Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom
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Brief summary

Below is a brief summary, scroll down for the full meeting log.

Meeting started at 1800 UTC 13 December. Main points discussed are as follows:


  • Delphine started with: The idea is the following, we need to have a strong message to give out to the world so that Wikimania is going to make the best of being in Alexandria. In short, we need to have a tagline and message points that we will want to emphasize through the press, to the sponsors and through the program, ie. that there is at least one track that has something to do with this message. we need ideas, input and brainstorming.
  • Ideas and suggestion were noted in Wikimania_2008/Messaging, you'll find a list of what has been proposed.


  • Discussed hacking days, to be removed and replaced by a technical track or workshops.
  • Phoebe suggested to have one or 2 days for meetings of various wikimedia group (projects, OTRS, chapters, etc.. ), participants in the meeting liked the idea and there could be 1 or 2 days before the conference for meeting (initially, Meeting day(s)) and should be pre-registered for.
  • Suggested some kind of voting system to see what interests people to see in the program, topics, speakers, etc... maybe hosted on the tool server
  • We need more poeple joining the Program committee, if you want to participate please contact us on wikimania-info AT wikimedia DOT org or sign up on Program/Team with your contact details and how do you expect to be helping.

Conference date

  • 19-21 July will be from Sat-Mon, which many attendees last night refused, and has proposed it would be 18-20 with pre-conference events. Nothing has been changed yet though.


  • If you have any contacts with interested companies may be willing to sponsor the event, please contact us on Wikimania-sponsorship AT wikimedia Dot org


  • Develop the system for registration based on last year's one.

Next meeting

  • Regular meetings will be held every other week on Saturdays.
  • after long discussion :), next meeting would be on Saturday 22nd Dec, 1500 (UTC)

Full log

18:00 - 18:30 UTC

[18:03:19] <Mido> okay, we can start now [Begin]
[18:03:22] <Markie996> ---logging---
[18:03:23] <Markie996> Markie996 Mido Wikimaniac11 delphine brassratgirl Jhs Masry Ma7dy Redrocketboy Anthere2 shipmaster Masry_ HOTR Meno25 _sj_ cary-lunch brb TheLetterE Warpath schiste CraigSpurrier_aw @ChanServ Austin
[18:04:06] <Mido> Thanks everyone for attending
[18:04:07] <delphine> I just added points to the meeting agenda.
[18:04:12] <delphine> Who is chairing this meeting?
[18:04:13] <delphine> Mido?
[18:04:42] <Mido> yup, and will take minutes as well
[18:04:59] <delphine> ok great.
[18:05:15] <delphine> Agenda is here:
[18:05:17] <Mido> we can start as on the agenda with messaging
[18:05:37] <Mido> solagns, themes, any thoughts?
[18:05:46] <delphine> Can I present this a bit?
[18:05:54] <Mido> go ahead
[18:05:55] <delphine> is every(any)one here?
[18:05:59] <delphine> The idea is the following
[18:06:08] <delphine> we need to have a strong message to give out to the world
[18:06:22] <delphine> so that Wikimania is going to make the best of being in Alexandria
[18:07:11] <delphine> in short, we need to have a tagline
[18:07:15] <delphine> and message points
[18:07:22] <delphine> that we will want to emphasize
[18:07:25] <delphine> through the press
[18:07:28] <delphine> to the sponsors
[18:07:31] <delphine> and through the program
[18:07:46] <delphine> ie. that there is at least one track that has something to do with this message
[18:07:50] <delphine> we need ideas
[18:07:51] <delphine> input
[18:07:55] <delphine> brainstorming
[18:07:57] <delphine> done.
[18:08:15] <OsamaK> Hello!
[18:08:21] <TheLetterE> Worldwide Collaboration of Wikis?
[18:09:20] <brassratgirl> agreed; and we should definitely have strong materials about the setting itself -- about the library
[18:09:54] <brassratgirl> and why it's appropriate for this conference/wikimedia
[18:10:06] <delphine> TheLetterE: don't ask questions �;-) just fire away ideas.
[18:10:08] <delphine> nothing is bad
[18:10:11] <delphine> nothing is good yet
[18:10:14] <TheLetterE> OK �:)
[18:10:15] <Masry> what doers strong materials entail brassratgirl ?
[18:10:52] <delphine> old/new
[18:11:03] <delphine> old knowledge/new knowledge
[18:11:16] <brassratgirl> ah, I mean like nice materials for the press to use
[18:11:32] <delphine> old means (-the books, the parchements, what do I know) / new means (technology, internet etc.)
[18:11:35] <Mido> and that the library was the first place to have the idea of gathering knowledge
[18:11:42] <delphine> gather knowledge
[18:11:48] <Mido> roughly like Wikipedia does now
[18:12:07] <brassratgirl> and gathering the world's knowledge
[18:12:11] <brassratgirl> not just a small subsection
[18:12:25] <Mido> yup, global
[18:13:02] <brassratgirl> I'd like to see information on the local wikis too
[18:13:09] <TheLetterE> Wikimania 2008, it will be great
[18:13:24] <delphine> global...
[18:13:24] <brassratgirl> and the local communities
[18:13:31] <delphine> I have this idea of enlightenment
[18:13:37] <delphine> ie. the lighthouse of Alexandria
[18:13:40] <Ma7dy> Wiki lighthouse
[18:13:45] <delphine> the light of knowledge
[18:14:06] brassratgirl hands delphine a torch
[18:14:11] <schiste> IMO Wikimania being held in Alexandria is a symbol of the time moving on, but what the bibliotheca wanted to do, now wikimedia does
[18:14:23] <delphine> times moving
[18:14:26] <delphine> times changinf
[18:14:32] <delphine> *changing
[18:14:40] <delphine> passing teh flame (too olympic �;-) )
[18:14:56] <HOTR> Bridging old knowledge to new?
[18:15:11] <delphine> ohhh
[18:15:14] <delphine> I like the world bridge
[18:15:16] <HOTR> Libraries (books) -> Wikis (Wikimania)?
[18:15:17] <delphine> it's great
[18:15:27] <delphine> doesn't translate though �;-)
[18:15:31] <Mido> illuminating the world, that was suggested from one of our team
[18:15:42] <TheLetterE> i like that Mido
[18:15:47] <delphine> Mido: yep.
[18:16:12] <delphine>
[18:16:20] <delphine> I'm recording it there
[18:16:28] <delphine> refresh once in a while
[18:16:36] <delphine> I'd like something about empowerment as well
[18:16:47] <delphine> one of the core themes of Wikimedia
[18:17:10] <HOTR> delphine: The library of Alexandria once brought all of the books of the world together -- now it brings together all the wikimedians of the world
[18:17:40] <Ma7dy> The gathering
[18:17:47] <schiste> Hmmm
[18:17:57] <delphine> lol
