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Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom
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Wikimania 2008
Wikimania 2008

Aleksandria, Egypti • 17 - 19 heinäkuuta

Thanks to all for helping make Wikimania 2008 a terrific event!

Watch sessions at site, give feedback at Comments, post article in your Weblog (tagged with "wikimania2008"), and upload media to Commons with "Category:Wikimania 2008" to share your experience!

The 2009 Wikimania conference will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can visit the 2009 conference site for more information.

Pictures from Alexandria!
See you next Wikimania!
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Tervetuloa Wikimania 2008-tapahtuman virallisille kotisivuille! Tänä vuonna Aleksandria isännöi Wikimaniaa tänä kesänä arvostetussa, uudessa Aleksandrian kirjastossa (Bibliotheca Alexandrina).

Mikä Wikimania on?

Wikimania on säännöllinen konferenssi kaikille wikimedialaisille, jotka muokkaavat yhtä Wikimedia-säätiön projekteista. Aikaisemmat konferenssit ovat pidetty suosituissa kaupungeissa ympäri maailmaa, kuten Frankfurtissa, Saksassa (Wikimania 2005-tapahtuman sivut), Bostonissa, Yhdysvalloissa (Wikimania 2006-tapahtuman sivut) ja Taipeissa, Taiwanissa (Wikimania 2007-tapahtuman sivut). (enemmän ...)

Wikimania 2008

Presentation streams

Yleiset yksityiskohdat


Foundation Executive Director Sue Gardner,
The U.S. State Dept's "Diplopedia",
Cormac Lawler from Wikiversity
Daily shows - July 16-20
Pre-conf., Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Post-conf. + Jimbo
Still to come: Kaltura, corpus linguistics and more.

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Aiemmista Wikimanioista

From previous Wikimanias!
Taipei, Taiwan (2007) • Boston, Yhdysvallat (2006) • Frankfurt, Saksa (2005)
Monday the conference started to wrap up, and the journalism unconference began to unfold. They only took up one first-floor room, but they managed almost 100 people and a great deal of discussion afterwards.
Meanwhile, Wikimaniacs were gathering and lounging about under the portico outside the Harkness Commons, talking much of the day through. By evening, many day-trips had been completed, and all broke for low-key dinners and trips to the airport. As the dorms cleared out, there was still a hint of Wikimania in the air, with shirts floating down the street, and people saying "oh, were you at that Wiki conference? I heard about that..." — Samuel Klein