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Speakers notes

Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom

This page contains some notes and help for speakers at Wikimania 2008.

Most information will only be useful for speakers that have been notified (by e-mail) that their submission to the Call for Participation has been accepted. If your submission could not be included in the official program, don't be sad! You can still do a short Lightning talk (see that page for more information).

See also Program team/Edit your event for general information how to edit your data.

If your event got accepted, that does not mean that you're done now! To prepare well for the conference, the Program team needs more information about you and your proposal, and you need to work out the details. Please find below some check points to work on.

Make sure the following information is submitted / changed before May 15:

  • Please inform the Program team if you cannot manage to do your talk or if you can also do it on a specific day! Send an e-mail to the Program Team in any case, to confirm your coming (reply to the email you received earlier to confirm that your proposal was accepted)
  • Please check your submission data. Is everything up to date?
    • How about adding a picture of you and a link to your home page and/or wiki pages?
    • Make sure that your abstract (50-100 words) is within the limits.
    • Make sure that the description of your submission is complete and clear.
    • You can still change the title of your event. Please use a sound main title (up to five/six words) and an additional subtitle!
    • If you need additional resources that are not standard, add those too.

Click on the button "person" on the left side. A page with data about you will appear with several tabs. Please make sure the most important information is filled in correctely:

  • General tab: First name, Last name, Nickname, Public name, Title and Gender
  • Contact: Your contact email address
  • Description: At least a short (freely licensed!) abstract about you / your bio (also before May 15)
  • Click on the "save" button in the lower right corner every time you complete a tab.

Now please make sure all information about your submission' is complete. Click on "Events" on the left side to get an overview of all your events. A page with it the events' data will appear if you click on its title with several tabs. Please make sure the most important information is filled in correctely:

  • General tab: Event title (if this is called "Placeholder", please replace this by your title), possibly subtitle, whether you will submit a paper or slides, language (generally English), track, event type.
    some titles are too long! Make sure your title is no longer then five/six words roughly, or we will have problems with printing a nice program. You can add info in your subtitle.
  • Description: Abstract (50-100 words), Description (More detailed)

Please just fill in as many fields as possible. If you are able to submit your sheets, please do so.