[18:17:59] <delphine> MAGIC
[18:18:08] <brassratgirl> and something about communities, maybe
[18:18:16] <brassratgirl> wikimedia = a community to gather knowledge
[18:18:20] <schiste> [19:17:11] <HOTR> delphine: The library of Alexandria once brought all of the books of the world together -- now it brings together all the wikimedians of the world > now all the citizens can gather knowledge
[18:18:27] <delphine> HOTR: I think focus on wider message than just wikimedians is a good way to go.
[18:19:04] <HOTR> delphine: Nod, it's just that "all citizens of the world" is a bit wordy �:)
[18:19:36] <schiste> every single human being (with an internet connection)
[18:19:54] <delphine> HOTR: yep �;-)
[18:20:02] <HOTR> schiste: Or in some cases, CD Rom �:)
[18:20:07] <delphine> brassratgirl: go the direction of communities
[18:20:14] <delphine> do we have another word than communities,
[18:20:16] <delphine> ?
[18:20:41] <schiste> Cult ?
[18:20:44] <delphine> lol
[18:20:50] <delphine> na �:P
[18:20:53] <schiste> �:(
[18:20:54] <Ma7dy> village
[18:21:09] <delphine> lol, Christophe, on dirait une secte ton truc �;-)
[18:21:13] <delphine> global village
[18:21:16] <delphine> gloabl communities
[18:21:16] <schiste> C'est exactement ça �;)
[18:21:23] <shipmaster> Wikimania 2008: to gather, enlighten and empower, you are welcome to our gathering in the new library of Alex.
[18:21:35] <delphine> gathe, enlighten, empower
[18:21:38] <delphine> that's like COOL
[18:21:41] <Mido> I like that
[18:21:49] <TheLetterE> yeah here too
[18:22:15] <shipmaster> just summarizing what you guys said �:)
[18:22:19] <brassratgirl> communities, I dunno
[18:22:35] <brassratgirl> I like the term 'community' though, fwiw
[18:22:39] <delphine> I love those three words
[18:22:42] <brassratgirl> or cult �;)
[18:22:50] <TheLetterE> Wikimania 2008: Change, Contribute, Communicate, Collaborate
[18:22:57] <delphine> I do too, I'm just trying to get around it to see what concept we come up with.
[18:23:01] <HOTR> shipmaster: Alexandria's new library invites you to gather, enlighten and empower communities around the world
[18:23:17] <schiste> The problem I encountered with community is people asking "who is this "community""
[18:23:22] <HOTR> brassratgirl: Cult of Wikimedia?
[18:23:30] <schiste> For us it's obvious, but from the outside not really
[18:23:36] <schiste> HOTR NO!
[18:23:37] <brassratgirl> maybe to "communicate, enlighten and empower, you are welcomed to our gathering..." ?
[18:23:46] <schiste> Jimbo's cult
[18:23:46] <Mido> we can involve "contributers" somehow
[18:23:49] <shipmaster> HOTR:there is no wikimania in there
[18:23:59] <delphine> lol, gathering, sorry, it always reminds me of "Magic, the Gathering"
[18:24:05] <brassratgirl> haha
[18:24:06] <Mido> yeah, we must have WM in the statement �:)
[18:24:06] <schiste> you nerd
[18:24:16] <delphine> Mido: we don't need to
[18:24:24] <schiste> global movement?
[18:24:26] <delphine> the name of the conference is already Wikimania
[18:24:30] <brassratgirl> well, what's another word for gathering?
[18:24:33] <HOTR> shipmaster: We can always tack it on ... I'm just tossing ideas around
[18:24:33] <TheLetterE> How about a tagline such as "Wikimania 2008: Change, Contribute, Communicate, Collaborate" and a topic of change - speak about change among Wikimedia over the last few years or so..
[18:25:14] <_sj_> theme: Mania, the Gathering.  subtheme: every preregistered attendee gets a card.  speakers, volunteers, and organizers have extra special abilities.
[18:25:15] <brassratgirl> I like that tagline
[18:25:21] <HOTR> brassratgirl: meeting, party, ???
[18:25:28] <brassratgirl> but I think we need to have something that has global or similar in the tagline
[18:25:31] <brassratgirl> especially this year
[18:25:41] <delphine> TheLetterE: I like that tagline but four themes is one too many
[18:25:44] <delphine> people think in three �:P
[18:25:49] <brassratgirl> when we are going to Alex, which is exciting
[18:26:01] <TheLetterE> ah, well we can cut one word delphine?
[18:26:10] <brassratgirl> _sj_, you are not invited anymore �:P
[18:26:25] delphine agrees with _sj_
[18:26:35] <TheLetterE> Wikimania 2008: Contribute, Communicate, Collaborate
[18:26:37] <_sj_> subsubtheme : cataloging death by geekiness
[18:26:42] <delphine> I get the special ability of barring _sj_ from attending the conference �;-)
[18:26:43] <CraigSpurrier> cut Communicate or Collaborate. they are about the same thing �:)
[18:26:51] <brassratgirl> _sj_: now that I can get behind
[18:26:52] <_sj_> lol
[18:26:55] <schiste> I always said Wikipedia was a mmorpg
[18:27:05] <schiste> We can make Wikimania a real RPG
[18:27:09] <brassratgirl> craigspurrier: not the same!
[18:27:15] <TheLetterE> How is "Wikimania 2008: Change, Contribute, Collaborate"?
[18:27:17] <brassratgirl> but I'd go for collaborate over communicate
[18:27:26] <delphine> yes, I like that one.
[18:27:32] <delphine> I'm missing the empower though
[18:27:33] <TheLetterE> i do too
[18:27:40] <delphine> but I like the "C" alliteration
[18:27:43] <delphine> or whatever it is
[18:27:50] <Mido> and the enlight here
[18:28:35] <TheLetterE> hmm
[18:28:51] <delphine> Wikimania 2008: Collaborate to change the world and empower communities
[18:29:01] _sj_ thinks lots of events think they are about 'change, contributing, collaboration'
[18:29:09] <delphine> agree with sj
[18:29:14] <TheLetterE> Indeed sj
[18:29:20] <delphine> that's a bit too broad
[18:29:25] <delphine> more specific?
[18:29:36] <_sj_> but not may could possible be about "copyvio, disambiguate, enumerate" �:)
[18:29:39] <delphine> what is different about alexandria and wikimedia
[18:29:41] <_sj_> hmm, copyvio isn't so good
[18:29:48] <brassratgirl> what about going back to knowledge?
[18:29:54] <VasilievVV|NA> Wikimania 2008: Collobrate creation and distribution of free knowledge?
[18:29:55] <delphine> yes, I like knowledge
[18:29:56] <brassratgirl> knowledge, & being a global event, & collaboration
[18:30:03] <_sj_> categorize?
[18:30:05] <brassratgirl> that's what is special about this year & wikimania
[18:30:07] <delphine> old/new
[18:30:19] <brassratgirl> merge, redirect, delete
[18:30:20] <TheLetterE> Worldwide Change, Contribution and Collaboration of Free Knowledge
[18:30:22] <delphine> Wikimania, the library of a new world
[18:30:23] <delphine> �:D
[18:30:38] <brassratgirl> �:)
[18:30:40] <_sj_>  "changing the face of global knowledge"
[18:30:51] <_sj_> still too general
[18:30:57] <VasilievVV|NA> Wikimania: Collobrate creation and distribution of free knowledge worldwide (all 3 parts)?

