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[21:04] <Mido> ==== START LOGGING ===
[21:04] <Markie996>  dungodung britty_ kibble effeietsanders Mido Warpath AKoraiem cary Markie996 Az1568 TheLetterE_away James_F|Busy Danny_B CraigSpurrier_aw Austin Wikilinker @ChanServ 
[21:05] <Markie996> and Ma7dy
[21:05] <Mido> Most urgent, Scholarships
[21:05] <Warpath> O_O
[21:05] * cary perks up
[21:05] <cary> how did that jump to urgent!
[21:05] <Mido> Cary, you wanted to be involved in this?
[21:06] <Mido> well, I see it as so in fact :)
[21:06] <Mido> registration is going well, and other people are taking care of it
[21:06] <Mido> so it has a bit to do with this meeting
[21:06] * Adambro (n=chatzill@wikipedia/Adambro) has joined #wikimania2008
[21:06] * cary is now known as cary-meeting
[21:06] <cary-meeting> okay, you have my attention
[21:07] <Mido> okay, I see last year has a good base to start with
[21:07] <Mido> in wikimania team wiki
[21:07] <Mido> what we need now is to form the committee
[21:07] <Markie996> okay so who did it last year
[21:08] * StevenFruitsmaak ( has joined #wikimania2008
[21:08] <cary-meeting> Phoebe and me
[21:08] <Mido> and Tarawneh
[21:08] <cary-meeting> I think Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington wants to be involved this year
[21:08] <Markie996> okay so are you both willing to do it again i suppose is the question?
[21:08] <Mido> and SJ?
[21:08] <Markie996> and then add them? 
[21:09] <cary-meeting> _sj_ ?
[21:09] <Markie996> so we would then have 5?
[21:09] <britty_> sj wasn't been involved into scholarshiop at least last year
[21:09] <britty_> iirc.
[21:09] <britty_> better to get him involved into program i suppose
[21:10] <britty_> (eh rather i would have liked to say "reviewing")
[21:11] <Mido> well, let's leave that up to him
[21:11] <cary-meeting> so, registrations are going well
[21:11] <cary-meeting> We don't know how much has been allocated for Scholarships
[21:12] <cary-meeting> or is to be allocated.
[21:13] <cary-meeting> Last year we had money to spend from OSI
[21:13] <cary-meeting> allocated for certain groups of potential scholarships
[21:13] <Mido> well, I can't be exact with the amount now, but BLANKED people was in the intial budget
[21:13] <Mido> BLANKED USD each
[21:14] <Markie996> with a local focus?
[21:14] <Mido> local?
[21:14] <britty_> as for OSI money i would like to mention it always come relatively late
[21:14] <britty_> even just before we closed the apprications
[21:15] <cary-meeting> $BLANKED ?
[21:15] <Mido> Delphine is looking at that at the moment
[21:15] <cary-meeting> okay BLANKED people
[21:15] <cary-meeting> she is?
[21:15] <Mido> so she told me yesterday :)
[21:16] <cary-meeting> you've spoken to her since I have!
[21:16] <Markie996> cary-meeting: hah, shes avoiding you :-p
[21:16] <britty_> mido: in 2006 some gets support more than BLANKED USD
[21:16] <britty_> maybe we need similar
[21:16] <britty_> for some people we need to support over BLANKED USD
[21:16] <Mido> I believe we will cover that
[21:16] <Markie996> well local people (ie Eygptians and Europeans) will need less than US and AUS etc
[21:16] <Markie996> imo
[21:17] <cary-meeting> We'll need to have some with full support and some with partial support
[21:17] <AKoraiem> i agree with markie
[21:17] <britty_> agreed with cary and markie996
[21:17] <Mido> we have to open application to know who needs what :)
[21:18] <britty_> definitely
[21:18] <Mido> cary-meeting: when you can begin on that?
[21:18] <cary-meeting> well... has the page been put up re: scholarships?
[21:19] <Markie996> afaik no
[21:19] <kibble> for team or for public?
