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Wikitravel Press has created the official Wikimania 2008 travel guide to Cairo and Alexandria. The guide is licensed under Creative Commons by-sa 1.0, and it's available for your reading and editing pleasure at the Wikitravel website:

Alexandria - Cairo (including the Pyramids) - Egypt reference - Egyptian Arabic phrasebook

Printed copies of the June guidebook will be distributed on site (while supplies last), but those wanting to grab a copy before the conference can buy it online (US$11.99) — new July version now available. Take a look at the Alexandria sample chapter (PDF, 6.3 MB) to see what it looks like!

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The local time in Alexandria, Egypt is currently 03:25. (purge)


Alexandria's Daylight saving time zone (currently) is UTC + 3 hours (UTC+3).

Alexandria's standard time zone is UTC + 2 hours (UTC+2).

Sunrise and sunset times

throught middle july and Converance


6:09 A.m CRT 9:09 A.m GMT


8:09 P.M CRT 11:09 P.M GMT

Business hours

government work begins at 8 A.M(CRT) and finishs at 2 P.M (CRT). The weekend on Friday and sometimes on Sunday. The superMarket usually opens all days.

At 18 july that will be Friday and this is weekend.

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