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[21:05] <Mido> ==== begin logging ====
[21:05] <brianmc> Yay! It's Cormac
[21:05] <Cormaggio1> hi brianmc :-)
[21:05] <DrorK-IL> okay, I'm here
[21:05] <Markie996> Cormaggio1 DrorK-IL Melos AKoraiem Mike_lifeguard cimon skenmy Mido brianmc dungodung BrianNewZealand TheLetterE_away Warpath Markie996 guillom|away brassratgirl Tarawneh notafish CraigSpurrier Danny_B James_F|Away @ChanServ tcliouAway Wikilinker Austin 
[21:06] * skenmy is beeped, again
[21:06] <Markie996> for the logs :-)
[21:06] <Mido> Thanks everyone for attending today[night]
[21:06] <Cormaggio1> has the meeting not begun yet? can I ask a cheeky question?
[21:06] <Markie996> Cormaggio1: no we havent started yet
[21:06] <Markie996> please add to agenda
[21:07] <Markie996>
[21:07] <Mido> as we're approaching registration open, most important thing would be the website
[21:07] <Cormaggio1> ok! I was just wondering at what time tomorrow the cfp will close?
[21:07] * Az1568 (n=chatzill@wikimedia/Az1568) has joined #wikimania2008
[21:07] <Cormaggio1> midnight UTC?
[21:07] <DrorK-IL> Cormaggio1: Isn't it 23:59 UTC?
[21:07] * Mike_lifeguard waves to Az
[21:08] <Az1568> hey Mike_lifeguard :)
[21:08] <DrorK-IL> (01:59 Alexandria Time)
[21:08] <Mido> it should be so Cormaggio1 
[21:08] <Cormaggio1> right - thanks DrorK-IL, Mido :-)
[21:09] * DrorK-IL sees himself awake late tomorrow if he eventually decides to submit his idea
[21:09] <Cormaggio1> I didn't realise I had to write a full paper until this week - I'm submitting to the scientific track
[21:09] <brianmc> It is already late here
[21:10] <Cormaggio1> eek
[21:10] <Mido> Now, I think the main page will be suitable for the next month or so, we will need a new page then with more details
[21:10] <Mido> Danny_B, Markie996 
[21:10] <DrorK-IL> How should a submission to a workshop should look like, if I may ask?
[21:10] <DrorK-IL> Not a full paper I presume...
[21:11] <Markie996> DrorK-IL: please save for later/after the meeting 
[21:11] * Melos (n=Melos@wikimedia/Melos) Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]"�)
[21:11] <Mido> DrorK-IL: sorry for that, but can we talk about that afterwards 
[21:11] <DrorK-IL> Markie996, Mido: sure, no problem
[21:11] <Markie996> :-)
[21:11] <Danny_B> Mido: just say whenever you'll need a change
[21:12] <Mido> we need the navigation system for info
[21:12] <Mike_lifeguard> Is there an agenda somewhere
[21:12] <Mido>
[21:12] <brianmc> like all good things we have a hidden agenda. :P
[21:12] <Mido> Danny_B: do you have access to wmteam wiki?
[21:12] <Danny_B> nope
[21:13] <Mido> okay, I will make a draft page in the public one
[21:14] <Mido> I will set the topics needs, page titles
[21:14] <Mido> and we need a navigation system for that topics
[21:14] <Mido> red links for now
[21:14] <Mido> you see what I mean?
[21:16] <Mido> Danny_B, and I think Markie996 and Eia as well
[21:16] * Markie996 doesnt know where he is meant to be looking
[21:16] * guillom|away (n=guillom@wikimedia/guillom) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)�)
[21:16] * Seb35 ( has joined #wikimania2008
[21:17] <Mido>
[21:17] <Mido> as in
[21:18] <Mido> and a main portal like would be needed
[21:18] <Mido> don't care for contents now, we'll fill that in asap
[21:18] <Markie996> okay
[21:18] <Markie996> we can do that im sure
[21:19] <Mido>
[21:19] <Mido> and create more pages as needed, and notify me about needed contents on that page even
[21:19] <Markie996> okay
[21:19] <Markie996> will do
[21:20] <Mido> okay, who will be in for that too?
