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Intercity Transportation

Limousine Services

Limousine services are offered by different companies for fixed fees. Desks can be found upon arrival at the airport and at hotel lobbies. To reserve in advance, call Misr Limousine at +(202) 2599381. Limousines from Cairo to Alexandria usually cost between EGP 350 and EGP 500.

Public Buses

Public buses cover the major cities and are much cheaper, but are usually crowded.

However, there are similar air-conditioned buses that charge EGP 2 per trip and prohibit standing on the bus.

They are located in the main squares in Cairo and Alexandria.

Public Taxis

Public taxis are found all over the cities of Cairo and Alexandria.

Cairo taxis are notable with their black and white color.

Alexandria Taxis are famous for their orange-yellow and black color.

When taking a taxi, you should agree on the fee before your ride.

Call Taxis

Call Taxi Service is also available in Alexandria and Cairo. Services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. A maximum of 3 passengers is allowed for each ride. Payments are paid in cash only and the fare depends on the distance travelled. It is preferable to call the company at least 30 minutes in advance.

In Alexandria, the company is called "Fast Call" and the numbers are

Cairo Cab Taxi
  • 19559
  • +(203) 4291397
  • +(203) 4210111
  • Toll Free: 08009999999

In Cairo, the company is called "Cairo Cab" and the numbers are:

  • 19730
  • +(202) 25260086
  • +(202) 124779663
  • +(202) 104343438

Metro (Cairo) and Tram (Alexandria)

File:Tram alex.jpg
tram alex

The cheapest and fastest means of transport in Cairo is the “Metro system” whose station locations are marked by a big red 'M' sign. The Metro runs daily from 5:30 am to 12:30 am. Tickets cost less than one Egyptian pound, depending on your destination, and the front car of every train is for women only.

In Alexandria, the cheapest (but not the fastest) means of transportation is the Tram, where the tickets, also, cost less than one Egyptian pound. Like the Metro, the Tram has a specific car that is restricted to women only(the middle car in the blue tram) it has 2 types:

  • Tram el raml:it is blue and it runs from el nasr(victoria) to ma7tet el raml.
  • Tram el madina: it is yellow it runs in many areas of the city from sidigaber to ma7tet el raml and el maks.

Car Rental

If you prefer driving your own car and have a valid international license, you can rent a car from car rental services found in all major hotels in the city. To rent a car, you must be over 25 years of age, have a passport, a credit card, and must pay part of the charge in advance. This is not recommended unless you are familiar with the roadways and directions. The table below includes some of the car renting companies.

Company Phone Number Address Cairo International Airport Center
Avis Tel: +(202)7947400 Fax: +(202)7962464 16 Makmal as Sukkar, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt +(202) 2974288


Tel: +(202)3400070 Fax: +(202) 3413790 5 Makrizy, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt +(202) 2652395
Europcar Tel: +(202)3474712 Tel: +(202)3474713 Fax: +(202)3036123 27 Sharia Libnan, Mohandiseen, Cairo, Egypt +(202) 2914288
Hertz Tel: +(202)3034241 195 Sharia 26th of July, Mohandiseen, Cairo, Egypt +(202) 2914288
J Car Tel: +(202)3350521 Fax: +(202)3603255 33 Sharia Missaha, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt +(202) 2914288
Thrifty Tel: +(202)2663313 1 Al-Entesar, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt +(202) 2652620