18:30 - 19:00 UTC

[18:31:45] <delphine> Wikimania 2008: from old to new, changing the face of global knowledge.
[18:31:46] <TheLetterE> "Wikimania: Worldwide Change, Contribution and Collaboration of Free Knowledge" < i like that
[18:31:49] <schiste> delete block delete
[18:32:08] <Markie996> like the latest on delphine!!
[18:32:15] <schiste> merging global knowledge ?
[18:32:18] <VasilievVV|NA> Wikimania: rouge admins' cabal worldwide?
[18:32:32] <Markie996> hehe
[18:32:50] <delphine> ok, I give us another 5 minutes.
[18:32:55] <delphine> and then we need to change topics �:)
[18:33:00] <delphine> Mido: you time �;-)
[18:33:00] <Markie996> �:)
[18:33:02] <TheLetterE> hehe
[18:33:07] <Masry__> from Alex. team member: Wikimania 2008: Where the Past and Future Meet, Knowledge is Reborn.
[18:33:12] <Mido> okay
[18:33:44] <delphine> I like the "meet"
[18:33:46] <CraigSpurrier> Masry: I like that one
[18:34:00] <Markie996> thirded �:-)
[18:34:05] <delphine> I don't buy the "'reborn"
[18:34:16] <delphine> maybe that's where we can introduce the "change"
[18:34:17] <delphine> ?
[18:34:23] <TheLetterE> indeed
[18:34:26] <brassratgirl> created?
[18:34:27] <delphine> but I liket he past and future meet
[18:34:42] <VasilievVV|NA> Is Wikimania going to change something?
[18:34:51] <Mido> maybe"global knowledge is gathered once more" instead of reborn
[18:35:02] <TheLetterE> Wikimania 2008: Where the Past and Future Meet, Collaboration of Wikimedia projects change
[18:35:07] <Masry> the world...
[18:35:11] <TheLetterE> hmm
[18:35:17] <_sj_> wikimania '08 : create, debate, disambiguate
[18:35:28] <TheLetterE> nice
[18:35:31] <_sj_> we don't have to bite off the whole world at once
[18:35:35] <_sj_> save some for future years �;)
[18:35:40] <schiste> Knowledge is everyone ?
[18:35:41] <TheLetterE> indeed
[18:35:52] <delphine> Where past and future meet, change the face of knowledge
[18:35:54] <schiste> [19:33:08] <Masry__> from Alex. team member: Wikimania 2008: Where the Past and Future Meet, Knowledge is Reborn.
[18:35:57] <schiste> for this the end
[18:36:12] <TheLetterE> Wikimania 2008: Knowledge is everyone's contribution
[18:36:44] <schiste> Or you can make a tagline in font size 2, so we can include all our ideas �:)
[18:37:07] <delphine> lol
[18:37:25] <schiste> We should focus on some word and work on that
[18:37:30] <Mido> we can come to an overall theme, with one main tagline and many statments to include in posters, press releases, etc..
[18:37:30] <VasilievVV> Wikimania 2008: knowledge for future?
[18:37:33] <schiste> like knowledge change and a third one
[18:37:34] <Mido> all under one theme
[18:37:46] <TheLetterE> <TheLetterE> Wikimania 2008: Knowledge is everyone's contribution
[18:37:58] <TheLetterE> i like that one
[18:38:01] <schiste> I don't like contribution
[18:38:08] <TheLetterE> collaboration?
[18:38:10] <delphine> Where past and future meet, knowledge for years to come
[18:38:22] <schiste> gather the knowledge
[18:38:26] <schiste> gathering *
[18:38:33] <schiste> for years to come
[18:38:36] <_sj_> soylent green gasp of horror : "knowledge is... people!"
[18:38:46] <_sj_> deBeers' ad : "knowledge is forever"
[18:39:00] <VasilievVV> [joke] Wikimania 2008: we need your donations for Wikimania 2009
[18:39:11] <TheLetterE> lol
[18:39:15] <Mido> well, we can move now to another topic, we can discuss this further on the list �:)
[18:39:16] <_sj_> bonus points : guess which wikimedian's silhouette is in the poster, with wiki-globe earrings
[18:39:50] <Mido> Next will be, Program
[18:40:13] <delphine> just before that.
[18:40:21] <delphine> no.
[18:40:25] <delphine> never mind �:-)
[18:40:29] <delphine> sorry
[18:40:37] <Mido> we can talk about the rooms in the end I guess �:)
[18:40:39] <Mido> okay �:)
[18:41:39] <Mido> till now, we have about 5 members in the program committee, we simply need more people �:)
[18:42:09] <Mido> anyone have ideas, even if not participating directly with the committee
[18:42:11] <shipmaster> well i was supposed to solicit interested ppl
[18:42:28] <Mido> well, you can now �:)
[18:42:29] <shipmaster> but in the past couple of weeks I was moving to another country, so no time at all, so I figured
[18:42:33] <shipmaster> the meeting here
[18:42:36] <shipmaster> is a great idea �:)
[18:42:51] <shipmaster> anyone interested to share in the program guys �:D ?
[18:42:54] <Moushira> The meeeting is heeeere...!!
[18:43:45] <Mido> well, I wanted to share a point here (till anyone gets interested �:) )
[18:43:47] delphine pokes Moushira
[18:43:51] <Mido> Hacking days..
[18:43:58] <aljoke> shipmaster  whta countyr?
[18:44:17] <Mido> Brion thinks it was not that useful in the past 2 years
[18:44:19] <schiste> Jakob is part of the Programm Team this year too?
[18:44:36] <shipmaster> we will need to discuss tracks
[18:44:41] <shipmaster> and organize timeline
[18:44:44] <shipmaster> for call for papers
[18:44:47] <delphine> Mido: I think that rather than hacking days
[18:44:52] <delphine> we should have a full technical track
[18:44:53] <Mido> so, we're thinking about removing this part (as a sperate event)
[18:45:04] <delphine> my udnerstanding is that people would like that better.
[18:45:06] <Mido> yeah, that's what I was thinking too
[18:45:21] <Mido> workshops during the conf. days itself
[18:45:24] <brassratgirl> one big idea: would it be worthwhile to have a day or two just for meetings
[18:45:26] <brassratgirl> ?
[18:45:31] <brassratgirl> for the various groups in wikimedia
[18:45:33] <delphine> brassratgirl: yes.
[18:45:36] <brassratgirl> the board usually meets anyway
[18:45:42] <CraigSpurrier> on a related not to hacking days, do we have planes for the citizen journalism unconference?
[18:45:43] <brassratgirl> but also there's the stewards, technical, etc. etc.
[18:45:46] <delphine> project driven meetings
[18:45:48] <schiste> Well Mido why not mailing the techie cabal and ask them what they want
[18:45:50] <delphine> for example
[18:45:52] <delphine> or OTRS team
[18:45:53] <schiste> brassratgirl yes !
[18:45:53] <delphine> etc.
[18:45:57] <brassratgirl> and it would be nice to just set aside a day and say "here is the day to meet"
[18:46:00] <brassratgirl> otrs, chapters...
[18:46:04] <brassratgirl> there's a lot of possible meetings
[18:46:11] <brassratgirl> trying to squeeze them in whenever does not work
[18:46:14] <schiste> like a Chapter meeting �;)
[18:46:16] <delphine> agreed.
[18:46:35] <brassratgirl> so instead of having "hacking days" we could set aside the same amount of time
[18:46:38] <effeietsanders> make it a few days, as some of us want to join several meetings �;-)
[18:46:46] <schiste> yep
[18:46:54] <shipmaster> i like that idea
[18:47:08] <effeietsanders> two days in advance and one day afterwards or so
[18:47:38] <Mido> yeah, 2 days in advance, I think after will be for outings much more �:)
[18:47:53] <effeietsanders> Mido: not if it is a general meeting day
[18:47:57] <effeietsanders> �:)
[18:48:06] <delphine> wait a sec.
[18:48:10] <effeietsanders> and there are for instance people who want to join a board- and chapters meeting
[18:48:16] <delphine> we can't provide for 300 people who just want to "meet"
[18:48:27] <effeietsanders> delphine: yeah, you're right �:P
[18:48:39] <delphine> ie. those meetings can't have the same amount of taking care of the attendees as the conference.
[18:48:40] <schiste> no it would be private �:)
[18:48:45] <delphine> or people will have to pay as well.
[18:48:45] <effeietsanders> but i'm selfish, and only thinking of the small group of people who do wanna meet
[18:48:47] <delphine> so
[18:48:53] <delphine> make the accommodation available
[18:48:56] <delphine> the meeting rooms etc.
[18:48:57] <delphine> why not
[18:49:02] <delphine> but we need to be very clear
[18:49:09] <effeietsanders> (and that's a group going out together anyways probably)
[18:49:11] <delphine> that this is not the conference being there for three days more
[18:49:15] <cary-office> J'ai revenu
[18:49:21] <delphine> *je suis.
[18:49:25] <cary-office> that too
[18:49:28] <Mido> agreed delphine
[18:49:55] <delphine> so we need to strike a balance
[18:49:57] <delphine> between
[18:49:58] <brassratgirl> would it be better to have time before or after?
[18:50:05] <delphine> leave enough time for emetings and gatherings
[18:50:08] <Jhs> one thing that we should definately have on the program, is workshops for ordinary people. in jan-bart's session about wikis in dutch education, only three out of ~30 people in the room had actually ever edited wikipedia. so i believe one thing that we should really emphasize in the program is teaching the locals how to contribute to Wikipedia
[18:50:09] <effeietsanders> brassratgirl: imho both would be best