[21:20] * Markie996 noms kibble and TheLetterE_away :-p
[21:20] <Markie996> and Danny_B :-p
[21:21] <Mido> you need to set up a team and distribute roles, I'm sure you can do this Markie996 
[21:21] * Melos (n=Melos@wikimedia/Melos) has joined #wikimania2008
[21:21] <AKoraiem> why's everybody silent?
[21:21] <Mido> just focus on that task till next week, okay :) ?
[21:21] <Markie996> Mido: okay, im sure i can manage to beat ppl up 
[21:22] <Markie996> Mido: what about all the other random stuff that comes up :-p
[21:22] * rainman-sr ( has joined #wikimania2008
[21:22] <Mido> I won't ask you anything else during this week, okay :P
[21:23] <Markie996> well, we will see :-p
[21:23] <Mido> since no one prefers to actually volunteer on IRC meeting, I will count on you at this point
[21:23] * Markie996 will try to beat people up :-)
[21:23] <Mido> now moves to website hosting
[21:24] <Mido> we'll be searching for a hosting provider for registration script and scholarships ones
[21:24] <Mido> any recommendation?
[21:24] <skenmy> depends what it is you're after?
[21:24] <DrorK-IL> Did you ask Manuel from Germany?
[21:24] <skenmy> Dedicated server, shared hosting, VPS?
[21:25] * AKoraiem (n=chatzill@ has left #wikimania2008
[21:25] <Mido> well
[21:25] * AKoraiem (n=chatzill@ has joined #wikimania2008
[21:25] <Mido> we need good bandwidth up and complete php installation
[21:26] <Mido> with mail daemon, right Markie996? or what was it called?
[21:26] <skenmy> what has worked in previous years?
[21:26] <Markie996> skenmy: its for the stuff you did earlier
[21:26] <skenmy> Mido - considering I wrote that mailer script, any decent linux hosting should suffice :)
[21:26] <Mido> oh, it was you :)
[21:26] <Markie996> aye
[21:27] <Markie996> the person i contacted
[21:27] <Mido> Thanks btw
[21:27] * Markie996 cant do mailing scripts, skenmy can :-)
[21:27] <skenmy> np
[21:27] <Mido> the PEAR solution didn't work out correct?
[21:27] <skenmy> PEAR is clunky.
[21:28] <Mido> anyway, glad it worked
[21:28] <Mido> now hosting
[21:28] <Mido> we need recommendations 
[21:28] * Mike_lifeguard (n=chatzill@wikibooks/mike.lifeguard) has left #wikimania2008
[21:29] <Mido> how much it will cost? 
[21:29] <skenmy> all depends on what it is we are after
[21:29] <Mido> Markie996: you own the domain, right?
[21:29] <DrorK-IL> I know Manuel from Germany volanteered several times to arrange such hosting
[21:29] <skenmy> do we need a dedicated server, or just shared hosting?
[21:29] <Mido> DrorK-IL: can you provide me contact info?
[21:29] <DrorK-IL> Mido: I think I have his e-mail
[21:29] <Markie996> Mido:err no
[21:30] <CraigSpurrier> Mido: I have
[21:30] <Mido> CraigSpurrier: right, I confused mark for this
[21:31] <Mido> CraigSpurrier: when we do have the hosting, can we use sth like ?
[21:31] <CraigSpurrier> sure
[21:31] <DrorK-IL> Mido: I sent you his e-mail in a private messgae
[21:31] <skenmy> That's not a domain issue, that's a hosting issue
[21:32] <Mido> I know, but I'm talking about the client-end address
[21:32] <Mido> Thanks DrorK-IL 
[21:32] <CraigSpurrier> we can change the dns info to point wherever it needs to
[21:32] * skenmy nods
[21:33] <CraigSpurrier> pm or e-mail the ip when we have it and I will change the dns
[21:33] <Mido> sure, Thanks
[21:33] <skenmy> surely you;d need the nameservers?
[21:34] <brianmc> craig will change the nameservers, now go slap yourself on the forehead
[21:34] <Markie996> this is just the theory, we can sort out the specifics/technicals later
[21:34] * skenmy laughs
[21:34] <skenmy> I'm just a pedant, it seems
[21:34] <CraigSpurrier> I was just going to leave the dns with godaddy and change the a record
[21:35] <skenmy> ...ouch. Not a nice plan.
