' => 'Wikimania 2008 Registration',
'select' => 'Please select',
'query' => 'Query your registration status',
'query_title' => 'You can query the registration status for Wikimania 2008 in here.',
'correction' => 'Your information is not submitted due to some error in the form.',

'legend1' => 'Personal information',
'title1' =>
'        <p><strong>Personal identification data</strong></p>
	 <p>Please fill your personal data in the form correctly.</p>
'egy' => 'Are you a citizen of The Arab Republic of Egypt?',
'egy1' => 'Yes, I am. (Please type your national identification number and your Name in the following fields)',
'egy0' => 'No, I am not. (Please type your passport number and your name on the passport in the following fields)',
'surname' => 'Surname',
'given_name' => 'Given name',
'sex' => 'Gender', 
'sex1' => 'Male',
'sex2' => 'Female',
'sex3' => 'Decline to state',
'id' => 'ID / Passport number', 
'country' => 'Country / Region', 
'city' => 'State / City', 
'birthday' => 'Date of Birth(dd/mm/yyyy)',
'organization' => 'Organization',
'year1' => '', 
'year' => '', 
'month' => '', 
'months' => array(NULL, 'January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'May', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October', 'November', 'December'),
'day' => '', 

'title2' =>
'        <p><strong>Linguistic abilities</strong></p>',
'langn' => 'Mother language', 
'lang' => 'Skill level', 
'select_lang' => 'Select the language',
'select_level' => 'Select the skill level',

'lang_level1' => '1 (Basic)',
'lang_level2' => '2 (Intermediate)',
'lang_level3' => '3 (Advanced)',
'lang_level4' => '4 (Near native)',

'lang1' => 'Language 1',
'lang2' => 'Language 2',
'lang3' => 'Language 3',

'lang1_level' => 'Skill level for Language 1',
'lang2_level' => 'Skill level for Language 2',
'lang3_level' => 'Skill level for Language 3',

'title3' => 
'        <p><strong>Wikimedia project and e-mail account(s)</strong></p>
	 <ul class="form_notice">
           <li>Your e-mail information will be used for registration and urgent notification on Wikimania 2008 only.</li>
'wiki_id' => 'Preferred Wikimedia project account name', 
'email' => 'Your e-mail', 

'legend2' => 'Participation',
'title4' =>
'        <p><strong>Participation, badge information and miscellaneous</strong></p>
         <p>For better arrangement on accommodation, track sessions and related services, please let us know your options in the following fields.</p>
'join_date' => 'Date to participate',
'join1' => 'July 17',
'join2' => 'July 18',
'join3' => 'July 19',
'topic' => 'Preferred session track', 
'topic1' => 'Wikimedia Communities',
'topic2' => 'Free Content',
'topic3' => 'Technical infrastructure',
'topic4' => 'Scientific Track',
'showname' => 'Badge information',
'custom_showname' => 'Preferred nickname on badge',
'showname1' => 'Name',
'showname2' => 'Wikimedia account',
'showname3' => 'Organization',
'showname4' => 'Other',
'size' => 'T-shirt size', 
'food' => 'Dietary restriction',
'food0' => '-',
'food1' => 'No beef',
'food2' => 'Vegetarian (Asian style)',
'food3' => 'Vegetarian (Western style, egg and milk are fine)',
'food4' => 'No pork',
'food5' => 'Kosher',
'food6' => 'Others',
'food_other' => 'Specified dietary restrictions',
'allegric' => 'Any allergies', 
'transportation_assistance' => 'Flights tickets assistance',
'need_transportation_assistance' => 'Yes, I need you to assist me at my flight reservation',
'visa_assistance' => 'Visa assistance', 
'need_visa_assistance' => 'Yes, I need visa assistance',
'visa_assistance_description' => ' Please specify how the organization team could help you on visa issues. (in <strong>Arabic</strong> or <strong>English</strong>)',

'title5' =>
'         <p><strong>Accommodation</strong></p>
         <p>We have made two options available to you regarding accommodation. You can stay in a hotel, or in the Saint-Marc College dormitories.
    Please check details on <a href=>Wikimania official website</a> for exact locations and specifications of each option before registering.</p>
'accommodation_hotel' => 'Preferred hotel.',
'hotels_metropol'=> 'Metropol Hotel ($60 per night)',
'hotels_delta'=> 'Delta Hotel ($30 per night)',
'hotels_dorms' => 'Saint Marc Dorms ($10 per night)',