[18:50:10] <Mido> before I say
[18:50:13] <brassratgirl> many conferences have you register for "pre-conference", and you only show up if you have to be there
[18:50:25] <delphine> agree with mido
[18:50:27] <brassratgirl> we could do the same thing
[18:50:32] <delphine> I don't think "after" is a good idea.
[18:50:37] <brassratgirl> we all know whether we have to be on site for a meeting...
[18:50:43] <brassratgirl> just going to hang out is different
[18:50:50] <delphine> brassratgirl: pre-conference sounds good.
[18:50:54] <Jhs> now, this workshop suggestion does not necessarily have to happen the same time as the international conference; since we were talking about cutting the hacking days away, we could use those for holding workshops instead.
[18:51:20] <brassratgirl> jhs: yes
[18:51:21] <CraigSpurrier> Jhs: that was a problem I saw in several sessions, especially in Boston
[18:51:21] <schiste> Jhs that would be a job to the programm team
[18:51:26] <brassratgirl> just call it "meeting day"
[18:51:26] <effeietsanders> delphine: then how to squeeze in people who have to join multiple sessions such as techy, unconference, otrs, chapters, staff?
[18:51:26] <Mido> well, we're alreading planning for such seminars and workshops for locals
[18:51:30] <brassratgirl> and if the tech team wants to meet, fine
[18:51:33] <schiste> to make the first day like a "newbies" day
[18:51:35] <Mido> but long before the conf. itself
[18:51:38] <schiste> or a mainly newbies day
[18:51:39] <brassratgirl> effe: have to schedule amongst ourselves
[18:51:39] <delphine> effeietsanders: well, we can have a 3 year conference if we want �:)
[18:51:41] <brassratgirl> �:)
[18:51:49] <delphine> effeietsanders: but we're not gonna pay for it �:D
[18:51:53] <brassratgirl> make a schedule, and people claim different parts of it for meetings
[18:51:54] <effeietsanders> delphine: ok, let's go for that one �:P
[18:52:03] <effeietsanders> we buy a house in egypt
[18:52:07] <brassratgirl> effe: we could just do it online before hand, have an accessible schedule
[18:52:09] <effeietsanders> and have a looooong conference
[18:52:10] <delphine> anyway
[18:52:13] <delphine> back to the topic
[18:52:17] <delphine> critical point here
[18:52:18] <delphine> is
[18:52:23] <delphine> WE NEED PEOPLE FOR THE PROGRAM
[18:52:38] brassratgirl hides
[18:52:52] <Jhs> tell the n00bs here what is involved with being in the programcomm
[18:52:52] cary-office unhides brassratgirl
[18:52:56] <effeietsanders> delphine: i missed the intro, but to be on the program or to fit the program in?
[18:53:01] <Mido> yeah, we have 5 more minutes on this, jump in guys, it will be fun believe me �:P
[18:53:02] Jhs doesn't know what it does exactly
[18:53:08] <effeietsanders> Jhs: a lot of work
[18:53:19] <cary-office> I'm going to be involved in Scholarships again
[18:53:19] <effeietsanders> Jhs: and a lot of shitty work mainly �;-)
[18:53:20] <schiste> Jakob is part of the Program Team.
[18:53:21] <cary-office> probably
[18:53:25] <Mido> shipmaster:
[18:53:27] <Jhs> i miight be interested, but i have little idea about what it does, so it's a bit hard to volunteer
[18:53:31] <CraigSpurrier> I am glad to help with it, though I would like to know a bit more about exactly what I am volunteering for �:)
[18:53:31] <schiste> He is german, so it's gonna be ok :p
[18:53:31] <brassratgirl> program team has done these things in the past:
[18:53:41] <Mido> Jhs wants to know what to do on the progCom
[18:53:44] <delphine> program team
[18:53:45] <brassratgirl> scheduling, inviting top speakers, soliciting papers and talks
[18:53:54] <effeietsanders> i would consider to volunteer to help with the program btw, have a little experience with the past two national conf's here
[18:53:56] <shipmaster> tracks
[18:53:57] <brassratgirl> reviewing submitted papers and talks
[18:54:03] <brassratgirl> deciding what to accept
[18:54:10] <brassratgirl> though I do have an idea for this year
[18:54:18] <delphine> �:D
[18:54:20] <brassratgirl> is anyone familiar with SXSW, in the U.S.?
[18:54:28] <brassratgirl> it's a big conference about media, tech & music
[18:54:33] <brassratgirl> people submit their ideas online
[18:54:39] <brassratgirl> and the whole community votes on what they want to see
[18:54:49] <brassratgirl> so there are usually hundreds of proposals
[18:54:53] <shipmaster> yeah brassratgirl sums it up nicely
[18:54:54] <brassratgirl> and then the top ones get in
[18:55:00] <effeietsanders> brassratgirl: the whole community or the visitors?
[18:55:11] <brassratgirl> the program team does the schedule and invites top speakers
[18:55:17] <brassratgirl> effe: for sxsw, anyone can vote
[18:55:27] <brassratgirl> but it's thousands of people, so it balances out
[18:55:35] <TheLetterE> I can setup a ideas system on my toolserver account for people to submit ideas if you want..
[18:55:43] <brassratgirl> anyway, just an idea
[18:55:46] brassratgirl goes back to hiding
[18:55:56] <schiste> Hmmm I'm not really for that, it would be better to have thre progteam choosing so we could have a coherent programm
[18:56:02] <effeietsanders> TheLetterE: i think there's a system available already from the past years
[18:56:17] <brassratgirl> schiste: my thought was we could find out what people actually want to see and are interested in �:P
[18:56:18] <schiste> or just few sessions
[18:56:23] <brassratgirl> rather than guessing
[18:56:28] <effeietsanders> brassratgirl: i like the idea more or less, but i am not sure if it would work very well with this specific conference
[18:56:30] <shipmaster> yes I was just about to ask
[18:56:33] <Mido> delphine: what you were saying about conference?
[18:56:38] <shipmaster> how are we gonna keep tracks coherent
[18:56:39] <Mido> it's not a WIKI
[18:56:39] <schiste> ok so we make them vote, but we choose? �:D
[18:56:44] <schiste> Sounds great to me^^
[18:56:50] <brassratgirl> we have several sessions set up to accept paper submissions
[18:56:51] <cary-office> there are wikis
[18:56:52] <delphine> Mido: the only part that could be like a wiki
[18:56:54] <delphine> is the program
[18:56:55] <brassratgirl> *several systems set up
[18:56:56] <TheLetterE> alright, but if you need it, i can provide an upload and submittal facility in which users can submit their stuff
[18:56:56] <delphine> the rest...
[18:56:59] <delphine> IS NOT A WIKI �;-)
[18:57:02] <effeietsanders> Mido: it is a wiki, but one you can't edit without authorisation �;-)
[18:57:25] <delphine> brassratgirl: we should have one day like a barcamp
[18:57:25] <TheLetterE> hosted on the wikimedia toolserver of course
[18:57:34] <Mido> it sounds nice anyway, but not that publicly �;)
[18:57:41] <delphine> wehere people just propose sessions on the spot
[18:57:47] <brassratgirl> Ted Ernst from AboutUs volunteered to come help run a barcamp day at wikimania �:)
[18:57:51] <cary-office> which wiki/not-wiki
[18:57:52] <brassratgirl> he's very good with open space
[18:57:59] <schiste> like the lightnning talk this year?
[18:58:03] <brassratgirl> so yes, I'd like to see an open space day
[18:58:11] <brassratgirl> schiste: yes, but with more space & more time
[18:58:15] <Mido> and for the tech track, it would be nice to have scripts and hacks uploaded online and decide which goes live in wikimania
[18:58:15] <schiste> ok �:)
[18:58:31] <effeietsanders> brassratgirl: but no scheduled sessions in the open space this time please �:P
[18:58:39] <schiste> huhu
[18:58:44] <brassratgirl> effe: sigh. yes.
[18:58:47] <cary-office> ergh
[18:58:51] <cary-office> teh open space
[18:58:56] <effeietsanders> and no coutch
[18:58:57] <Jhs> (did anyone answer my question(s) about the progcom? the connectino here is crappy, so i've been away since :52
[18:59:03] <brassratgirl> so maybe: meeting days, barcamp day, and days of regular conference?
[18:59:03] <effeietsanders> and no internet �:P
[18:59:12] <brassratgirl> I want to have a space with couches & internet, just not the same space
[18:59:20] <delphine> brassratgirl: nope
[18:59:21] <brassratgirl> as open space
[18:59:22] <cary-office> brassratgirl: yes
[18:59:25] <cary-office> yep
[18:59:25] <effeietsanders> can't we have barcamp in the preconf?
[18:59:26] <brassratgirl> ha
[18:59:30] <Mido> jhs, I guess yes, you cn review the log �:P
[18:59:31] <cary-office> uh oh
[18:59:37] <delphine> meeting day, three days conference of which ONE is barcamp style
[18:59:38] <cary-office> I just disgreed with delphine, i think
[18:59:43] <brassratgirl> delphine: yes
[18:59:46] <brassratgirl> ok
[18:59:48] <cary-office> delphine: yes
[18:59:50] <brassratgirl> 1 meeting day or 2?
[18:59:54] <brassratgirl> There are a lot of meetings �:P