[21:35] * Markie996 slaps skenmy
[21:36] <Mido> yeah, we now need alternatives if DrorK-IL suggestion didn't work well, which I hope will :)
[21:36] <Mido> how much would it cost, for 6-month plan
[21:36] <brianmc> skenmy, like adambro trying to pull it is a case of "whatever works"
[21:37] <Mido> and what can be best solutions for this, have good customer service, reliable enough for us, etc...
[21:37] <skenmy> XD
[21:37] <Mido> how much bandwidth expected?
[21:37] <Mido> anyone with experience on that?
[21:38] <Markie996> CraigSpurrier, skenmy ?
[21:38] <AKoraiem> Mido:: if you install a server in alex, can't you apply for a high bandwith plan?
[21:39] <AKoraiem> 5 MB, 8 MB and so?, unlimited
[21:39] <Mido> install it where?
[21:39] <skenmy> It's very difficult to guesstimate how much bandwidth will be needed
[21:39] <Markie996> Mido: can you ask bib nicely?
[21:39] <CraigSpurrier> hard to guess, it is unlikely that we are going to exceed any mid range plan
[21:39] <CraigSpurrier> or even most lower end ones
[21:39] <Mido> Markie996: we won't have access easily to the servers, won't let us do this :)
[21:40] <AKoraiem> Mido: anywhere,, bibalex?:D
[21:40] <Markie996> Mido: i thought it was being hosted by the ICT dept
[21:40] <Mido> I asked already about that AKoraiem 
[21:40] <Mido> that would be good for Videos, and other data
[21:40] <Mido> but things that needs direct server access like this, must be done from their side
[21:41] <AKoraiem> define "their"
[21:41] <Mido> not possible to get access for a developer from our team
[21:41] <Mido> their as in their staff members
[21:41] <AKoraiem> can't even install a server in any closed room??, anywhere in alex?
[21:41] <Markie996> its 2 files no?
[21:42] <Mido> Markie996: the reg system is much larger for sure
[21:42] <Markie996> ahh yeah refg
[21:42] <Mido> but still small though
[21:42] <Markie996> sorry /me was still on scholar
[21:42] <skenmy> reg system can be done in one file :)
[21:42] <Markie996> but maybe not thaaatt big
[21:42] <Markie996> maybe 3 files :-p
[21:42] <Mido> what will that change in the matter?
[21:42] * Moushira (i=Moushira@ has joined #wikimania2008
[21:42] <Mido> it's about php and sql hosting
[21:43] <Markie996> hmm
[21:43] <Mido> so, any other solutions you may see?
[21:44] <Markie996> imo just go for some standard cheap hosting
[21:44] * Moushira (i=Moushira@ Quit (Client Quit�)
[21:45] <CraigSpurrier> linode is a nice fairly cheap vps. though most any cheap hosting company would be good
[21:45] <CraigSpurrier> may be worth bugging a few hosting companies to see if any of them will donate hosting
[21:46] <skenmy> It has to be linux, and it has to be reliable.
[21:46] <CraigSpurrier> <nods>
[21:46] <skenmy> They are the two prerequisites that I can see.
[21:47] <CraigSpurrier> some thought should probably be paid to how trustworthy they are if any reg data is being stored on the server
[21:48] <Mido> we'll definitely think about that
[21:49] <Mido> ah, and one thought too, links in sitenotice should direct to site, not reg or scholarship form
[21:49] <Mido> just to reduce bandwith used
[21:49] <Markie996> already does
[21:49] <Mido> a sitenotice on en.wp can take that down for sure
[21:50] <Markie996> and we can then have a locla page with the link out
[21:50] <Mido> yeah, exactly 
[21:51] <Mido> We will have suggestion about hosting plans on wikimania-planning-l and let's choose the best out of that
[21:51] <Markie996> sound good
[21:51] <Mido> and that should be done very soon, we're running late on announcing both
[21:51] <Mido> moving to Scholarships
[21:52] <Mido> austin, brassratgirl , Tarawneh ?
[21:52] <brassratgirl> hey 
[21:52] <Mido> and cary is not here
[21:52] <brassratgirl> I just got in 
[21:52] <brassratgirl> yes, cary has been sick 
[21:52] <brassratgirl> austin put the form from last year back online so we can see what it looks like: 
[21:52] <Mido> hope he'll get well soon
[21:53] <Mido> we did the new one
[21:53] <brassratgirl> here's the link
[21:53] <brassratgirl>
[21:53] <brassratgirl> we need a new banner
[21:53] <brassratgirl> Mido: you did? 