[21:19] <Markie996> no on either i dont think
[21:19] <kibble>
[21:19] <kibble> just a placeholder for public
[21:19] <Mido> for team, as I said WM2007 data and regulation will be a good start
[21:20] <Markie996>
[21:20] <Markie996> thats last years bits
[21:20] * Nada (n=29eacce5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wikimania2008
[21:20] <Markie996> hey Nada
[21:21] <cary-meeting> So I guess we should get that page going
[21:21] <cary-meeting> we need a place for people to fill out a form, Mido 
[21:22] <cary-meeting> to go to
[21:22] <Markie996> cary-meeting: that obv needs to come after the criteria has been sorted etc
[21:22] <Nada> hey Markie
[21:22] * kibble huggles Mido for registration infos
[21:22] <effeietsanders> Markie996: no, you need only to determine what you need to know from them
[21:22] <effeietsanders> you don't need the detailed criteria yet imho
[21:22] <Markie996> so 1) create 2008 scholarship pages on wiki 2) form committee 3) relaese criteria and applications page??
[21:23] <Mido> anyone here up to set this? or I can manage that here
[21:23] * kibble nods, not necessarily in that order
[21:24] <Mido> it's 4th today, we can open reg. and scholarships both on 15th?
[21:24] <Mido> any other suggestions?
[21:24] <Markie996> well is the reg systmem ready to go by then?
[21:25] <kibble> Mido: sounds great
[21:25] <Markie996> if it is then sounds good
[21:25] <Mido> I suppose so
[21:25] <Markie996> cos we can send out details of the reg, cfp and scholarships all together on a sitenotice
[21:25] <Markie996> and un-offically extend the cfp??
[21:25] * TheLetterE_away (n=TheLette@wikimedia/E) Quit ("Leaving channel"�)
[21:25] <Mido> cfp will end on 16
[21:25] <Mido> I'd say so
[21:25] <Markie996> okay so there will be no overlap really
[21:26] <Markie996> or are you alright with just leaving it
[21:26] <kibble> we should probably havea ll of the text for the sitenotices prepared at once
[21:26] <Markie996> so that we can then adevertise all together
[21:26] <kibble> like a Reg part, CFP part, and Scholarships
[21:26] <kibble> and then just put those up when we need them to
[21:26] <Markie996> kibble: why not one now for cfp and then one as of march 15th?
[21:26] <Mido> that would be nice
[21:27] <kibble> Markie996: I'm not saying *post* it all at once
[21:27] <Mido> one for cfp now
[21:27] <kibble> but we should have it all written already
[21:27] <cary-meeting> yes, per effeietsanders 
[21:27] <kibble> so that we have more time to translate it
[21:27] <Markie996> kibble: ahh right yes :-)
[21:27] <Danny_B> should there be a from to fill?
[21:27] * Nada (n=29eacce5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ Quit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)"�)
[21:27] <Markie996> get ya now :-)
[21:27] <kibble> ;-)
[21:28] <Mido> Danny_B: yes
[21:28] <cary-meeting> yes, a form needs to be created that will send an email with data to
[21:28] <Danny_B> where it will be located?
[21:28] * Nada (n=29eacce5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wikimania2008
[21:28] <kibble> ts?
[21:28] <Danny_B> if on wikimania wiki, then we'll need some extensions
[21:28] <cary-meeting> the form needs to be spam-proof, meaning it needs to use code that will prevent email hacking
[21:28] <Markie996> last year it was external
[21:28] <effeietsanders> just steal last year's form?
[21:29] <kibble> ts = toolserver, btw ;-)
[21:29] <Mido> I said if anyone here volunteered to do so or steal it, it would be fine ;)
[21:29] <Danny_B> sure ;-)
[21:29] <effeietsanders> cary-meeting: is that really needed? the info-nl form has never ever been used yet for spamming
[21:29] <Mido> otherwise I think we can manage this here easily
[21:29] <cary-meeting> last year's form was
[21:29] <kibble> effeietsanders: you mean ?
[21:29] <effeietsanders> ok
[21:29] <britty_> here = this channel?