19:00 - 19:30 UTC

[19:00:07] <delphine> I would do one. But as I said, we probably can fill a whole year.
[19:00:14] <delphine> I would say 2 days pre-conference
[19:00:23] <Mido> same here
[19:00:24] <brassratgirl> ok, two days pre-conference...
[19:00:26] <delphine> could be one day workshops, one day meetings
[19:00:28] <effeietsanders> i think two should work out, at least techy was two days past years i think?
[19:00:31] <delphine> type thing.
[19:00:47] <brassratgirl> and if meetings run over onto workshop day it would be ok
[19:00:53] <brassratgirl> if they were small meetings
[19:00:59] <delphine> lol
[19:01:07] <effeietsanders> brassratgirl: i think having workshops together i great
[19:01:15] <delphine> small and meetings don"t go together in the wikimedia world �:-)
[19:01:16] <brassratgirl> yes
[19:01:19] <effeietsanders> that way you can let them also last longer then one hour
[19:01:21] <brassratgirl> heh
[19:01:29] <effeietsanders> which is way too short
[19:01:34] <brassratgirl> I'm just trying to be realistic
[19:01:35] <Mido> so guys, anyone else for the team?
[19:01:41] <brassratgirl> about what people will want to do
[19:01:43] <cary-office> the programming team?
[19:01:44] <effeietsanders> and people won't miss any big speakers because of it �:)
[19:01:48] <brassratgirl> mido: we should have open recruitment
[19:01:50] <brassratgirl> get fresh people
[19:01:55] <cary-office> Yes
[19:01:58] <cary-office> advertise
[19:02:00] <brassratgirl> from the lists etc. I think Aude from en:wp volunteered
[19:02:03] <brassratgirl> for instance
[19:02:06] <cary-office> brassratgirl: absolutely
[19:02:08] <effeietsanders> Mido: i consider to announce that i consider to volunteer �;-)
[19:02:10] <Markie996> want me to create a page to sing up on??
[19:02:12] <schiste> You should make a list with the needs �:)
[19:02:15] <Markie996> *sign
[19:02:20] <Markie996> same thing �:-)
[19:02:29] <brassratgirl> so if there are two days of preconference
[19:02:34] <effeietsanders> but i agree that there should be alist of needs
[19:02:39] <Mido> yeah Markie996, go on
[19:02:40] <brassratgirl> that puts our "real" dates from wed-sun ?
[19:02:46] <effeietsanders> both of skills and time
[19:02:47] <Markie996> .. even
[19:03:00] <brassratgirl> Like, July 16-20th?
[19:03:04] <delphine> brassratgirl: yes. i'm a bit worried abnout a 5 days conference.
[19:03:07] <effeietsanders> to prevent people falling out massively because of a lack of time
[19:03:19] <delphine> let us not announce it until we know exactly what rooms we have etc.
[19:03:20] <brassratgirl> delphine: haven't we done that the last few years though?
[19:03:31] <effeietsanders> Mido: i'd suggest to at least email the adv. board for a volunteer, i assume there might be a few interested?
[19:03:32] <brassratgirl> people have been onsite for at least 5 days before
[19:03:38] <brassratgirl> delphine: yes re: rooms
[19:03:45] <brassratgirl> have we talked to the library about that?
[19:03:56] <Moushira> 5 days conference
[19:03:58] <brassratgirl> *at least 5 days total, I meant
[19:04:03] <delphine> guys, I need to go.
[19:04:03] <Moushira> instead of 4
[19:04:11] <effeietsanders> three plus two, right? �:)
[19:04:21] <Moushira> I just send hotels reservation request a couple of days ago..from 18 to 22!
[19:04:48] <brassratgirl> 18-22 july?
[19:04:49] <cary-office> delphine: what's up?
[19:04:50] <delphine> Moushira: 18th???
[19:04:55] <delphine> no!
[19:04:58] <brassratgirl> wait, when are our conference dates?
[19:05:02] <delphine> it HAS to be 17th.
[19:05:05] <brassratgirl> 18-20, right?
[19:05:09] <Moushira> one day early
[19:05:11] <Mido> brassratgirl: 19-21
[19:05:13] <effeietsanders> brassratgirl: 10-21
[19:05:15] <Moushira> conference in from 19 to 21
[19:05:17] <effeietsanders> brassratgirl: see topic
[19:05:18] <brassratgirl> and yes, people will definitely get there early?
[19:05:20] <effeietsanders> fri-mon
[19:05:22] <effeietsanders> ehm
[19:05:23] <brassratgirl> Saturday through Monday?
[19:05:24] <effeietsanders> sat-mon
[19:05:24] <brassratgirl> ??
[19:05:34] <cary-office> ah
[19:05:36] <delphine> the conference is Saturday, Sunday, Monday????
[19:05:39] <effeietsanders> yes, was struck by that too �:)
[19:05:44] <delphine> that's like. No way.
[19:05:46] <delphine> �:(
[19:05:46] <brassratgirl> so would preconference be Thursday & Friday?
[19:06:01] <effeietsanders> delphine: what is the big problem?
[19:06:02] <brassratgirl> is there a reason it's sat-monday and not friday-sunday?
[19:06:02] <delphine> guys, this won't work, seriously.
[19:06:04] <schiste> ending on monday? Very bad idea �:)
[19:06:10] <Moushira> havent we already sat that date before..�:) it was never a secret
[19:06:17] <schiste> meaning people will leave on tuesday
[19:06:26] <schiste> so they have to take a whole week of holiday
[19:06:33] <Markie996>
[19:06:34] <Markie996>
[19:06:35] <Markie996>
[19:06:36] <brassratgirl> moushira: just curious why ending on monday instead of sunday
[19:06:36] delphine was so convinced that the conference was on a week-end, as usual.
[19:06:42] <schiste> it has to be friday saturday sunday
[19:06:43] cary-office bans Markie996
[19:06:47] <Markie996> heheh
[19:06:49] <cary-office> "flood"
[19:06:49] <Markie996> �:-)
[19:06:50] <delphine> agreed with schiste
[19:06:59] <schiste> Espacially this year
[19:07:00] <Markie996> yeah - wont get noticed otherwise
[19:07:02] <schiste> especially
[19:07:08] <cary-office> why
[19:07:12] <schiste> In Taipei, it wouldn't have been a big issue
[19:07:14] <cary-office> I mean, I agree
[19:07:18] <cary-office> But why
[19:07:27] <schiste> as for nearly everyone had a 24 hours journey
[19:07:38] <delphine> yes, but it's psychological �:-)
[19:07:41] <effeietsanders> Mido: is there a reason for sat-mon ?
[19:07:45] <delphine> you take pieces of a week.
[19:07:47] <schiste> but in alexandria, if I have to, I can take the latest flight on sunday, and be at work on monday
[19:07:51] <delphine> not pieces of TWO weeks.
[19:07:52] <schiste> same for all european
[19:07:55] <schiste> yep �:)
[19:08:06] <delphine> and for most people, the week ends on Sunday.
[19:08:10] <delphine> or Starts on Monday
[19:08:10] <cary-office> well, for us it won't matter, because we'll be there a lot longer
[19:08:12] <effeietsanders> schiste: or leave at friday late and start conf at saturday?
[19:08:16] <Moushira> SO..when do you want us to adjust it..
[19:08:23] <brassratgirl> bah, can we find out why they picked those dates before complaining?
[19:08:28] <schiste> effeietsanders do you have a job?
[19:08:29] <delphine> effeietsanders: it's much harder to find flights on a friday night
[19:08:33] <delphine> than on a Thursday night