[21:53] <brassratgirl> where is it? 
[21:53] <brassratgirl> you have to tell us these things :) 
[21:54] <brassratgirl> anyway, austin's form feeds the data into a spreadsheet, which is a very useful feature
[21:54] <brassratgirl> the questions we asked people last year seemed to work ok 
[21:54] <brassratgirl> there might need to be a couple of changes
[21:54] <brassratgirl> otherwise, we mostly need to know about money 
[21:54] <Mido> let me share the link in private, ok
[21:54] <brassratgirl> and what general thoughts on are distributing it 
[21:54] <brassratgirl> what our priorities are 
[21:54] <brassratgirl> ok
[21:55] <AKoraiem> someone said last time i was here,, that we might translate the form into arabic,, and simplify it to the local visitors
[21:55] <brassratgirl> OK, so on the new form, it's the same fields as the 2007 form 
[21:55] <brassratgirl> (the link I just gave) 
[21:56] <brassratgirl> Mido, where does the data go from that form? 
[21:56] <Mido> okay, send me the source code of this
[21:56] <brassratgirl> what form is the output, and where does it go? 
[21:56] <Mido> brassratgirl: a mail
[21:56] <brassratgirl> hmm 
[21:56] <Mido> I will forward you the test mail
[21:56] <brassratgirl> we have tried mails before, it's a little difficult to work with 
[21:56] <brassratgirl> sicne there is a scholarship team 
[21:56] <skenmy> can I suggest SQL?
[21:56] <brassratgirl> they're hard to organize, mostly 
[21:57] <skenmy> makes things much easier to manipulate
[21:57] <brassratgirl> that's why we went with tab-delimited output last year 
[21:57] <brassratgirl> anyway, that is all I know. I have not talked to Cary lately :) 
[21:57] <DrorK-IL> BTW, the scholarship application site will be encrypted, won't it?
[21:58] <Mido> brassratgirl: I thought about copying mail output directly to wmteam wiki or any other private place
[21:58] <brassratgirl> mido: who did the form you sent me? maybe they and austin can work together 
[21:58] <brassratgirl> mido: we've tried that, but it makes it very hard to sort data 
[21:58] <Mido> the form script?
[21:58] * Looking up Austin user info...
[21:59] <brassratgirl> yes
[21:59] <skenmy> Can I just say that we need to be rather careful about using SSL certs - i.e. any self-signed or some other free ones will not allow Firefox 3 users in.
[21:59] <skenmy> It outright blocks the connections.
[21:59] <Mido> I did html tuning and some php, skenme did the mailing script
[21:59] <Mido> skenmy* sorry :)
[22:00] <skenmy> It wouldn't be difficult to adapt my mailer script to input into an SQL database, or tab delimited, or whatever
[22:00] <Mido> brassratgirl: you choose the way you work with
[22:01] <brassratgirl> mido: yes :) I'm just talking about past experiences .. 
[22:01] <brassratgirl> austin and I also did scholarships in 2006; we pasted mails onto the team wiki 
[22:01] <brassratgirl> it was a *lot* of work 
[22:02] <brassratgirl> in 2007 we worked with a spreadsheet which the team members had access to 
[22:02] <brassratgirl> that the form output to 
[22:02] <brassratgirl> still a lot of work, but much easier :) 
[22:02] <brassratgirl> the problem is partly where the mail goes to 
[22:04] <Mido> I think skenmy volunteered to work on this with you and austin, right :) ?
[22:04] * skenmy blinks
[22:04] <skenmy> sure
[22:06] <Mido> brassratgirl: can you shortly specify what modification do you need and I think skenmy and Austin can do it
[22:06] <Mido> Also check with cCary
[22:07] <DrorK-IL> I have to leave now. Take care and good luck all.
[22:07] <DrorK-IL> Mido: I've sent the letter to Manuel
[22:07] <Mido> brassratgirl: can you make a new subdomain and up the form onto it?