[21:29] <cary-meeting> last year's form was really screwed up
[21:29] <kibble> er, ticket
[21:29] <cary-meeting> effeietsanders: guess what I just got in the mail
[21:30] <effeietsanders> kibble: it's somewhere there yes
[21:30] <britty_> cary: yep not very smoothly set up
[21:30] <effeietsanders> cary: spam?
[21:30] <cary-meeting> in the snail mail
[21:30] * brassratgirl_ (n=phoebe@wikimedia/brassratgirl) has joined #wikimania2008
[21:30] <britty_> mido: for setting up the form we need some translation perhaps?
[21:30] <effeietsanders> ah, nice! :)
[21:30] <britty_> hi phoebe!
[21:30] <effeietsanders> finally!
[21:30] <brassratgirl_> hey guys :) 
[21:31] <Mido> we need the form to send the mail in a well format and be spam-proof, pretty much it
[21:31] <kibble> cary-meeting: legal threat? :-P
[21:31] * effeietsanders thinks the letter carries a stamp from Assen
[21:31] <effeietsanders> or maybe Utrecht
[21:31] <Mido> we may add captcha
[21:31] * kibble despises captchas
[21:31] <AKoraiem> i was about to say captcha
[21:32] <kibble> but they're helpful, Mido ;-)
[21:32] <cary-meeting> Mido I don't see too much of a problem with that
[21:32] <AKoraiem> mayB a simple math captcha,, 7+1 =??
[21:32] <Danny_B> yep
[21:32] * Markie996 is a bot according to captchas :-(
[21:32] <Mido> okay
[21:32] * effeietsanders loves the math captcha's
[21:32] <kibble> AKoraiem: I like that better ;-)
[21:32] * effeietsanders sends Markie996 to first grade again
[21:32] <Markie996> heh
[21:33] <Ma7dy> I suggest
[21:33] * Markie996 cant read damn wonky pics and stuff like that
[21:33] <Ma7dy> instead of captcha
[21:33] <Mido> brassratgirl_: you'll be on the scholarship committee?
[21:33] <brassratgirl_> Mido: I can help 
[21:33] <brassratgirl_> not be in charge 
[21:33] <brassratgirl_> Cary volunteered though. 
[21:33] <cary-meeting> I volunteered to be in charge
[21:34] <brassratgirl_> Mido: what has been done for scholarships so far? 
[21:34] * kibble puts cary in charge
[21:34] * Markie996 bangs the gavel and declares it law (pending the might midos ruling :-p)
[21:34] <Markie996> *mighty
[21:35] <Mido> Okay, Cary, head of the committee
[21:35] <brassratgirl_> Is there a scholarships page/to-do list on the wiki yet? 
[21:35] <Markie996> yay !!
[21:35] <Danny_B> congratz
[21:35] <kibble> brassratgirl_:
[21:36] <Mido> not yet, we've agreed to open application by 15th march
[21:36] <brassratgirl_> thx kibble
[21:36] <kibble> brassratgirl_: there's nto much there tho ;-)
[21:36] <brassratgirl_> OK. We probably need a budget update 
[21:36] <Mido> and all data should be available from last year, it may need tweaking a bit
[21:36] <brassratgirl_> and a list of sponsors that have been contacted
[21:36] <kibble> brassratgirl_: BLANKED people, BLANKED each
[21:36] <brassratgirl_> yeah, I have last year's data 
[21:36] <cary-meeting> $BLANKED
[21:36] <brassratgirl_> kibble: cool. Where is the money coming from? 
[21:36] <cary-meeting> not including earmarked funds
[21:36] <kibble> Mido>	well, I can't be exact with the amount now, but BLANKED people was in the intial budget
[21:36] <kibble> 	<Mido>	BLANKED USD each
[21:37] <brassratgirl_> cool. cary-meeting, I guess we can talk about whether to do earmarked steps again or not 
[21:37] <brassratgirl_> or did you talk about giving everyone the same amount? 