[19:08:35] <cary-office> brassratgirl: well, it's across the world for us, right �:)
[19:08:35] <delphine> omg.
[19:08:39] <effeietsanders> schiste: about three, but not fulltime �:P
[19:08:44] <delphine> I never realized this
[19:08:50] <brassratgirl> cary-office: I intend to travel afterwards so it doesn't really matter, but yes
[19:08:55] <delphine> but I am totally not happy with those dates.
[19:08:58] <Moushira> am surprised how come you guys are surprised!!!!! you couldn have seleced another days..and those ones were never a secret
[19:09:13] <brassratgirl> moushira: I think we all assumed they were weekend days
[19:09:14] <Mido> it was on wm-planning-l guys
[19:09:20] <effeietsanders> ok, but please let them explain whether they have a good reason �:)
[19:09:20] <brassratgirl> and did not check our calendars
[19:09:22] <Moushira> so when do you want the new timing!?
[19:09:23] <Mido> and everywhere, that was our first set date
[19:09:24] <delphine> Moushira: we never realized that the DATES were those DAYS.
[19:09:37] <schiste> Well yeah not one fulltime, because you enjoy leaving job one day earlier, but I hate starting the work on tuesday
[19:09:44] <effeietsanders> Moushira: , Mido is there a specific reason?
[19:09:48] <cary-office> We didn't realize that those days were those days of week
[19:09:50] <alnokta> what dates?
[19:09:55] <delphine> ie. for me it was never a question that the conference is on FRI/SAT/SUN
[19:09:57] <delphine> as usual.
[19:10:07] <schiste> yeah
[19:10:12] <delphine> I never bothered to check
[19:10:23] <brassratgirl> OK, if we move the days to be friday-saturday-sunday, then the preconference is wednesday and thursday, 16-20
[19:10:33] <delphine> Moushira: can we move the dates?
[19:10:34] <brassratgirl> if the days stay as they are, the preconference is thursday and friday
[19:10:36] <brassratgirl> which is better
[19:10:37] <Moushira> so you want them from 16 to 20.
[19:10:47] <Moushira> I will have to check something..
[19:10:49] <Moushira> let me wait
[19:10:53] <Moushira> ..wait a sec..
[19:10:59] <brassratgirl> Have we already talked to the library about it?
[19:11:00] <Mido> well, moushira can you check with the grand hall resv.?
[19:11:09] <brassratgirl> about reserving these days I mean?
[19:11:19] <Mido> brassratgirl: Moushira is a staff member from the Library
[19:11:25] <brassratgirl> ah �:)
[19:12:09] <Moushira> I can not confirm anything now. Not before sunday, I can not access halls reservation from home.
[19:12:10] <cary-office> besides, phoebe, we're waiting for information from the library on dates
[19:12:13] <schiste> Well the important thing would be to chack with BA aspa
[19:12:24] <brassratgirl> OK, yes, let's find out what we can do
[19:12:24] <Moushira> and I gotta check availability of my directors and some guests..
[19:12:37] <delphine> Moushira: ok.
[19:12:39] <brassratgirl> if the conference ends on a monday, the world will not end
[19:12:43] <brassratgirl> it would just be better if it did not
[19:12:48] <schiste> agreed
[19:13:02] <schiste> Anyway the point here is to move it next week isn't it?
[19:13:08] alnokta notices how bad cgi irc is
[19:13:20] <effeietsanders> schiste: ?
[19:13:27] <effeietsanders> another week too?
[19:13:41] <cary-office> i don't see a very bad problem with S-S-M
[19:13:55] <cary-office> But I'm never done event planning
[19:14:02] <cary-office> well, I have, but on a much smaller scale
[19:14:05] <brassratgirl> cary: it's basically a courtesy to the europeans
[19:14:11] <effeietsanders> cary-office: well, if delphine etc have a problem with it, i assume some other visitors might have too �:)
[19:14:15] <brassratgirl> who can get back for work on monday morning �:)
[19:14:16] <schiste> It's mainly psychological
[19:14:26] <Mido> well, for now Moushira will check for BA resv. we can get back to the agenda guys
[19:14:29] <brassratgirl> cary-office -- doesn't affect us �:)
[19:14:38] <Mido> Sponsors
[19:15:01] <schiste> you took care of the google one sent on OTRS ?
[19:15:24] <Moushira> who was involved with sponsorship thing last year..?
[19:15:26] <Jhs> (did anyone answer my question(s) about the progcom? the connectino here is crappy, so i've been gone since 18:52 (UTC))
[19:15:33] <alnokta> mido  عملت حاجة في موضوع وضع وصلة لويكيبيديا على الموقع؟
[19:15:37] <cary-office> sponsorship last year
[19:15:42] <effeietsanders> Jhs: i'll pm
[19:15:43] <Mido> hmm, not yet schiste
[19:15:47] <Markie996> log is in the process of being posted: hand in there
[19:15:50] <cary-office> everyone seemed to have a spoon in the sponsorship pot
[19:16:02] <cary-office> But nobody took lead on it
[19:16:09] <schiste> Mido nobody really
[19:16:13] <schiste> it was "complicated"
[19:16:19] <Moushira> ... everybody had a spoon..
[19:16:23] <schiste> Delphine did some I think
[19:16:27] <cary-office> I did a bit
[19:16:34] <cary-office> Pyb
[19:16:43] <Moushira> well, I need some hands to help me with some spoons..this year too�:)
[19:16:46] <delphine> this year there is leadership
[19:16:47] <cary-office> But that was international sponsorship
[19:16:49] <Mido> for this year, delphine and Vishal will take care of the this on the WMF side
[19:16:50] <cary-office> yes
[19:16:53] <delphine> there are three people taking care of sponsroship
[19:16:55] <delphine> Moushira for BA
[19:17:01] <delphine> Mido for local team
[19:17:11] <delphine> myself with vishal  for Foundation.
[19:17:14] <delphine> however
[19:17:15] <schiste> ok great �:)
[19:17:16] <delphine> we need help
[19:17:24] <cary-office> Indeed
[19:17:30] <delphine> especially with names.
[19:17:33] <Mido> yeah, anyone can help on this, we need it �:)
[19:17:33] <delphine> and ideas
[19:17:34] <delphine> and such.
[19:17:38] <delphine> contacts.
[19:17:39] <delphine> etc.
[19:17:43] <Moushira> i need someone who had some 'spoons' in writing proposals and letter
[19:17:46] <schiste> As I say, you should make a list of what is needed
[19:17:49] <Mido> ideas for approaching, the letter can be much improved
[19:17:55] <Moushira> successful ones�:) of course, not rejected..
[19:18:06] <Mido> so, you're welcome to work on it
[19:18:08] <delphine> Mido: can you post our email address 'scrambled) in the minutes so that people can write to us with ideas?
[19:18:14] <cary-office> And improvements over the last year
[19:18:25] <delphine> Mido: I also have interesting feedback on the sponsorship levels
[19:18:37] <delphine> I'll get back to you on this.
[19:18:39] <Mido> cool delphine
[19:18:45] <delphine> BUT NOW, i'm off.
[19:18:45] <schiste> Moushira imo the letter is pretty useless
[19:18:52] <delphine> night all, be good.
[19:18:54] <schiste> all is needed is to know who to contact
[19:18:55] <cary-office> Night
[19:18:59] <schiste> good night delphine
