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Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom

Wikimania 2008
Wikimania 2008

埃及.亞歷山卓 • 2008年7月17-19日

Thanks to all for helping make Wikimania 2008 a terrific event!

Watch sessions at Bibalex.org site, give feedback at Comments, post article in your Weblog (tagged with "wikimania2008"), and upload media to Commons with "Category:Wikimania 2008" to share your experience!

The 2009 Wikimania conference will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can visit the 2009 conference site for more information.

Pictures from Alexandria!
See you next Wikimania!
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歡迎來到Wikimania 2008官方網站! Wikimania 2008將在2008年的夏天於埃及亞歷山卓久負盛名的新亞歷山大圖書館 (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) 舉辦。一些相關的工作已經開始進行,像城市指南,註冊,以及吸引大眾注意年會等等。

如果你希望令 Wikimania 2008 成為一個與眾不同的盛事,並願意作為一名志願者幫助組織年會的,請考慮加入組織委員會。大家可以純粹透過網上幫忙,抑或在會議現場上幫忙。感謝您對 Wikimania 的關注﹗


Wikimania是全球各地為維基媒體基金會眾多計劃維基人的一個一年一度定期聚會。以往的聚會曾經在世界各大城市舉行,例如德國法蘭克福(2005年)、美國波士頓(2006年)及台灣台北(2007年)。 (more...)


Presentation streams



Foundation Executive Director Sue Gardner,
The U.S. State Dept's "Diplopedia",
Cormac Lawler from Wikiversity
Daily shows - July 16-20
Pre-conf., Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Post-conf. + Jimbo
Still to come: Kaltura, corpus linguistics and more.

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  • 可以將這些廣告放到你的網站或個人網誌上!
  • 如果你寫關於Wikimania的網誌,請加上"wikimania2008"的標籤
  • 你可以通過IRC將Wikimania 告訴其他人


過去的 Wikimania

From previous Wikimanias!
臺灣臺北 (2007) • 美國波士頓 (2006) • 德國法蘭克福 (2005)
I would like to say a huge thank-you to the Taipei team and organizers for Wikimania 2007, which ended a few days ago. It was a fabulous conference and you were incredible hosts. The venue and organization were all wonderful, and the extra touches -- the banners leading to the venue, the Wikiball, the free coffee, the t-shirts and tote bags for attendees, and much more -- made it great. The conference was exciting and a pleasure to attend. — Phoebe Ayers