[22:07] <Mido> DrorK-IL: great, Thanks a lot for your help
[22:08] * Warpath (i=VRS@wikimedia/Cometstyles) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)�)
[22:08] * DrorK-IL ( Quit ("Leaving"�)
[22:09] <brassratgirl> mido: yes
[22:09] * notafish_ (n=notafish@wikimedia/delphine) has joined #wikimania2008
[22:09] <Mido> great, plz do, after creating the pages for requirements on wiki
[22:09] * notafish_ is now known as delphine_away
[22:10] <Mido> you can leave the technical part for now to the 2 of them, and you and cary work on criteria and stuff
[22:10] <Mido> Tarawneh did want to volunteer for this, but really dunno where he's now 
[22:10] <brassratgirl> OK 
[22:11] <brassratgirl> skenmy, can you PM me with your email address? 
[22:11] <skenmy> sure
[22:11] <brassratgirl> also, I don't think I have tarawneh's email 
[22:11] <Mido> I will send you that
[22:14] <Mido> I think nothing more to say on this, just a deadline for that
[22:14] <Mido> one week should be enough?
[22:15] <AKoraiem> but shouldn't we translate the form??
[22:15] <skenmy> if im guided, I shall code :)
[22:16] <Mido> translating should be in minimal number, I dun think we can handle requests in more than, Ar En Fr De
[22:17] <AKoraiem> allright
[22:17] <AKoraiem> that's what i meant
[22:18] <Mido> brassratgirl: point me to the final form and I will get you that translated in those 3 languages, if you see this necessary in the first place
[22:18] <Mido> (I personally prefer it)
[22:18] <AKoraiem> you know french and german??!
[22:19] <brassratgirl> OK
[22:19] <Mido> not myself
[22:19] <Mido> fine
[22:20] <Mido> moving to spreading the the word about registration and scholarships
[22:20] <Seb35> for the french i can translate if needed
[22:20] <AKoraiem> me 2
[22:20] <Mido> Thanks Seb35
[22:20] <Mido> do you think we'll need sitenotice for scholarships?
[22:21] <Mido> or just mailing lists and regular village pump notices?
[22:21] * cimon (n=cimon@wikipedia/Cimon-avaro) has left #wikimania2008 ("Leaving"�)
[22:22] <Mido> I myself prefer only Early registeration sitenotice, global one this time please
[22:22] * rainman-sr ( has left #wikimania2008
[22:22] <Mido> as for landing pages, I will work on reg landing page
[22:23] <Mido> to set a deadline for me, next thursday
[22:24] <Mido> anyone has comments on that point?
[22:25] <skenmy> none here
[22:25] <Mido> seems all so
[22:26] <Mido> so, now open discussion, any questions or comments about anything?
[22:26] <skenmy> brianmc had an addendum to the agenda
[22:26] <skenmy> if he's around?
[22:26] * notafish (n=notafish@wikimedia/delphine) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)�)
[22:26] <AKoraiem> i'm still concerned about splifying the form to fit local users
[22:26] <AKoraiem> who doesn't ned visa  and all this info
[22:26] <AKoraiem> simplifying*
[22:27] <Mido> at which AKoraiem ?
[22:27] <Mido> reg. ?
[22:28] <AKoraiem> yeah
[22:28] <skenmy> brianmc's addendum was re: media scholarships.
[22:28] <AKoraiem> simplifying the questions,, so those who doesn't need visa or live in arab countries can have less required fields
[22:29] <AKoraiem> that would be wanted in the arabic form only anyway
[22:29] <skenmy> I know the BBC has expressed an interest in providing scholarships for members of Wikinews to cover the event for both Wikinews and the BBC
[22:29] <Mido> yeah I saw this on wnews:wm08, great I think
[22:29] <skenmy> it is good news indeed :)
[22:30] <skenmy> brianmc will have more details - for I have to go now
[22:30] <Mido> AKoraiem: Now, I dun think it's a big deal
[22:30] <skenmy> very tired and I have an event to cover for Wikinews tomorrow :)
[22:30] * skenmy (n=skenmy@wikimedia/Skenmy) Quit ("Leaving"�)
[22:30] <brianmc> I'm back
[22:30] <Mido> AKoraiem: we can add javascript code to hide those when selecting "Egyptian option"
[22:30] <brianmc> I have contact with the BBC and a very positive response
[22:30] <AKoraiem> okay
[22:31] <Mido> brianmc: so, anything you'd need from our side?
[22:31] <brianmc> Arabic media
[22:31] <Mido> I'm so happy for that reponse indeed
[22:31] <brianmc> moment, I'll get the mail I got...
[22:32] <AKoraiem> media like what?