[21:37] <cary-meeting> no, no
[21:37] <cary-meeting> as needed
[21:37] <brassratgirl_> ah 
[21:37] <cary-meeting> but we'll take applications and then review them
[21:37] <brassratgirl_> difficult, yet fair :) 
[21:37] <Mido> yeah :)
[21:38] <brassratgirl_> so why are we waiting til march 15th? 
[21:38] <brassratgirl_> remember that most scholarships will come from places that will also need visas 
[21:38] <brassratgirl_> though I don't know anything about the visa situation
[21:39] <Mido> well, if you set the pages on wiki up (regarding criteria and so) and have the form ready, we can open it tomorrow
[21:40] <AKoraiem> :D, I have a form in mind,, formally (but i know nothing about how to make it spam-proof
[21:40] <brassratgirl_> is anyone else interested in working with scholarships? TheEgyptian, it looks like from the local team? 
[21:40] <Mido> registration will have to wait though, we need to the system well
[21:40] <Adambro> Ma7dy: interesting project, recaptcha, thanks for mentioning that
[21:40] <brassratgirl_> Mido: OK 
[21:40] <brassratgirl_> AKoraiem -- ah, we can sort through spam if we need to 
[21:40] <Ma7dy> glad someone liked it 
[21:41] <AKoraiem> Ma7dy: I liek it too
[21:41] <AKoraiem> like**
[21:41] <brassratgirl_> there was the form from last year too that can be repurposed. 
[21:41] <Mido> theEgyptian is in the US now, will be back next week, we'll see when he come back
[21:41] <kibble> brassratgirl_: how many people do you think you need?
[21:41] <kibble> is 3 enough?
[21:41] * kibble assumes so
[21:41] <brassratgirl_> I can talk to Austin about using that one again. 
[21:41] <Mido> and we have a volunteer meeting next thursday, I'll mention that
[21:41] <brassratgirl_> kibble: there are different tasks -- having extra reviewers would be nice 
[21:41] <brassratgirl_> having lots of people trying to coordinate it is confusing though :) 
[21:41] <Mido> yes, I would say so
[21:41] <Markie996> Mido: wasnt yasser setting up a new improved system this year?
[21:41] * kibble eyes Markie996
[21:41] <brassratgirl_> cary-meeting knows all about this ;) 
[21:42] <cary-meeting> eh?
[21:42] <Mido> yes, that's what he's doing with the reg. system
[21:42] <Markie996> what am i being eyed for
[21:42] <kibble> brassratgirl_: if you need slave labor or something, I'm here, cary knows that :-P
[21:42] <cary-meeting> yes
[21:42] <cary-meeting> and Nicholas
[21:42] <cary-meeting> Sir Nicholas
[21:42] <Markie996> kibble: what you eyeing me for?
[21:42] <brassratgirl_> cary: austin says he can bring last year's form back
[21:42] <kibble> Markie996: nvm ;-)
[21:43] <Markie996> okay
[21:43] <brassratgirl_> I'll send you an email about it 
[21:43] * Markie996 will g back to the turkish delgiht :-)
[21:43] <cary-meeting> You mean 2006's?
[21:43] <britty_> as for translations i'd love to have some info 
[21:43] <brassratgirl_> no, he did 2007's as well 
[21:43] <brassratgirl_> the one that dumped into a spreadsheet, which was nice
[21:43] <britty_> 1) release date of each major content 
[21:43] <britty_> 2) langs which should not be missed
[21:43] <britty_> from the organizer view
[21:43] <britty_> 3) and source material of course
[21:44] * kibble thinks ar is an important lang
[21:44] <cary-meeting> until the spammers found it
[21:44] <Mido> for the form, we can handle this locally
[21:44] <effeietsanders> maybe extra care for french?
[21:44] <britty_> it may be a way to release en only first and soon later call for volunteers to translate 
[21:44] <brassratgirl_> Mido: the scholarships form, or some other form? 