'accommodation' => 'Date(s) to stay', 
'night1' => 'July 16',
'night2' => 'July 17',
'night3' => 'July 18',
'night4' => 'July 19',
'night5' => 'July 20',
'room' => 'Preferred room',  
'room2' => 'Twin',
'room4' => '4 people',
'room6' => 'Don\'t care',

'title6' =>
'         <p><strong>Payment</strong></p>
         <p>You can debit your PayPal account or pay using your Credit Card via PayPal in <a href="" title="PayPal Worldwide">103 countries / regions</a> (Egypt not included) or via Remittance and direct payment to the bank account owned by the organization team in Alexandria. Note: PayPal option will be discarded if you\'re Egyptian</p>

'pay_method' => 'Payment type', 
'atm' => 'Bank account payment',
'receipt' => 'Receipt',
'need_receipt' => 'Yes, I need a paper receipt.',  
'receipt_title' => 'Title', 
'receipt_address' => 'Mailing address', 

'submit_notice' =>
'<li><strong>After you submit the form, you still have a chance to verify your registration.</strong></li>',
'submit' => 'Submit',
'reset' => 'Reset',

'confirm' => 'Verification',
'confirm_description' => 'Before you submit the form, please make sure you have filled the data correctly:',

'paypal' => 'Pay via PayPal',
'paypal_description' =>
'<p>Please use the "Buy Now" button below to pay via PayPal</p> ',
'paypal_failed' => 'Cancel the PayPal payment',
'paypal_failed_description' => '<p>You can try again by filling the form below, or you can pay in another way explained below.</p>',
'paypal_successful' => 'Payment via PayPal successful',
'paypal_successful_description' => '<p>Thank you! We will notify you the result after we receive the payment and review your registration info.</p>',
'atm' => 'Pay via Bank account',
'atm_description' => '
<p>Please use the following bank details in Egypt to transfer your registration fees and/or accommodation:</p>
<ul class="atm-account">
<li>Account name: Bibliotheca Alexandrina</li>
<li>Bank: Commercial International Bank</li>
<li>Branch Code: Bibliotheca Alexandrina Branch</li>
<li>SWIFT BIC code: CIBEEGCX041</li>
<li>Account number Wikimania (USD): 41-8930006-6</li>
<p>Due to PayPal restriction in <b>Egypt</b>, you can pay directly at the bank, please use the above bank details, with the following EGP account number:</p>
<ul class="atm-account">
<li>Account number Wikimania (EGP): 41-8900019-5</li>
<p>And please send your transmit receipt in electronic form with your name and the registration number (shown above) to regwikimania2008 AT, we will reply within 3 workdays. You can also <a href="index.php?action=query" title="query the registration status">query the registration status online</a>.</p>

$lang_messages = array(
'successful' => 'Registration complete',
'successful_description' => 
'<p>Thank you for joining Wikimania 2008! Your registration form has been submitted. Please note that you need to complete the payment process so the registration can be confirmed.

Your <strong>registration number</strong> will be shown below. Please take a note of the number for it will be used for querying the registration status and to confirm your identity in the future.
'cost' => 'Registration fee',
'wikimania_cost' => 'Conference: ',
'accommodation_cost' => 'Accommodation: ',
'other_cost' => 'Other expense(s): ',
'total_cost' => 'Total: ',
'usd' => ' USD',
'egp' => ' EGP',

$lang_errors = array(
'repeat' => 'Someone has registered with the same name and the identification / passport number. It is possible you have submitted twice or you have refreshed the registration page.',
'not_input' => '$1 is empty.',
'not_input_completely' => '$1 is not complete.',
'not_select' => '$1 is not checked.',
'not_select_whether' => '$1 is not been specified.',
'too_long' => '$1 is too long, the limited length is $2.',
'incorect' => '$1 is not correct.',
'wrong' => '$1 is wrong.',
'visa_assistance_incomplete' => 'Visa assistance information is empty.',
'wrong_query' => 'Wrong name or registration number.',
'paypal_unavailable' => 'The country / region you selected is not supported by PayPal.'

$lang_query = array(
'unique_code' => 'Registration number',
'submit' => 'Query',
'your_status' => 'Hi, $1, here is the status of your registration:',
'received_money' => 'Registration fee (received / expected):',
'lack' => 'Not received',
'enough' => 'Already paid',
'too_much' => 'You paid too much',
'accepted' => 'Your registration is <strong>confirmed</strong>.',
'rejected' => 'Your registration is <strong>rejected</strong>.',
'not_yet' => 'Your registration is <strong>not confirmed</strong>.'