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Online Volunteer

Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom

Wikimania is an event organised by volunteers like you! If you are willing to help with online tasks such as the following then leave your contact details below, or email newsmarkie AT gmail.com. Thanks

  • Organising and creating content on this wiki, such as information pages.
  • Helping organise online meetings.
  • Assisting other committees, such as the program committee, in distributing emails and information.
  • Translating the site
  • Lots of other tasks that come up and can be completed online.

Volunteer here

  • James R. (Brisbane, Australia)

Per discussions and prior signup, I will be helping out with the general maintenance and updates of this wiki throughout the entire conference. <e.wikipedia(at)gmail.com>

  • Francesco Foresta (Terni, Italia) "skywalker_anakin86@yahoo.it"
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Hi! My name is Francesco and I'm from Italy. I'm taking my degree in Translation. I can translate from English to Italian. I've already sent my job request to SabineCretella, but I've posted it here too. You can contact me through my e-mail. Thanks!

Salams! My name is Wessam Fauad. My user name is: wessamfauad. I'm from Cairo, Egypt. I'm interested in new media & internet evolution. I can read, write and translate from nglish to Arabic. You can contact me through my e-mail: wessamfauad@hotmail.com. Thanks...

  • Kipling Chang (Hong Kong, China) "kipjr.wyk@gmail.com"

I am kipling chang from hong kong, currently studying in Boston University as a history major. Fluent in English and Chinese. Interested in helping mostly in translation works, and would like to apply as an online volunteer!

  • Iris Yu (Hong Kong, China) "irisyu.hku@gmail.com"

Hi, I am Iris from HKU, business and computer major. I can translate English stuff to Chinese but of course the translation might not be accurate enough. Really hope that I can be a online volunteer and practise my English =) Cheers!

  • Orlando José (Carabobo, Venezuela)
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Hi! I´am from Venezuela and i´m here because i love the wikimania and think that the knoledge most to be free to anyone so i´am here to help :-)

And about me well i study Lic. in Education and my field is the languaje and i can speak spanish and english but i´am only are a begineer and i too have knoledge in Computes and internet so i will help with the site and this it´s my first time but i can learn so fast and i wanna enjoy to this proyect because is wonderfall and well you can contat to me.

My Nick Orlando

  • German Garcia "sillicon@hotmail.com" or "sillicon@gmail.com"

I want to learn, learn and help. I'm new, but with the best intentions. I speak, read and write spanish, but i´m learning a few of english. I hope to be useful. Regards.

  • Karim Samy "Ksamy@click-online.com"

This is the first time to work with Wikimania but i have joined many Japanese Projects in Cairo, Egypt. I really would like to help in building up this great event. I speak Japanese,English and Arabic.i have a good experience in computing and internet stuff.

  • Allen "universe_plushk@yahoo.com.hk"

Hi! I am looking for helping wikimania, since 2006 when the CWMC held. I really want to come to Alexandria, but I am not sure if I can afford it.

I speak Chinese and English. I have good experience in computing and internet stuff.

  • Gislaine "gislaineceregatti@gmail.com"

Hi, there! It would be a great pleasure and wonderful experience working with you guys in this event. I'm from Brazil so I speak Portuguese fluently and I also speak English, some Spanish and Japanese; maybe I'd be suitable for translation activities. Anyway, engaging in any activity to support the event would be great! I'm a bachelor in Computer Science and work in a multinational telco.

  • Laura Ramirez (Aguascalientes, Mexico)

Hi! i have been checking what is wikimania, it's the first time that i hear about this event, i founded it by a mistake!jeje! but...i would like to help. I speak English and spanish. i'm not bachelor in PC,but if i can...just tell me! laradinami@gmail.com

  • Doaa ElAraky <doaa.adel.aleraky@gmail.com>

Hi There ,I am from Egypt.I have a good experience in volunteering work,so I'd like to participate in this great event. I'm a bachelor in computer science . Alex is a very nice city ,I am sure that you will like it ;).

  • Lex <homo.sapiens.alexis(at)gmail.com>

Hi! I can help with translations into Russian and Hungarian. Just contact me by email if you need my help;)

  • Mina Boles <stolenend@msn.com>

Hi i am Mina from Cairo,Egypt. I'm an electric engineering student. I speak English,Arabic & little French I have a good experience in computers and internet i wish to help.

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  • Newsmaster

Hi, I'm [Newsmaster] from Indonesia. I can read and write in english and wish to translate from the indonesian language to english.

  • Biraja Ashis Deo (Bangalore, India) <"birajadeo@gmail.com">

Will help out in anything i can :)

  • Malek Farid Galal: 20 years old, Mechanical Depart., faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams Uni.

• Root Admin. & the leader of : www.mech2010.com `group

• Photoshop (Good)

• Ready to help in designs (Brochures, Posters, Logos, Wallpapers, etc.)

• Web Search (V.good)

• Online Communities]

• Worked in many workshops and volunteers teams in my faculty and I am so interested in joining the local volunteers team.

• Love the self learning in all my life.

I want to learn and help….

Languages: Arabic (Mother Tongue), English (Good)


• E-mail: Malekmfg2005@hotmail.com , Malekmfg2005@gmail.com , Malekmfg2005@yahoo.com

• Mob. No.: +2 011 2868 796

  • Hi there!I'm ready to help in wbe design and Hi! I can help with translations into Persian (Farsi)Just contact me by email. sudygo@gmail.com
  • Abdelmonem Abdelhameed

18 years old. Egyption Second year computer Science Volunteer in Resala Charity organization and Helwa ya Balady NGO. have a good experience in organizing events. Expert in all windows platform. have a Good skills in programming. Self Confident.

Languages: Arabic: (mother language) English:Fluent spoken, Read & written French:Fair spoken , Read & written

I can help in the translation of the site.

  • Anjneya Varshney {Ranchi India}

Hi! I am pursuing a course in Computer Engineering from BIT Ranchi. I can translate from English to Hindi. E-mail:jaihind1989@gmail.com