[21:44] <britty_> but it may cause a frustration and other bad effects too
[21:44] <britty_> effeietsanders, yes but i am not sure
[21:45] <britty_> for arabic maglev it may be pointless
[21:45] <Mido> scholarships,I meant Arabic translation
[21:45] <Danny_B> did we already decided where the form will be located?
[21:45] <britty_> for central africa may be
[21:45] <AKoraiem> effeietsanders: waht about french?, i speak it,, can help in translating
[21:45] <AKoraiem> waht*:D
[21:45] <britty_> Mido, can you pass me the list of needed langs if you have an idea to assign them to content each?
[21:46] <britty_> AKoraiem, are you an arab who speaks also french? 
[21:46] <Mido> I think we should wait when the pages on wiki is up
[21:46] <britty_> ok
[21:46] <AKoraiem> britty, yeah
[21:47] <Mido> Nada speaks spanish and German, can handle both
[21:47] <Mido> :P
[21:47] <Nada> yea
[21:47] <Nada> i was just gonna say that
[21:47] <cary-meeting> I think English French and Arabic.
[21:47] <cary-meeting> Maybe one or two others
[21:47] <cary-meeting> but are we clear, Mido, you'll do the form?
[21:47] <AKoraiem> cary: i speak those three
[21:48] <Mido> btw, info on Alex will be available in those 3 languages, Ar, Fr, En
[21:48] <Mido> cary-meeting: yes, I'll handle that
[21:48] <cary-meeting> awesome
[21:48] <Mido> I just need the fields, okay?
[21:48] <Mido> what do you need to know about the applicant
[21:48] <cary-meeting> take last years
[21:49] <cary-meeting> grrr
[21:49] <Mido> link?
[21:49] <cary-meeting> we don't have the form up anymore
[21:49] <Markie996> yeah /me tried looking beofre
[21:49] * Markie996 may have it though
[21:49] <Markie996> one mo
[21:49] <AKoraiem> well, sorry but 4get last year's,, we gotta do our own form
[21:49] <cary-meeting> it used to be at
[21:49] <effeietsanders> cary-meeting: wasn't austin getting it back?
[21:50] <cary-meeting> yes, Austin needs to pull it back up
[21:50] <cary-meeting> :)
[21:50] <effeietsanders> try otherwise google cache ;-)
[21:50] <cary-meeting> oooh... or wayback machine
[21:50] <effeietsanders> or internet archive :D
[21:51] * StevenFruitsmaak ( Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]"�)
[21:51] <Mido> same :D
[21:51] <kibble>
[21:51] <brassratgirl_> I can get a list of the fields from last year's 
[21:51] <cary-meeting> mido!!!
[21:51] <brassratgirl_> they worked pretty well 
[21:51] <kibble> effeietsanders: I was just looking at that ;-)
[21:51] <cary-meeting> PWND
[21:51] <kibble> cary-meeting: O_O /me thinks he won
[21:51] <cary-meeting> you won
[21:51] <brassratgirl_> cary: I remember we had a couple suggested changes, don't remember what though :P 
[21:51] <effeietsanders>
[21:51] <kibble> yay
[21:51] <brassratgirl_> I'll have to go spelunking through my notes
[21:51] <effeietsanders> you have it three times even :P
[21:51] <Mido> great
[21:51] <kibble> cary-meeting: you have the newest version thou
[21:52] <cary-meeting> That I do
[21:53] <Markie996> although /me laughs at the way it says 2006 at the top :-(
[21:53] <Mido> well, that's reg. and scholarships
[21:53] <Mido> any more comments or questions?
[21:53] <kibble> Markie996: lol
[21:54] <Mido> cary, phoebe, tarawneh will form the committee
[21:54] <Markie996> :-)
[21:54] <AKoraiem> yeah,, I think we should make an easier form for the locals
[21:54] <Mido> cary-meeting: any other people mainly will be involved?