[19:19:01] <brassratgirl> night delphine
[19:19:03] <Mido> night
[19:19:07] <Moushira> pretty useless..
[19:19:13] <schiste> sorry
[19:19:17] <Moushira> �:)
[19:19:20] <schiste> It's what we've seen last year
[19:19:37] <schiste> We've contacted around 20 companies
[19:19:49] <cary-office> I don't even know if we've gotten all the money from last year
[19:19:51] <effeietsanders> schiste: but maybe it works in egypt
[19:19:58] <schiste> and the only one who responded is where we succeeded in contacting the right personn
[19:20:00] <effeietsanders> schiste: it all depends on their culture too �:)
[19:20:02] <schiste> effeietsanders oh local sponsors
[19:20:08] <alnokta> moushira هل يمكن أن توضع وصلة لويكيبيديا في موقع المكتبة؟
[19:20:09] <schiste> yes it could work
[19:20:13] <cary-office> Local sponsors are important
[19:20:17] <schiste> I was speaking of international ones
[19:20:20] <schiste> cary-office yees
[19:20:28] <schiste> most of last years sponsorships were locals �:)
[19:20:36] <effeietsanders> internationals could maybe indeed be approached through contacts if available
[19:20:55] <effeietsanders> but if not available, well, use other means
[19:21:00] <schiste> yep �:)
[19:21:16] <effeietsanders> if ou don't shoot, you can't hit �;-)
[19:21:33] <schiste> Anyway, so on sponsors, ideas and contacts needed
[19:21:37] <Mido> we can use the otrs email to receive contacts from people
[19:21:57] <schiste> Mido yes that's why we created
[19:22:03] <Mido> yeah schiste, that's it
[19:22:09] <schiste> to gather this kind of info
[19:22:12] <Mido> yes, I meant that one
[19:22:15] <schiste> ok �:)
[19:22:34] <cary-office> Have we talked about Scholarships yet?
[19:22:40] <schiste> nope
[19:22:50] <cary-office> okay, don't worry about it then
[19:22:51] <schiste> not on the agenda
[19:22:54] <cary-office> er
[19:23:09] <Mido> we can disucss it though guys �:)
[19:23:12] <cary-office> Registration?
[19:23:15] <schiste> neither
[19:23:28] <Markie996> log posted upto 5 mins ago
[19:23:48] <cary-office> It should be considered
[19:23:54] <schiste> Yep
[19:24:01] <schiste> Who made last year system?
[19:24:11] <schiste> Or will BA take care of that?
[19:24:12] <brassratgirl> registration?
[19:24:15] <cary-office> Yes
[19:24:15] <Mido> enough for the sponosrs now, regiesteration
[19:24:15] <Markie996> what registration
[19:24:20] <brassratgirl> Austin made the system for 2005 & 2006
[19:24:21] <cary-office> The system that didn't quite work?
[19:24:29] <brassratgirl> littlebtc made the system for 2007
[19:24:33] <schiste> ok
[19:24:38] <brassratgirl> we should not reinvent the wheel, anyway
[19:24:43] <cary-office> No
[19:24:48] <Mido> for the reg. system, titan told me he can provide the one used last year
[19:24:50] <effeietsanders> cary-office: do you have any information about the scholarships then already? �:)
[19:24:51] <brassratgirl> whoever does it... there's a lot of things that we know we need
[19:24:57] <Mido> yeah, I'd say that too
[19:24:58] <brassratgirl> we should get together a set of specificiations
[19:24:59] <cary-office> But last year's system was horribly flawed
[19:25:00] <schiste> We should ask BA, for the French Academy, La Cite des Sciences provided the registration system
[19:25:14] <effeietsanders> brassratgirl: i think Hay also made a system for the dutch conf this year
[19:25:24] <effeietsanders> worked well afaict
[19:25:34] <cary-office> effeietsanders: Well, we should start to discuss the scholarships
[19:25:34] <Moushira_> what do you prefer BA taking care of it or...not?
[19:25:34] <brassratgirl> austin says he can clean up his code for a better system
[19:25:41] <Mido> I think BA can provide this, but I guess we need to layout the system for sure
[19:25:45] <brassratgirl> but I don't know if he'll have time for a while
[19:25:47] <cary-office> Anthere2: Will we get another donation from the people who donated for the scholarships again?
[19:25:59] <brassratgirl> mido: if BA does do it, we need to collect certain kinds of information
[19:26:11] <Anthere2> dunno
[19:26:13] <brassratgirl> I can help you with that if you want
[19:26:28] <cary-office> brassratgirl: We need to get started early this time �:)
[19:26:32] <brassratgirl> bah, we might have a better chance of actually filling the OSI scholarships this year
[19:26:33] <effeietsanders> Mido: just keep in mind we dutch might have a system in backup too
[19:26:35] <cary-office> because of our delays last year
[19:26:35] <Anthere2> jeeee, I just had an evil thought
[19:26:37] <brassratgirl> with people from africa �:P
[19:26:43] <effeietsanders> would require a lot of changes prolly, but it worked
[19:26:46] <cary-office> OSI, that's it
[19:26:57] <cary-office> brassratgirl: They'll probably go for Oceania this year
[19:27:05] <Mido> lol
[19:27:29] <cary-office> Anthere2: what is your evil thought?
[19:27:35] <effeietsanders> cary-office: bad you don't recall their name �:P
[19:27:42] <brassratgirl> probably, yes
[19:27:59] <Moushira_> Well, may I be excused, for now?? I do not think I could provide any info for now..
[19:27:59] <Anthere2> I'll tell you if that works
[19:28:07] <Anthere2> dinner time now
[19:28:09] <Mido> for the registeration, I will contat Titan regarding this
[19:28:22] <cary-office> Moushira: that's up to Mido
[19:28:22] <Moushira_> and I don;t think you would come up with something like "changing conference date" again
[19:28:31] <Moushira_> Up to Mido..!!
[19:28:34] <Moushira_> wow..
[19:28:35] <Mido> and since we're already disucssing scholarships, any other thoughts guys
[19:28:43] <Moushira_> I WILL be excused
[19:28:47] <Moushira_> �:)
[19:28:49] <cary-office> Mido: There was problems with regestration system being used for spam
[19:28:49] <effeietsanders> �:P
[19:28:50] <Moushira_> Ciao !
[19:28:54] <cary-office> and people not filling out required fields
[19:29:00] <cary-office> but this is only limited by the programming technology
[19:29:11] <Mido> hmm we can double check on this, dun worry
[19:29:28] <Mido> many programmers here are willing to help indeed
[19:29:42] <Mido> now, scholarships
[19:29:49] <Mido> any other thoughts?
[19:30:10] <cary-office> I would guess the same amount as last year, plus any earmarked funds (like OSI)
[19:30:28] <schiste> imo we should speak about scholarships only once we have a proper budget with sponsors �:)
[19:30:32] <cary-office> But I'm happy to be part of the scholarship team
[19:30:43] <cary-office> schiste: Well, we still need to discuss who is in charge
[19:30:49] <schiste> oh that, yes �:)
[19:30:51] <cary-office> So we are ready
[19:30:57] <effeietsanders> Mido: were there already some scholarship sponsors available through the local team?
[19:30:59] <schiste> But isn't brassratgirl in charge?

