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Driving inside Alexandria

Car Rental:

In view of the traffic congestion and the scarcity of parking spaces, renting a car with a driver is recommended.If contemplating driving a rental yourself, you will need your passport, a valid international driver’s license and be at least 25 years of age. Car rental agencies are at most major hotels and elsewhere. Be sure to check the contract carefully and check that all dents and scratches are listed and therefore are not your responsibility. All major credit cards are accepted.

Driving your own Car:

If you’re living here on a long term tourist visa, you can legally drive on a valid international driver’s license for (1) month. If you intend to live here for an extended period of time or have a resident visa, you need an Egyptian driver’s license. To obtain this, you must go to a license office and bring:

Speed Limits:

If you do go it alone watch out for speed limits which are enforced by radar. Note that the speed limit on the Autostrad is 60 km/h, on the Alexandria Desert Road 100 km/h. and the Ayn Sukhna road, 120 km/h. Speeding tickets start at LE 100 and you can loose your driver’s license from one month onwards if caught several times. If your driver’s license is confiscated for a traffic infraction, you must retrieve it, It is best to take an expediter or someone fluent in Arabic. The cost will be about LE 50 plus the fine. You must do this in person. Always carry your driver’s license and car registration in your car. These documents are required by the traffic police and at checkpoints.