[21:54] <cary-meeting> I think Sir Nicholas has indicated his interest
[21:54] <effeietsanders> Mido: Sir Nicholas
[21:54] <Mido> ah yes, okay
[21:54] <cary-meeting> And kibble is on every committee
[21:54] <effeietsanders> Sir Nicholas Mimsy de Porpington iirc
[21:54] <kibble> cary-meeting: :-|
[21:54] * kibble is just a slave
[21:55] <effeietsanders> no, that's slavie
[21:55] <kibble> :-P
[21:55] <Markie996> hehhe kibble - you just got screwed over :-p
[21:55] <effeietsanders> and he's not here
[21:55] * Markie996 runs and hides :-p
[21:55] <kibble> effeietsanders: the apple doesn't rot far from the tree
[21:55] <kibble> Markie996: :-P
[21:56] <effeietsanders> the sitenotice for the RfC should be up soon
[21:56] <effeietsanders> few days
[21:57] <kibble> which rfc?
[21:57] <effeietsanders> ehm
[21:57] <effeietsanders> RfP
[21:57] <effeietsanders> sorry
[21:57] <effeietsanders> (WOTTA)
[21:57] <kibble> ah
[21:57] <Markie996> CfP even?
[21:58] * kibble assumes rfp = requests for presnations = cfp
[21:58] <AKoraiem> lol kibble
[21:58] <effeietsanders> yeah
[21:59] <effeietsanders> srry :P
[21:59] <effeietsanders> ye-know-what-i-mean :P
[21:59] <Markie996> ayyyyyyye :-p
[21:59] <kibble> btw, /me huggles the way back machine
[22:00] <Markie996> so whats next then?
[22:02] * Markie996 is now known as Markie996_
[22:03] * YasseR111 (n=thesmart@ has joined #wikimania2008
[22:03] <Mido> updates on the website
[22:03] <Mido> registration pages will be ready by 10 including accommodation details
[22:03] <Mido> front page need a total re-build I may say
[22:04] <Mido> simple graphics like last year's one is needed
[22:04] <Mido> section headers, maybe icons for each
[22:04] <Mido> YasseR111: we just finished registration part :)
[22:04] <kibble> cary-meeting: give brion a real life huggles for me please ;-)
[22:04] <YasseR111> wow I always miss
[22:04] <Mido> anyone up for the front page refresh?
[22:05] <cary-meeting> sorry
[22:05] <Mido> we've fixed 15th of march to open registeration
[22:05] <effeietsanders> Mido: dont forget a testing period of a few days :P
[22:06] <kibble> effeietsanders: to recap
[22:06] <kibble> what sitenotices are we going to have?
[22:06] <kibble> CFP + Registration + ?
[22:06] <kibble> (I know not righ tnow) ;-)
[22:07] <effeietsanders>
[22:07] <effeietsanders> only CfP
[22:07] <effeietsanders> no registration yet
[22:07] <kibble> effeietsanders: I mean for future
[22:07] <effeietsanders> as that will only open on 15th
[22:07] <effeietsanders> and CfP closes 16th
[22:08] <kibble> brion*	2 days? no time for that no
[22:08] <kibble> 	*brion*	i'd have to do a review for performance problems first
[22:08] <kibble> brion>	couple weeks would be ideal :)
[22:08] <kibble> 	<brion>	i'll see what i can do
[22:08] <effeietsanders> o_O
[22:08] <effeietsanders> i thought it was ok... :S
[22:08] <britty_> eia: you are better to talk with brion
[22:08] <britty_> without middle messangers
[22:08] <effeietsanders> at least, someone said it was ok :S
[22:09] <effeietsanders> i guess :S
[22:09] * kibble pokes effeietsanders
[22:09] <kibble> smile!
[22:09] <cary-meeting> where are we now?
[22:09] <cary-meeting> oh, I'm okay then
[22:09] * cary-meeting is now known as cary
[22:10] * Nada (n=29eacce5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ Quit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)"�)
[22:11] <effeietsanders> were there any other points?
