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Wikitravel Press has created the official Wikimania 2008 travel guide to Cairo and Alexandria. The guide is licensed under Creative Commons by-sa 1.0, and it's available for your reading and editing pleasure at the Wikitravel website:

Alexandria - Cairo (including the Pyramids) - Egypt reference - Egyptian Arabic phrasebook

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Public phones

There are two types of public phones: coined operated and card operated. The card operated phones are much more common and are found almost at every street. They are operated by three major companies; Nile Telecome, Minatel, Ringo. These public phones require you to insert a special pre-paid card to dial.

Dialing codes

International calls

To place calls to numbers outside of Egypt, you must dial international call prefix first (+ or 02), the destination's country code, followed by area code and the local number. For all international country/city codes visit http://www.numberingplans.com/?page=dialling&sub=areacodes.

Domestic calls

To make domestic calls to any where inside Alexandria, you do not need an area code. If you are calling some one outside Alexandria, you need the area code starts with 0.

Calling mobile phones
File:Mobinil logo.jpg

When calling a mobile phone you need to enter the companies code first; Vodafone 010, 016 or 019, Mobinil 012 , 018 or 017 and Etisalat 011 or 014. Landline to mobile phone call rate is more expensive than mobile to mobile phone call rate, which is more expensive than landline to landline phone call rate.

Vodafone Directory : 2121

Mobinil Directory :8000

Telephone Directory : 140



Some hotels may provide free internet connection service. There are many ISPs for the dial-up internet.

dial-up at homes : 56 kb\s

File:60 tedata logobb.jpg

minimum Speed adsl is 256 kb\s

we have three main companies for ADSL ,TE-DAT,Link dot net and Egy-net.


Some restaurants, hotels and most cafés provide free wireless internet service.

Post Office


FedEx is the most famouse Company in the post throught the world.

Alexandria, 314 El Horreya Road, sidi Gaber

Tel.: 03 545 3572