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About Alexandria/Food

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Food restaurants

Abo rabee3

serves a wide range of local food from ranges of 0.50 pound up to 15 pounds. There are multiple branches of abo rabee3 in Alexandria, and u can find them in smouha, Miami, green plaza, roushdy.


is another restaurant that serves a wide range of local food. Its food range from 0.50 pound to 20 pound. U c find gad in smouha, Miami and mahtat el raml.


provides a luxurious food with multiple choices, from range of 20 pounds up to 70 pounds. Roastry have 3 branches- kafr abdo, san Stefano and mahtat el raml.


provides a luxurious and tasty food. There food prices range from 40 poundsto 150 pounds. They are available at mirage mini mall and in montaza.


a roasted chicken restaurant. Tazej have 2 branches in Alexandria in mahtat el raml and mostafa kamel.

Tikka grill

a roasted chicken restaurant it located in bahry.

Moustafa kamel food gathering

kfc, mcdonald, pizza hut, and little ceaser, tazeg.

San Stefano food court

there u will find a wide range of restaurants about 10 restaurants. There u will find all kind of food u want. There are burger king, McDonald, KFC, Hardees, Roastry, pizza queen, Tarboush, Chinese food and others. There food prices range from 10 pounds up to 70 pounds.

City center food court

there u will find many restaurants all serve fast foods. Hardees, KFC, McDonald, Mo’men, Chinese food, and pizza station and others. The food prices range from 10 up to 50 pounds.

Green plaza mall

is a big shopping center with wide range of shops, clothes, cars, food, cinemas... etc . there u will find tarboosh, shamy, hardees, pizza queen and a lot of other restaurants.


considered as the first fish restaurant in Alexandria . he has a testy meals of sea food and fish. location in montaza and bahry

fish market

provides tasty sea food meals and fish.

Santa Lucia

introduces excellent sea food , French and Greek food.

cook door

proudly serves menu items prepared from the highest quality ingredients and offers innovative signature items that set the company apart from other players in the fast food sector. location luran and semoha phone 16999


fast-food restaurant burger.

balba3 village

Different egyptian cuisine, speciality is different barbeque cooking




Fish Resturant


abd el wahab village

abo fares

pizza queen

for pizza

san Giovanni restaurant