[22:11] <Mido> we'll begin inputting info into the site, we'll need help though with formatting and tables design, me and few members of the local volunteers are wiki expertts to do sth pro
[22:12] * Nada (n=29eacce5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wikimania2008
[22:12] <Markie996_> mido: cool
[22:12] <Markie996_>
[22:12] <Markie996_> thats the latest version of the slightly redesigned page
[22:13] <Markie996_> got the things you said on the prog meeting still to do
[22:13] <Markie996_> but both me and kibble are not really the creative kind
[22:13] <Mido> okay, I was about to say so :)
[22:13] <Mido> noooo, not the creative part
[22:13] <Markie996_> we can do the techy stuff, but when it comes to imagination i'm crappy
[22:13] * Markie996_ is now known as Markie996
[22:13] <Markie996> hey hey YasseR111 btw :-)
[22:14] <YasseR111> hey Markie :)
[22:14] <YasseR111> nice to meet you again ;)
[22:14] <Danny_B> Mido: i can help with formatting
[22:14] <Markie996> so if we can find imaginative people
[22:14] <Mido> Danny_B: cool, we will need navigation system, in tabs
[22:15] <Markie996> ahhah /me attempted that earlier
[22:15] <Mido> I will update you o friday after the meeting
[22:15] <Markie996> but gave up as was too tierd
[22:16] <AKoraiem> hey, i got a simple html code to make a math captcha
[22:16] * Danny_B has done the current monobook remix as well as mainpage, press and some other minor works
[22:16] <AKoraiem> read this link's source code,, in the last 3 lines
[22:17] <Danny_B> so if you like it i can do something in this way
[22:17] <effeietsanders> Mido: did you succeed in sending the CfP to local communities outside wikimedia?
[22:18] <Mido> that's a programme question :P
[22:19] <Markie996> heh
[22:20] <Mido> along with the registration open, we'll send out a press release as well, that should be began from now
[22:20] * Markie996 looks forward to seeing the fabled pr :-p
[22:21] * TheLetterE (n=TheLette@wikimedia/E) has joined #wikimania2008
[22:21] <Markie996> hey hey james
[22:22] <cary> he got the memo
[22:22] <Markie996> 0_o
[22:22] <Mido> okay, one last thing
[22:23] * James_F|Busy is now known as James_F|Away
[22:23] * TheLetterE waves
[22:23] <TheLetterE> ISP :(
[22:23] <Markie996> :-(
[22:24] <Markie996> slap em :-p
[22:24] <Mido> Security concerns in Alex
[22:24] <Markie996> aye, iirc sue is doing a report into it?
[22:25] <kibble> she is
[22:25] <kibble> and then reporting to the board and hopefully us too
[22:25] <Markie996> mido: maybe it would be nice if you were to comment on it, like what youve said about police etc
[22:25] <Mido> I will try to get in touch with her, and we'll do our own pages on wiki for wikimedias
[22:25] <Markie996> :-)
[22:26] <Mido> well, I'd like to do that page better
[22:26] * Nada (n=29eacce5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ Quit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)"�)
[22:27] <Mido> on mailing list, it seems really endless to reply
[22:27] <brassratgirl_> Mido, what information do you have? 
[22:27] <brassratgirl_> I would not reply on the mailing list unless you have some firm details to give
[22:27] <Markie996> Mido: foundation-l = bilge, sewer etc etc
[22:27] <brassratgirl_> like about specific security at BA or similar 
[22:27] <Mido> well, we didn't receive any threats from any kind to the event or the attendees
[22:28] <brassratgirl_> Markie, it's not just that; it's just that more argument one way or the other won't help anything 
[22:28] <Mido> and security in BA is one of the best in Egypt
[22:28] <brassratgirl_> Mido -- if you have details of the BA security, posting that might help 
[22:28] <YasseR111> Mido : TRUE
[22:28] <brassratgirl_> the specific 'normal' arrangements for conferences 
[22:28] * Nada (n=29eacce5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wikimania2008
[22:28] <Mido> I'm not sure how classified that would be
[22:29] <brassratgirl_> can you get vague details? 
[22:29] <Markie996> well just a wiki page with stuff like police are here in numbers, checks as you come in etc
[22:29] <brassratgirl_> like "The BA provides security for every conference including ...." 
