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Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom
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Wikimania 2008
Wikimania 2008

Alexandria, Egypten • 17–19 juli

Thanks to all for helping make Wikimania 2008 a terrific event!

Watch sessions at site, give feedback at Comments, post article in your Weblog (tagged with "wikimania2008"), and upload media to Commons with "Category:Wikimania 2008" to share your experience!

The 2009 Wikimania conference will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can visit the 2009 conference site for more information.

Pictures from Alexandria!
See you next Wikimania!
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Velkommen til det officielle website for Wikimania 2008! Alexandria er vært for Wikimania 2008 næste sommer i det prestigefyldte nye Alexandrias Bibliotek, Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Arbejde er på nuværende tidspunkt undervejs for at yde oplysninger om begivenheden, så som en by-guide, Wikimania registrering, generering af online interesser.

If you wish to volunteer to organize and make Wikimania 2008 an outstanding event, please consider joining one or more of the organizational committees, which consists of either helping entirely online, or giving a hand with tasks at the conference. Tak for din interesse i Wikimania!

Hvad er Wikimania?

Wikimania er en regulær sammenkomst for alle Wikimedianere, der bidrager til en af de mange Wikimedia Foundation projekter. Forrige sammenkomster er belevet holdt i populære storbyer omkring i verden, så som Frankfurt, Tyskland (Wikimania 2005 website), Boston, USA (Wikimania 2006 website) og Taipei, Taiwan (Wikimania 2007 website). (flere...)

Wikimania 2008 planlægning

Presentation streams

Generelle detaljer


Foundation Executive Director Sue Gardner,
The U.S. State Dept's "Diplopedia",
Cormac Lawler from Wikiversity
Daily shows - July 16-20
Pre-conf., Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Post-conf. + Jimbo
Still to come: Kaltura, corpus linguistics and more.

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Fra Forrige Wikimania

From previous Wikimanias!
Taipei, Taiwan (2007) • Boston, USA (2006) • Frankfurt, Tyskland (2005)
As we make our way back home from the hangover and euphoria of Wikimania 2007, I can only imagine the exhaustion but sense of accomplishment of the Wikimania conference team. Congratulations to all the planners for showing us an amazing time. — Andrew Lih