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Local transportation/Street addresses

Wikimania 2008 Alexandria :: Change the shape of wisdom

Wikitravel Press has created the official Wikimania 2008 travel guide to Cairo and Alexandria. The guide is licensed under Creative Commons by-sa 1.0, and it's available for your reading and editing pleasure at the Wikitravel website:

Alexandria - Cairo (including the Pyramids) - Egypt reference - Egyptian Arabic phrasebook

Printed copies of the June guidebook will be distributed on site (while supplies last), but those wanting to grab a copy before the conference can buy it online (US$11.99) — new July version now available. Take a look at the Alexandria sample chapter (PDF, 6.3 MB) to see what it looks like!

Any changes made now will be integrated into the next edition. You can help make it the best guide there can be!

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Embassies Addresses in Alexandria

Spain : 101,El Horreya Rd. Kom El Dikka

Portugal : 621, El horreya Rd

Denmark : 20, Lumumba st. Kom El Dikka

Sweden : 20, lumumba st. kom el Dikka

China :6. Badawy st. meharam bey.

Kuwait: 20 lumumba st. Kom El Dikka.

Russia : 17, tag el Roasaa st.

Saudi Arabia : 9, El batalsa st. Azarita

Norway : 20 Lumumba st.

Greece : 63, Iskandar Elakbar st. Azarita

Italy : 25, Saad Zaghloul st.

switzerland : 8 Mokhtar Khalaf st.

Turkey : 11, Kamel kelany st.

Austria : 8, kanisset Debana st

United Kingdom : 3, Mina st. Kafr Abdo

Belguim : 15, Lumumba st. Kom El Dikka

Poland : 5, Elpharaana st.

Romania: 81 Sultan Hussein st.

Chile : 2,Lumumba st.

France : 2, Orabi sq. ElManshia

Cyprus : 236, Suez Canal st.

Qatar : 95, 26th July Rd.

Lebanon : 64, El Horreya Rd.

Libya : 4, Lumumba st.

Hungary : 2, Istanbul st.

Finland : 2 El Horreya Rd.

Travel Agencies Addresses In Alexandria

Thomas cook

15, Saad Zaghloul st. Raml Station


Red Sea Tours

6, El Horreya St.


Overseas travel

8, Talaat Harb St.


Mena tours

28, El Ghorfa Eltogareya St.


Memphis Co.

17, Sesostris St.


Cecil Travel

10, Mohamed Talaat Noaman St.


Boulkly Tours

475, El Horreya Rd.


Hospitals addresses in Alexandria

German Hospital

56,Abd Elsalam Aref st. Sababasha


Armed Forces hospital

Elmoshir Ahmed Ismail , Sidi Gaber


El Shatby Pediatric

Port Said st. Elshatby


El Madina El Tebbeya

Ahmed Shawky st. Mostafa kamel


Gamal Abdel Nasser Hospital

El Horreya Rd. El Hadara


Alex Medical center

14th May Rd. Smouha


Chark Elmadina hospital

Khalil Hamada st.


Alexandria Main Streets

Abo keer street join between el raml station and victoria

Sorya street join between abo keer street and el kornash street

kobry cliopatra join between samoha and abo keer street

khald ebn el walid street join between el kornash street and sedi beshr

El kornash street join between el anfoshy and el montaza

Gamal abd el naser join between victoria and el montaza