[22:33] <brianmc> This is what I got from Darren Waters, the BBC's technology editor...
[22:33] <brianmc> I think that's a brilliant idea Brian.
[22:33] <brianmc> I think we could really open up the process of making news - both for us and for wikinews. 
[22:33] <brianmc> Wow! Excited by this.
[22:33] <brianmc>  
[22:33] <brianmc> I'm snowed under this week - but let's talk early next week.
[22:33] <brianmc> My numbers are below
[22:33] <Mido> I've read this on your page
[22:34] <brianmc> My pitch was that they sponsored or commissioned pieces from Wikinewsies.
[22:34] <brianmc> Jay Walsh gave me a contact at to try the same with - no response yet,
[22:35] <Mido> as for Arabic media
[22:35] <Mido> what do you need regarding this, I think your material will be in English only, right/
[22:35] * BrianNewZealand is now known as BrianNZ_aw
[22:36] <brianmc> We don't have any ar. accredited reporters and I don't know how active is, but we'd be happy to work with them
[22:37] <Mido> I'm afraid it's semi-dead at the moment
[22:37] <brianmc> Let's see if we can fix that with Wikimania.
[22:38] <Mido> meanwhile I will propose the idea for them, but not on the same grounds as yours, doesn't have any accredited policy as yours
[22:38] <Mido> I'm sure bloggers may be interested in such projects, it just need proper publicty
[22:39] <Mido> so, I would support printing for you posters like newspapers, your experience and how it can be affectin, i.e achievements 
[22:40] <Mido> and I think you're going on the right track with your page
[22:40] <brianmc> thanks
[22:40] * eiaway (n=chatzill@wikimedia/effeietsanders) has joined #wikimania2008
[22:40] <Mido> additional volunteers working with you will be appreciated 
[22:40] * eiaway is now known as effeietsanders
[22:41] <brianmc> I shamelessly stole the slogan from the anti-Cos people - Anonymous...
[22:41] <brianmc> "We are Wikinews. Join us"
[22:41] <Mido> let's cut that from the log :P
[22:42] <effeietsanders> meeting is still going on?
[22:42] <Mido> in fact I would like to see a smiliar effort done by wikisource
[22:42] <Mido> BA has a LOT of PD documents and can boost both ar and en Wikisource
[22:42] <Mido> effeietsanders: yes, last part indeed
[22:44] <Mido> brianmc: I will with ar wikinewsies and see who are willing to work on that and mail you back
[22:44] <Mido> if no other concerns to discuss, fix next time meeting?
[22:45] <effeietsanders> how quick is a meeting required again?
[22:46] <effeietsanders> (note that next weekend is stuck with Easter etc)
[22:46] <Mido> oh, good to know that now :)
[22:46] <effeietsanders> not sure how much of a problem that is to people, ie for me it is fine, but not sure about others
[22:46] <Mido> can we make it thursday then?
[22:46] <effeietsanders> Mido: thursday is also problematic for some people ;-) Last Supper
[22:47] <Mido> gahh, I should a calendar of that
[22:47] <effeietsanders> anyway, as i said, i dont know how much of an issue it is
[22:47] <Mido> we need to check website development
[22:47] <effeietsanders> I can plan it in, as long as grandma doesn't hear it
[22:48] <Mido> okay, how about monday?
[22:48] <Markie996> as in 2 days?!?
[22:48] <effeietsanders> fine with me (but second easter day ;-) )
[22:48] <effeietsanders> oh
[22:48] * CraigSpurrier is now known as CraigSpurrier_aw
[22:48] <effeietsanders> that soon? :S
[22:48] <Markie996> or as in 9 days?
[22:49] <Mido> no, 24th I meant
[22:49] <Markie996> well thats bank holiday monday
[22:49] <effeietsanders> Mido: what about moving the general planning up a bit more, and have dedicated, shorter, meetings for specific subjects?