19:30 UTC onwards

[19:31:10] <Mido> no, not specifically
[19:31:38] <cary-office> I will be involved in my capacity as VOLCO and the fact that I was involved already last year
[19:31:42] <brassratgirl> schiste: pshaw
[19:31:48] <cary-office> No, it's tsst
[19:31:50] <Mido> (did not mean Phoebe btw �:))�:))
[19:31:51] <brassratgirl> I am not in charge of anything, thanks
[19:31:52] <schiste> �:D
[19:32:19] <cary-office> Chief cook and bottle-washer
[19:32:31] effeietsanders hands the electricity generator to cary-office and puts him in charge
[19:33:09] <Mido> we can decide the team later for this �:)
[19:33:21] <effeietsanders> but now seriously, maybe you should first get some people involved, before putting people under charge
[19:33:22] <cary-office> Just mentioning, is all ... �:)
[19:33:27] <schiste> it would be good, as cary said, to do it as soon as we can �;)
[19:33:43] <cary-office> I don't want anything being forgotten
[19:33:51] <Mido> I believe so too
[19:33:53] <brassratgirl> I think cary should be in charge
[19:33:55] <brassratgirl> �:) 
[19:33:57] <cary-office> But we're at least going to have some consistency between 07 & 08
[19:34:08] <cary-office> brassratgirl: Until I find someone better �:)
[19:34:19] <brassratgirl> sounds good �:) 
[19:34:42] <brassratgirl> cary - scholarships have been slowly improving every year, this year they will be the best ever �:) 
[19:34:51] <brassratgirl> maybe we will actually get a decent application system together 
[19:34:53] <cary-office> indeed
[19:35:07] <Mido> we will brassratgirl �:)
[19:35:13] <effeietsanders> especially we should start it early!
[19:35:33] <brassratgirl> mido & moushira: mostly let us know if we can change the conference date
[19:35:34] <cary-office> So we don't have any young Dutch people crying about it
[19:35:35] Mido thinks we have much to work on right away, get started people!
[19:35:36] <effeietsanders> that way the tickets are still payable
[19:35:37] <brassratgirl> and if not, it's ok 
[19:35:59] <brassratgirl> ha, the conference is close for europeans this year �:) 
[19:36:05] <Mido> we'll update you asap
[19:36:06] <effeietsanders> cary-office: if that is what persuades you...
[19:36:10] <brassratgirl> which means the scholarships should go to people from california �;) 
[19:36:22] <cary-office> effeietsanders: You can whine with the best of them �:-)
[19:36:51] <Mido> so, I guess we're done with the main points, anything else you have in  mind guys?
[19:37:11] <brassratgirl> next meeting? 
[19:37:14] <schiste> schedule for future meeting �:)
[19:37:14] <Mido> next meeting time and date?
[19:37:19] <effeietsanders> Mido: last year it did not exist
[19:37:21] <brassratgirl> how often do you want to have public meetings? 
[19:37:23] <effeietsanders> but maybe it is usefull
[19:37:31] <Markie996>
[19:37:35] <effeietsanders> to have a spot where people can exchange the cheapest ticket situations
[19:37:47] <Markie996> i think there still stuff on the agenda isnt there??
[19:37:56] <Mido> every other week maybe?
[19:38:23] <Markie996> maybe not, yeah think weve just got the last item - schedule for next meetings
[19:39:05] <brassratgirl> every other week sounds good 
[19:39:14] <Mido> on .. ?
[19:39:19] <effeietsanders> in the weekend
[19:39:20] <effeietsanders> please
[19:39:36] <effeietsanders> that makes it easier for every volunteer at least
[19:39:49] <effeietsanders> also with regard to the timeschedule
[19:39:50] <Mido> that's not a problem I guess
[19:39:58] <effeietsanders> it is easier to stay up late in the weekend �:)
[19:40:06] <Markie996> heheh
[19:40:08] <schiste> Saturday
[19:40:11] <cary-office> It just makes a problem for those of us who do this for a living
[19:40:13] <Markie996> please not sunday nights though
[19:40:19] <cary-office> So when you need me...
[19:40:27] <effeietsanders> cary-office: would it be a huge problem? �:)
[19:40:28] <cary-office> I have to be willing to work on Saturday
[19:40:37] <schiste> I think, we should have another one soon
[19:40:47] <schiste> (because of the dates and so on)
[19:40:48] <effeietsanders> i think saturday would be good
[19:40:50] <cary-office> Saturday @ 7AM in San Francisco?
[19:40:54] <cary-office> Maybe
[19:41:03] <Markie996> which is 12 noon utc
[19:41:09] <cary-office> No
[19:41:19] <Markie996> ahh yeah
[19:41:21] <cary-office> (UTC-8)
[19:41:22] <Markie996> hhehe my bad
[19:41:29] <Markie996> 3 UTC and 4 in eygpt
[19:41:49] <Mido> can we talk 07:00 UTC plz �:)
[19:41:59] <Markie996> on a sat morn!!!
[19:42:06] <Markie996> well i wont be up sorry
[19:42:26] <Markie996> will have barely gone to bed �:-)
[19:42:34] <Mido> we can have it at 15:00 UTC
[19:42:55] <effeietsanders> 1500UTC is like 2200 japan right?
[19:42:58] <shipmaster> if it can be on a sat/sun that would be great
[19:43:05] <shipmaster> i am barely participating because I am at work �:(
[19:43:06] <effeietsanders> so would be best i think
[19:43:24] <alnokta> is the current timing okay?
[19:43:29] <effeietsanders> shipmaster: yes, just been discussed, will be on sat
[19:43:34] <cary-office> current timing is good occasionally
[19:43:39] <shipmaster> cool �:)
[19:43:41] <cary-office> but we eliminate the Asian participants
[19:43:50] <cary-office> Who are deeply sleeping
[19:44:01] <alnokta> sweet dreams 
[19:44:02] <Markie996> logs are being done now
[19:44:05] <effeietsanders> if you want asians, 1600 UTC would be max i think
[19:44:09] <Markie996> we are upto halfway �:-)
[19:44:13] <effeietsanders> or later on, if they wake up
[19:44:16] <alnokta> that s why no britty
[19:44:17] <Markie996> thanks to E!!
[19:44:19] <cary-office> sawing logs
[19:44:21] <Mido> so, saturday 22 Dec. at 1500UTC would be fine I guess
[19:44:35] <cary-office> I will be in Fort Lauderdale
[19:44:37] <effeietsanders> 1500 UTC, 2200 UTC rotating?
[19:44:50] <cary-office> is this 2200 UTC?
[19:44:58] <effeietsanders> this was 1800 UTC
[19:45:10] <effeietsanders> now it is almost 2000 UTC
[19:45:16] <Markie996> is now 19.45 UTC
[19:45:18] <cary-office> okay
[19:45:47] <alnokta> cary-office : now everyone in sf?
[19:46:04] <cary-office> oh no
[19:46:08] <cary-office> Brion is flying there today
[19:46:12] <cary-office> everyone else is still not there
[19:46:40] <alnokta> why not ? problems
[19:46:52] <brassratgirl> I sent the best times out in my email ... 
[19:46:55] <effeietsanders> lets first fixate the times please
[19:47:01] <brassratgirl> 15/16:00 UTC, petty much
[19:47:11] <cary-office> alnokta: The move is not complete yet.  We're still in the process
[19:47:21] <Mido> I'd go with that too brassratgirl 
[19:47:39] <effeietsanders> brassratgirl: how about rotating with 2200 UTC?
[19:47:43] <alnokta> ok
[19:47:50] <cary-office> that's 2300 in Alex
[19:48:02] <effeietsanders> yes, just about the max i think
[19:48:12] <effeietsanders> although alex should confirm that �:)
[19:48:22] <Mido> we're +2 not +1 �:)
[19:48:33] <effeietsanders> ah, so 2400 local �:)
[19:48:35] <schiste> whatever we will have to have evening meetings as florida is -8 �:)
[19:48:40] <Mido> but it's okay to have it 2200 UTC
[19:48:48] <effeietsanders> schiste: SF is -8, not FL
[19:48:58] <schiste> sF sorry
[19:49:14] <effeietsanders> 1500 would be in the morning there
[19:49:24] <effeietsanders> not very nice, but doable i assume
[19:49:25] <cary-office> early morning
[19:49:25] <schiste> Pretty early �:)
[19:49:35] <brassratgirl> very early �:P 
[19:49:40] <schiste> 1800 would be ok
[19:49:46] <schiste> 2000 in egypt 
[19:49:46] <schiste> 2000 in egypt 
[19:49:50] <schiste> 1000 in SF
[19:50:27] <Mido> same problem, we can't satisfy everyone �:(
[19:51:26] <Mido> we can make it an hour late, at 1600 UTC
[19:51:31] <effeietsanders> 1800 would be bad for asia
[19:51:34] <effeietsanders> and france
[19:51:40] <effeietsanders> (french eat late, apperently :P)
[19:51:55] <cary-office> Who cares about the French
[19:52:06] <schiste> we do
[19:52:12] <schiste> I'm eating in 10mn �:)
[19:52:28] <alnokta> what 'cusp' means?
[19:52:31] <Mido> and we're leaving in 5 mins �:)
[19:52:38] effeietsanders nukes barça
[19:52:56] <schiste> from 17 to 2030 we have aperitif �:)
[19:53:13] <Markie996> so meeting time is:???
[19:53:26] <alnokta> 6354
[19:53:35] <Markie996> heheh
[19:53:45] <effeietsanders> ok, let's have it 1500 for next time
[19:53:51] <effeietsanders> and decide then about the time afterwards
[19:53:58] <Markie996> mido??
[19:54:00] <effeietsanders> just come to a conclusion, people �:)
[19:54:14] <effeietsanders> we discussed this longer then the damn scholarships and sponsors together �:P
[19:54:28] <Mido> I'd go with 1500 for now
[19:54:43] <Markie996> ok so 15:00 UTC on Sat 22 dec??
[19:54:45] <Markie996> confirm
[19:54:46] <Mido> I know it won't suit everybody, but let's face it, we can't do this �:)
[19:54:48] <effeietsanders> the bank is offering 1500, deal or no deal?
[19:55:01] <Mido> Markie996yup
[19:55:06] <Markie996> right ok then
[19:55:20] <Markie996> are you going to announce to wikimania-l etc
[19:55:23] <Markie996> ??
[19:55:32] <Mido> yeah sure, I will do this �:)
[19:55:36] <Markie996> kl
[19:55:50] <Markie996> logs have also been posted and are up to date!!
[19:55:54] <Markie996> thanks to E!!!!!
[19:55:54] <schiste> check
[19:55:59] <alnokta> and on fndn-l plz
[19:56:05] TheLetterE to date logs at
[19:56:05] <Mido> and we're done here
[19:56:07] <effeietsanders> btw, i won't be there, but hope to be there next time
[19:56:12] <Markie996>
[19:56:12] <Mido> no, not on foundation
[19:56:16] <Markie996> thats the signup
[19:56:22] <Markie996> for program etc
[19:56:22] <brassratgirl> ok, bye everyone 
[19:56:27] brassratgirl waves
[19:56:30] <Markie996> bye
[19:56:34] Mido waves
[19:56:36] <schiste> bye brassratgirl �:)
[19:56:39] <alnokta> bye brass
[19:56:47] <alnokta> mido why not?
[19:56:48] <Mido> -- END log --