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Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom
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Thanks to all for helping make Wikimania 2008 a terrific event!

Watch sessions at site, give feedback at Comments, post article in your Weblog (tagged with "wikimania2008"), and upload media to Commons with "Category:Wikimania 2008" to share your experience!

The 2009 Wikimania conference will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can visit the 2009 conference site for more information.

Pictures from Alexandria!
See you next Wikimania!
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ウィキマニア2008の公式サイトへようこそ! ウィキマニア2008はアレクサンドリアで開催されました。有名な新アレクサンドリア図書館が会場となりました。




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From previous Wikimanias!
台湾台北 (2007) • アメリカ合衆国ボストン (2006) • ドイツフランクフルト (2005)
The constant presence of people available to help. I guess we all felt very cared for. I did not see the Wikimania welcome team at the airport (I was there too early), but many commented on this and loved it. As for me, I remember that a few times, I was coughing as if I was going to die, and I was amazed to find next to me someone with a tea. I am not sure we will be able to do that again elsewhere (have this whole group of volunteers to help), but it sure felt like heaven. — Florence Devouard