[22:49] <effeietsanders> ie the website people come together
[22:49] <effeietsanders> etc
[22:49] <Mido> but meanwhile, plzz updates on mailing list and wiki
[22:49] <Markie996> yeah cos imo 2 hr meetings are, err not goof
[22:49] <Markie996> *good
[22:49] <effeietsanders> just like program is also meeting seperately
[22:49] <Mido> that would be fine
[22:50] <effeietsanders> so maybe apoint coordinators who set up the small meetings
[22:50] <effeietsanders> :)
[22:50] * effeietsanders points to Markie996 for the website ;-)
[22:50] <Markie996> arggh
[22:50] <Markie996> noooo, work :-p
[22:50] <Mido> okay, we have Markie996 for website (done :P )
[22:50] <Markie996> heh
[22:51] <Mido> no, you can meet this week, but please gather the team and tasks asap
[22:51] <effeietsanders> Mido: also scholarships can discuss amongst themselves i guess, although finance people might have to be present
[22:51] <Mido> it won't take more than an hour
[22:51] <Markie996> that would just be me, kibble, e and danny
[22:51] <effeietsanders> Markie996: you can meet effectively now
[22:51] <Markie996> no, missing kibbl and e
[22:51] <Mido> I or Hamdy would be present in Scholarships
[22:52] <Markie996> 1 hr, heh we take ~10 mins :-p
[22:52] <Mido> Markie996: I think Miranda would help too
[22:52] <Markie996> okay
[22:52] <Markie996> see if we can meet sometime
[22:52] <Markie996> Danny_B: you on wikimania-planning?
[22:53] <Danny_B> Markie996: empty chan
[22:53] <Mido> okay Mark I will wait for updates on this on Monday, who joined, what to do first and when to meet?
[22:53] <Markie996> on 24th
[22:53] <Markie996> okay
[22:53] <Markie996> Danny_B: no mailing list
[22:54] <Mido> Markie996: no, as in 2 days
[22:54] <Danny_B> ah ;-)
[22:54] <Markie996> ahh right
[22:54] <Markie996> err 
[22:54] * Danny_B 's sleepy
[22:54] <Markie996> heh np
[22:54] <Markie996> Mido: okay i will try
[22:54] <Markie996> might end up meeting on monday night or something though
[22:54] <Markie996> but ill get my boxing gloves ready :-p
[22:54] <Mido> just team members, on wiki. and fix a meeting time
[22:55] <Mido> as we're approaching 2 hours already here
[22:55] <Mido> we've agreed to do 2 meetings apart, scholarships and website
[22:56] <Mido> brassratgirl: will you be the coordinator for scholarships meeting?
[22:56] <Danny_B> Markie996: no i'm not. is it open?
[22:57] <Markie996> Danny_B: no, but we can co-ordinate on wiki instead
[22:57] <Markie996> seeing as thats were we should be :-p
[22:58] <Mido> so, we'll have grand meeting again 29th, Saturday at 15:00 UTC
[22:58] <Mido> given that one meeting at lease for each committee is held
[22:59] <Mido> and updates should be posted to the mailing list regulary
[22:59] <Mido> scholarship form should be online by then
[22:59] <Markie996> okay
[23:00] <Markie996> and submission will be closed tommorrow night?
[23:00] <Mido> website layout will be in place and developing, and content should be filling in that
[23:00] <Markie996> aye
[23:00] <Markie996> Mido: you willing to be the local contact for us?
[23:00] <Mido> yes, for now
[23:00] <Markie996> okay, thanks
[23:01] <effeietsanders> ok, I won't be there again next time :(
[23:01] <effeietsanders> General Assemblee
[23:01] <Mido> effeietsanders: you will join the website team, right?
[23:01] * effeietsanders changes topic to 'Wikimania 2008 planning | Call for Participation out now! See [[CfP]] ( | Recent changes: #wikimania-rc | Next meetings: Sat, Mar 29, 15.00 UTC (planning) and Sun, Mar 16, 19.00 UTC (program)�'
[23:02] <effeietsanders> Mido: I'll see, I doubt actually I can do a lot of work, but maybe I'm on the meeting
[23:02] <effeietsanders> I expect program will ask quite some time too, and our own conf :P
[23:03] <Mido> good luck with both
[23:04] <Mido> Thank you all so much for attending this meeting, hope to see you soon
[23:04] <Markie996>
[23:04] <Markie996> go go go
[23:04] <effeietsanders> :P
[23:04] <Mido> meanwhile, stay tuned to the mailing list, we can discuss anything more there
[23:04] <Mido> ==== END loggin ====
[23:05] <Markie996> right time to do the logs then :-p
[23:05] <Mido> anyone want pop corn here now :P
[23:05] * /me: insufficient parameters
[23:05] * Markie996 does