[22:29] <Markie996> and maybe a random photo of securtiy guards etc 
[22:29] <Markie996> is pr really
[22:29] <Markie996> doesnt need to be detailed, just biased in our favour :-p
[22:29] <AKoraiem> usually alex is much safer that other places in egypt,, i think even safer than cairo
[22:30] <Markie996> maybe we could find some crime stats??
[22:30] <brassratgirl_> I think you just need to provide a list of services that will be there 
[22:30] <brassratgirl_> I know Alex is safe :)  But unfortunately just saying that probably won't help things as far as the mailing list goes. 
[22:31] <AKoraiem> oh btw,, I know this because i co-organized a party before,, usually egyptian police provides security around the event from it's start to the end
[22:31] <Mido> in fact every touristic bus, must be accompanied by a police car, wherever they go
[22:31] <brassratgirl_> Mido: yes. I think many people commenting don't know things like that. 
[22:31] <Markie996> thats the kinda info we need :-)
[22:31] <Markie996> maybe create a section in [[Venue]]??
[22:31] <AKoraiem> Mido: and the event itself would have much more security around,,
[22:31] <Wikilinker>
[22:32] <YasseR111> :S
[22:32] * YasseR111 (n=thesmart@ has left #wikimania2008
[22:32] <brassratgirl_> (though I am not looking forward to being accompanied by a police car, but oh well)
[22:32] * YasseR111 (n=thesmart@ has joined #wikimania2008
[22:32] * britty_ summarizes this discussion {{citation needed}}-ness and Alex security
[22:32] <kibble> heh
[22:33] <britty_> well they don't even seem to be satisfied with "japanese ministry of foregn affairs says Alex is relatively safe" - so more factual and data based argument would be appreciated
[22:33] * cary wants to point out
[22:33] <Markie996> cary: subtle plug?? :-p
[22:34] <Mido> BA has much security always and hosted events which had larger numbers than wikimania would have
[22:34] <cary> yes, /me is on the phone with brian
[22:34] * Nada (n=29eacce5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ Quit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)"�)
[22:34] <Markie996> ahh right
[22:34] <Markie996> enjoy :-)
[22:34] <kibble> cary: tell him that I tried to help him :-P and say hi
[22:35] <brassratgirl_> Mido: it would help a lot if our BA contact
[22:35] <brassratgirl_> could just get some general information about typical security arrangements 
[22:35] <brassratgirl_> for events at the BA 
[22:35] <brassratgirl_> it does not need to be detailed
[22:35] <brassratgirl_> just a short list 
[22:35] <Markie996> maybe [[Venue#Security]]??
[22:35] <Wikilinker>
[22:36] <brassratgirl_> that at least would be some solid information that we could point people who are concerned (but not hysterical) to
[22:36] <Mido> easy to get, ok
[22:37] <Markie996> :-)
[22:37] * brianmc (n=brianmc@wikinews/brianmc) has joined #wikimania2008
[22:37] <Markie996> hey hey brianmc
[22:37] <Markie996> :-)
[22:37] <brianmc> arf!
[22:37] * kibble huggles brianmc
[22:37] * Markie996 joins huggle
[22:38] <brianmc> Argh! group hug with autistic person!
[22:38] <Markie996> err 
[22:38] <brianmc> me
[22:38] <Markie996> ahh
[22:38] <brianmc> :P
[22:38] * Markie996 was confused
[22:38] <effeietsanders> nn
[22:38] * effeietsanders (n=chatzill@wikimedia/effeietsanders) Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.80 [Firefox]"�)
[22:38] <Markie996> so anyways any more points??
[22:39] <Markie996> or can we sleep?
[22:39] * britty_ hugs brianmc 
[22:39] <brianmc> Never, you're a wikinewsie
[22:39] <Markie996> hehhe
[22:39] <britty_> lol
[22:39] <Mido> no, that was pretty much it
[22:39] <Markie996> okay
[22:39] <Markie996> so end logging??
[22:39] <kibble> yep
[22:39] <Mido> yes
[22:39] <Markie996> ==End of logging ==